In this video, we will go over all of the augments you can use in your armour including what each one does and whether that’s a good thing, By the end of this video you should walk away with a full understanding of everything to do with armour augments in Mass Effect Andromeda. Without further delay, let’s get into the video. <title: Armour Augments> Augmenting armour looks a little intimidating from the outside, but once you lay everything out on the table it’s actually very very simple. There are 2 types of Armour Augment, Special Augments & Stackables, Special Augments are the ones you gain from researching and potentially after researching from drops and stackables are simple augments that give flat buffs and are purchasable from General Merchants such as the one on the Nexus. Special Augments can only be attached to as specific armour slot, so legs, chest, arms etc. All stackable can be placed on all slots with the exception of Kinetic Coils which are specific to Chest. So the general simple way to approach augmenting your armour is to look at each item individually, pick your special augment, then fill with stackables and job done.

Because the augments work in this way we’ll look at each armour piece with its special augments and then look at the stackable augments after as a whole. <title: Helmet> This one is nice and simple, there aren’t any special augments for the Helmet slot, you can only fill it with stackables. This is still good as just like the arms and legs with a default of 2 augment slots and a 3rd from the cryo perk, that’s a nice bit of buffage to just have there for a few credits spent.

<title: Arms> The Arm slot has 3 special augments available to it, you can only pick one of them unfortunately so your other 1-2 augment slots would need to be filled with stackables. These augments focus on hover bonuses. The Aerial Lubricant augment increase Tech Damage by 35% when hovering, The other 2 mimic this in the other fields with Aerial Performance Optimizer Augment increasing Combat Damage by 35% while hovering and the Aerial Stabilizer increasing Biotic Damage by 35% when hovering. The lack of the word Power in their descriptions makes me think these cover a little broader spectrum than most but I can’t be certain how it is applied, I am certain it will cover your powers in that field, so it’s very good.

Using these augments in weapons are a bit of a bust as while they have value, they take the place of something that has more value, but in the armour, these 3 are your only special options and they are better than a stackable, so it is definitely worth taking the best one to suit your primary power profile. <title: Legs> The legs is another simple and cool one, As with arms, there are 3 special augments available, these all focus on boosting your melee damage when performing a jump melee, they increase the damage by 50% and give it a damage type. Shield Disrupter makes the damage an Electric Type, while Heat Inducer makes it Heat and Cryo Condenser makes it cold damage. The big problem I have with these is that they are very very powerful augments when used in weapons, but you are unlikely to use them all in weapons, so the best option would be to use whichever you don’t in a weapon.

For example I intend to be using Shield Disrupter in my anti-Architect build as well as Heat Inducer in other builds, so will use Cryo-Condenser here. I am not aware whether these give your jump melee a priming function with the type it delivers, if anyone can confirm or deny this in the comments I will pin your comment so other can easily verify. <title: Chest> The Chest slot is the big one having 6 special augments and 1 stackable specific to it, It is also the largest piece having 4-5 augment slots available dependant on the cryo perk. The first one here is Electrical Conduits, this shocks enemies who melee you for a good bit of electrical damage while also stunning them, whether this stuns shielded and armoured is unknown, but logically I would say yes shielded but no to armoured. This could very very powerful to Vanguard or anyone who likes to get super close really.

Then there’s Rebalanced Field Coils that increases your accuracy by 10% when standing still. This is useless for some but hugely useful for others, Anyone who regularly shoots a fully automatic or burst weapon from cover will get a big boost from this, as far as I’ve been able to tell, the hidden stat stability is somewhat helped by accuracy, not hugely, but I do think it adds a little. This is of course is little use to snipers who’s weapon is already crazy high on the accuracy and if you only use remnant weapons this would also be a pointless venture. Battlefield Assist Module is next giving you +25 Damage Resistance when your health drops to 20% or lower, This sounds great, quite powerful, but I disagree, Every defensive skill or buff you want prevents you from reaching that 20% mark, even as a heavy bio-converter user I rarely hit 20%, not only that but that means your shields are gone by this point too.

I would suggest not using this and focusing more on preventing your health getting that low in the first place. Power Booster is a similar augment giving you a 25% increase to Power Status Effect Duration when your health is 30% or below. Powerful when activated yes, but again I’d focus more on staying above that, how often do you plan to be below 30% health? The next one is Shield Oscillator, Now, this is probably the best out of the lot, providing everyone with a good way to buff your shield recharge. When placed in the chest piece it will give you 25% shields on every kill. A lot of Insanity player build a gun specifically to boost shields with this augment, you build a 1 or close clip gun using clip reducing mods etc then you get 25% shields every time you shoot after a recharge or reload.

Unfortunately, that only really suits certain heavy power users, whereas using the Shield Oscillator in your chest piece is a great one for everyone. This is definitely my recommendation for everyone except those who live in melee who still benefit from it but may wish to go for Electrical Conduits for the stun. The last one is Shield Sensors which has a 25% chance on shield break to give you 10% health, now depending on whether your health is heavily buffed or not would determine whether this augment is any good for you, Even if your health is heavily buffed and you use bio-converters a lot without team support, you banking on this slot being only useful when you lose your shields seems a little reckless, use the oscillator to make sure that never happens in the first place.

The Kinetic Coil while not a special augment can only be placed in the chest part as far as armour goes, and this is likely to prevent you from stacking huge amounts of damage Resistance, as that’s what it gives you, +2 Damage Resistance, which is far more powerful than it sounds, If you struggle to take a few hits, then this is a great filler for your chest piece as a default, for other options, let’s look at the stackables. <title: Stackable Augments> So Stackable Augments are great, you can as the tier name suggests, stack as many as you can fit. There are a total of 18 stackable augment for armour, 17 if you don’t include Kinetic coils which as stated a few seconds ago, can only be used on the chest piece. The first 6 are easy to go over, 3 of them are damage boosters for Biotic, Tech and Combat power, Biotic Damage Booster provides 2% increase to Biotic Power Damage, Tech Damage Module provides a 2% increase to Tech Power Damage and Combat Power Module provides a 2% increase to Combat Power Damage.

Nice and simple, flat, small, but effective increases to damage, Then there’s Biotic Recharge Module, Tech Recharge Module and Combat Recharge Module that all give a 2% increase in their respective power recharge speeds. If anything, I, being a tech power user with a primary focus on weapons through combat, would gain far more from Tech Recharge than Tech Damage as my tech powers are generally used to debuff and enhance my weaponry as opposed to being damaging powers in their own right, their damage is just a bonus to me. Thinking like this will allow you to get the most out of your gear and augments by making the right choices. The other 11 cover pretty much everything else you may want to buff with one’s like the Medi-Gel Regulator which provides a 2% increase to Maximum Health, or the Shield Booster which provides a 2% increase to maximum Shields.

Maybe you don’t want a boost to the max, but you want better regen, The Shield Generator gives a 2% increase to your shields regeneration. If you already use powers that provide a defensive or restorative bonus, then you would probably find better use in the Support Power Module which gives a 2% increase to Power Restoration & Defense. If you wish to focus your efforts to Armour or Shields specifically there is the Anti-Armor Module and Shield Bypass Unit respectively which I personally would not advise you use, if it gave more than the standard 2% increase I’d be all up for it, but as it doesn’t you’d be better off just boosting your specific power type and have that buff effective for all enemies. The last 4 finish things up nicely giving you 4 different and useful for some options. The Duration Boost Module gives a 2% increase to all power effect durations, The Reaction Optimizer gives a 2% increase to all combo damage, The Reaction Displacer increase all combo radiuses by 2%, and the Newtonian Multiplier gives a 2% increase to Power Force.

<title: Conclusion & Suggested Picks> To summarise and collect our thoughts, For the Arms, definitely worth using one of those special augments for almost everyone, the one you choose simply depends on which power type you use primarily. For the Legs, it is likely that you would benefit at some point, but hold these particular augments uses in weapons as a much larger priority unless you are a heavy melee user. For the Chest, I would recommend the Shield Oscillator for almost everyone, with maybe the Electrical Conduits for heavy melee users or just Vanguard that already use a 1 shot shield regen weapon. Also if you take damage somewhat often, fill that chest with kinetic Coils after the special augment for some extra sponginess. For the Stackable Augments there are different choices for all, look at what your powers are, if you deal high damage with them, then you’ll gain more from buffing that damage, if they are largely utility, then recharge is most likely to help you, Do you focus on combos if so combo damage could be good, or if you AOE then combo radius, you heal or use a lot of tech armour powers then power restoration and defense.

Whichever you focus on the most is going to be used the most and likely to be bigger than the rest and as these augments all work on a percentage, the bigger the original stat being buffed the bigger the buff is. If you are after advice or information on fusion mods I did a video all about them a little while ago, you can click the top right of the screen now to go to it or just click the link in the description. <title: Outro> I hope you found that helpful, I wanted to cover all bases so likely went over something you already knew, but hopefully covered a thing or 2 that you didn’t. If there’s anything you’re still unsure of then please let me know down below and I’ll sort that out as soon as possible. Like if you liked, dislike if you didn’t, subscribe if you haven’t already and have an awesome day folks..

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