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SECRET VAULT MISSIONS FAST UNLOCK! Marvel’s Avengers All Vault Keys Locations Guide


Hello, what?s up friends Vlad here and boy this is going to be one busy day because I have 3 Marvel?s Avengers videos scheduled for you and we are going to cover 3 important topics today. First, we have the Marvel?s Avengers Vault keys that we?ll discuss in this video, then we are going to talk about the free Polychoron we received as compensation from Crystal Dynamics and finally, we will take a closer look at the latest Marvel?s Avengers Patch. But let?s start with the Vault Keys in Marvel?s Avengers and how to unlock the Secret Vault Missions without having to work too hard. Or simply put, how to farm Marvel?s Avengers Vault Keys. Even though there are only 3 of them. Now, before we begin, let me clarify that we are talking about regular Marvel?s Avengers Vault Missions, not the elite missions which remain unlocked once you complete the regular ones. Also, I am not going to show you how to find the actual vaults, because that?s not the point of this video, but how to unlock the missions, because it seems that there is some confusion regarding these. Good then.

So, since the game?s launch most likely a lot of you guys saw various videos in which people told you that in order to unlock a vault you have to find a bunker in a specific mission. For example. If you want to unlock the Snowy Tundra Vault Mission, you have to find the Shield Cache in Stark Realities mission. Well, I am here to demonstrate that this is completely false and that actually there is no connection between them. Furthermore, I am going to show you how to get these Vault Keys faster and also work on unlocking a trophy that requires a lot of grinding.

Good then, so let?s start by picking the Day of the Remains Mission in Pacific Northwest because this is the only mission in the game that features 2 Shield Bunkers, hence 2 Shield Caches. You may remember it from the previous video. Now as you can see my objectives tab shows that currently, I have only Elite Vaults available which as I said remain unlocked once you complete the normal ones. So, basically, I need 3 Vault Keys to unlock all 3 Vault Missions in Marvel?s Avengers. Good, so let?s start the mission and we will pick the easy difficulty and Thor or Iron Man because they can fly. Now, when the mission starts, the first thing we are going to do is to fly towards our first objective. There is no need to spend too much time here. Just approach the objective to trigger a small conversation, and you?ll want to do that because this conversation will unlock the next objective marker. Once you hear the NPCs talking simply fly north towards the forest and unlock the first bunker.

All you have to do is to follow the radar blip on the left side of the screen. Inside look around and loot everything but your main goal is to find the Shield Cache. As you can see there is no Vault Key inside. So, let?s move to the second bunker. This one is very easy to find because it is part of the second objective that was activated earlier by talking to the NPC. When you get close a bunch of Inhumans will come out of the bunker. Ignore the enemies and head inside. Here again, there are a lot of chests you can loot, but the objective is the same. The Shield Cache. Notice that once I open it, I receive a Vault Key. Now if I open the objectives menu this vault key allows me to unlock the regular Desert Vault Mission. Good. So, at this point, we will return to the Quinjet without finishing the mission and replay it. Here is what happens during the second run. In the first bunker I found another vault key which unlocks the Forest Vault, while the second Shield Cache was empty meaning that there was no Vault Key inside.

So let?s do this one more time, and guess what. In the first Cache there was no key but I found it in the second Shield Bunker where the Inhumans were hiding. And that?s it, now all Vault Missions are unlocked and you can play them without moving from one mission to another because as you can see there is no connection between the Vault Missions, and the hidden bunkers from specific missions. Right, but before we wrap this one up let me tell you why you should use this method to get the Marvel?s Avengers Vault Keys. Because of the Treasure Trove Trophy or Achievement which requires you to open 50 Cache Strongboxes. These Strongboxes are in fact those in which you find the keys and since you need 50 it means that you?ll need to replay this mission 25 times. In this video, we already did this 3 times which means that we are 6 steps closer to the said Trophy.

Cool right? Because basically, you will not only unlock those secret missions, but you are doing it really fast and also work on the Treasure Trove Trophy. Since this is the only mission with two shield bunkers, this should be your first option when you want to unlock the Vault Missions in Marvel?s Avengers. And that?s it, friends. Hope this video helped you unlock the secret Marvel?s Avengers Vault Missions and if you have questions, let me know in the comments section below.

Until next time stay safe guys and have fun..

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