SECRET Marvel’s Avengers BLACK WIDOW BELT BUCKLE CODE! Earth’s Mightiest Edition Nameplate


Hello, hello, Marvels, Avengers game fans Vlad here with a new video that I really think youll love, because in this short and to the point video game guide, I am going to show you how to get a secret and unique Black Widow nameplate using a code.

That is available in the Avengers Earth Mightiest Edition. Now, before we begin, let me tell you that you dont have to buy the Marvels, Avengers Earth Mightiest Edition to redeem this code and you can do it on all platforms such as Xbox, PlayStation, 4 and PC. Also, even though the secret Black Widow nameplate, is well kind of ugly as hell its good to add it to your collection, because its free and it takes around 2 minutes to unlock it So lets get to it and at the end of the video I am Going to tell you the secret behind this code as well,

So the first thing we are going to do is to head to the redeem code section of, using the link in the description below Just look for it in the description box or pinned in the comments Here. We are going to use the Square Enix account. We have used when we registered the first time or the account you are using to play the game, and once you log in youll reach this page

Here you are going to add the code you see on the screen right now by typing it in the redeem box, or you can just copy and paste. It Youll also find this one in the description of this video or pinned in the comments. One little thing to note here is that youll have to be careful, because this is case sensitive and if you decide to type it, you may need to press Caps Lock.

Once you type the code, press, redeem and youll receive this message Now before. I show it to you in the game. Let me tell you really quick whats up with this secret Marvels Avengers code and where you can find it Well, if you have the Avengers Earth Mightiest Edition, you most likely received a lot of goodies, including this Black Widow Belt, Buckle.

If you flip it, you will see this specific code engraved on it, Cool right, Ok, so what does this code mean? This is actually a secret code and it can be translated into this. Tls stands for Tales of Suspense 93 stands for Issue. 93. 9 is the month of September, and 67 is the ending of the year 1967.

Now, if you search on google for Tales of Suspense Vol 1 issue, 93 ( September 1967, ) youll eventually find out that its the same comic’s issue in which Modok appeared for the first time – And this is pretty cool. If you ask me Now before, we quickly wrap this up, because there is no need to waste your time. Here is how the nameplate looks in the game once you unlock it.

Simply use the Hero Terminal to switch to Black Widow, then open. Her inventory check the cosmetics tab, and here it is The secret Marvels, Avengers, Black Widow, Nameplate Easy and to the point as usual guys. So let me know if the code worked for you and dont forget to stay close for more Marvels, Avengers game news tips, tricks and you knowthe good stuff Until next time stay safe and have a lot of fun.

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