Hey guys, today we’re gonna tackle a requested subject, Augments that change the ammunition and or the way the gun works and not just adding a buff to a statistic. In short, it’s stuff like the lightning augment, plasma charge system augment and more. Remember guys if you like these videos please be sure to hit that like button it really helps me and the channel and lets me know what you want to see. Without further delay, let’s get right into it. <title:> So we’ll start this showcase slash breakdown with ‘Electrical Conduits’, This augment changes the projectile of a gun to streams of electricity, it essentially shoots lightning out of your gun, it looks freaking badass. For most weapons however this augment will severely diminish its damage, for example, a very high damage weapon like Dahn will be rendered almost useless, it’s damage taken from 1000 on the highest beast model down to 50.

Thanks to many people making this mistake, we can all learn and not put it on Dahn. BUT! If you put it on a low damage high rate of fire weapon it becomes somewhat unstoppable. To make this video less than an hour long I will be choosing the weapons I test the augments on via a mixture of research scattered around the internet, recommendations and logic, each weapon will have only the augment in question unless otherwise stated with no mods at rank 2.

For Electrical Conduits I have gone for Cyclone from Milky Way at 34 Damage and 675 rate of fire, Soned Assault Rifle from Heleus at 39 Damage with 850 rate of fire and from Remnant P.A.W. assault rifle with 42 Damage and 600 rate of fire, Firstly you can see they are all assault rifles, this is due to submachine guns being a wimpy version of an assault rifle packing little punch but an even smaller rate of fire, this augment would be wasted on an SMG, all other weapon types are too high damage and lose most of it from the augmentation. For the Soned, I was largely disappointed, It was very slow to start, reminiscent of a minigun and while the clip size was nice, it’s damage was mediocre, capable of taking down a shielded Kett with a clip is good but it was quite slow, I have many more weapons that can take it down quicker.

It is also not an accurate weapon, it’s lack of support for even a tiny little scope puts me off completely, my personal preference for an assault rifle is to scope it, I don’t want a huge distance I just prefer the clearer control and view. I should also mention that this gun is by far the most expensive out of all 3 requiring 60 Eiroch Fluid Sacs at rank 1 already hitting 70 at rank 2, that’s a lot of Sacs for such a ‘meh’ weapon. The P.A.W was quite enjoyable, I don’t consider it an amazing weapon with this augment compared to other weapon and augment combinations, it rolls up instantly and does very nice damage, the low clip size before overheating, however, is a large drawback, I don’t think it packs enough of a hit to warrant such a small clip size. From what I see, many consider the P.A.W the best out there for this augment but I disagree, it is in fact the cyclone, now this weapon deal less damage per second than the P.A.W., it’s quite obvious, until you take into account the P.A.W.’s overheating, with that, the cyclone destroys it.

With a larger clip size, it is far more usable, but this is balanced with the fact that it has finite ammo and does take a moment to spin up before shooting the lightning, even with that though, I consider it the best as it is the most usable in the average battle and the most well balanced of the 3. With all of that being said, however, I won’t be putting a cyclone in my loadout anytime soon as this augment isn’t worth your time in my opinion, there are far better weapon augment combinations out there, this may become useful in the future, but currently it just looks awesome and that’s about it. As my father used to say, it’s like lettuce, lots of colour but no taste, the man only ever ate iceberg back then, no wonder he’d say that! It should be noted that the effect it has for armour is very interesting and could be an exceptional augment for the armour of a high melee player. For our next Augment, we have ‘Grenade Launcher’ The effect turns any projectile into a grenade for non-shotgun or for shotgun turns any shot into grenades yet they are less powerful.

From a little looking around, others have found it to work well with shotgun, this makes sense as anything with any range would be near impossible to remain accurate, the grenade will quickly begin to drop off, rendering aim to be somewhat difficult. A shotgun, depending on the type, so not Dahn again for anyone wondering, will have multiple projectiles per shot all becoming grenade, sure they have reduced power but with the right gun it could be one hell of a lot of grenades.

I decided to go with the recommended one from Milky Way, the Reegar Carbine Shotgun, which from others research appeared to be the current winner and faced it off against the Heleus Hesh shotgun and the Scattershot shotgun from the Remnant, which also happens to be the only remnant shotgun. The Reegar Carbine was indeed quite fun and relatively powerful, the spray is large and explosive, the damage isn’t anything to write home about but it is good, if you are to use this Augment at all, then put it in the Reegar carbine.

That brings me to the Hesh, it is ok at best, but only once you are used to aiming at the floor in front of your enemy for maximum coverage, or at super close range at their torso, the hesh has a super long reload time and does less damage than the Reegar Carbine, it’s lack of accuracy makes this a no go in my opinion. As for the Scattershot, this just failed in a huge way, it was badass while it fired, then it reached 0% and overheated, I waited and waited and it never cooled down, it stayed at 0% even after jumping back in the Nomad and driving elsewhere, I even tried picking up ammo in case it was a weird ammo weapon now. Do not use the grenade launcher on the Scattershot, it’s pointless. The next augment may as well be the sticky grenade, and as it does everything the grenade launcher does but with adding glue, we can logically hand this to the Reegar Carbine… NEXT! Now onto the ‘Ricochet System’ augment, This augment would logically suit grenade launchers, putting it on a sniper rifle would give it scarce opportunity for use as you are usually so far away that finding a correct angle would be unlikely in most cases, all other types are worse as a shotgun is close range and with the general design of the game offer few hallways to fight in, assault rifles, pistols and SMG’s do to little damage per shot to keep up.

As there is only one actual grenade launcher in the game, the M37 Falcon, it is the only clear choice for a single augment test, however, using this with the Plasma Charge Augment could prove quite effective. In case you’re thinking it, there’s no point adding this with the grenade launcher augment as it ricochets anyway. The Ricochet in the M37 Falcon is quite cool and certainly useful in some indoor situations but not all that impressive in general, However! If you mix it with the Plasma Charge augment it is a friggin beast, It explodes on both the bounce and contact allowing you to just plaster the enemy with death, hitting them square on results in insane damage, I would recommend this combination on the Falcon, though I will personally stick with the Dahn. Next is the ‘Plasma Charge System’ This fires direct line explosive plasma bolts, you can charge it for a triple threat attack, I am not generally a fan of this, it says direct line but the charge does drop over distance, I originally attached this to my Remnant sniper rifle and had to aim way above to hit.

The internet appears to say it is only really useful on snipers as a single mechanic change augment, I disagree in it’s use at all as a singular and think it’s perfect with the ricochet on the Falcon but otherwise useless, never the less I will test with the 2 suggested weapons, the Black Widow and the Isharay, both sniper rifles, high damage, low clip and rate of fire, let’s see how straight it flys on these. I am happy to say I was wrong about the Black Widow with the Plasma Charge system, it is definitely as predicted completely useless at distance due to the arc making any headshots at long range impossible, but it performs extremely well at mid range, super high damage, taking out an observer in just under 2 shots, this thing has power, but isn’t that what assault rifles are for? I use my sniper at long range, sometimes at mid, shotgun at close with assault rifle to fill out mid to close.

I think it’s useful, but there are better choices for the average player, it definitely a preference thing, no doubt about that, but it is stupidly powerful at mid range if you get the shot right. The Isharay though, I felt the augment actually made it worse, this is an incredibly powerful sniper rifle that is actually a little less effective at any range than the Black Widow with the same augment, the main big huge difference, is, that the damn thing only has one shot per clip, that makes this weapon ONLY viable at all at long range, this augment makes it mid or nothing so pointless to use on this weapon.

Now we have the ‘Seeking Plasma System’ There is only one contender in this category as it’s easily the best, this contender dear viewers is the otherwise god awful Soned Assault Rifle. This expensive as balls crappy excuse for a rifle has low damage with an insane 850 rate of fire, this would be great except the accuracy is just so damn terrible, the Seeking Plasma System however essentially gives it maxed out accuracy, making it a really good weapon. It still has the minigun startup, but once it’s going it pretty damn cool, this also won’t be my assault rifle of the future but even at rank 2, it was tearing things up. I personally like accurate, high power single shot rifles so this was never going to win me over, but I appreciate it’s badassery. The last augment is the ‘Beam Emitter’ This augment turns your ammunition into a continuous energy beam, it is known to be quite cool but not all that effective, with low rate of fire high damage it merely snips their damage hugely, and with automatic weapons it is just ok, nothing special, it is clearly just for looks type deal and unfortunately doesn’t really give anything of import, and considering it takes up an augment slot, it’s best left alone.

I naturally tried it out kinda for funsies with the Revenant, fully automatic Assault rifle with awful accuracy, hoping the beam emitter would fix that accuracy, it did not, the beam appeared to hit but there were large occasions where no damage was done, this implies that the accuracy rating of 52 is still active making it just a bit crap. This guide took more time than anticipated to put together due to the huge amount of research and testing, so if you could let me know via a like, dislike and maybe a comment whether you want these types of guides, I’d be extremely grateful.

That being said, if you’ve made it to this point I already appreciate you and thank you for watching. Also remember guys that all of these tests and therefore my opinion derived from them were performed on Rank 2 weapons, with only the augment in question and no mods, the general damage and effectiveness against certain types of enemy or in certain circumstance can be quite different with a number of different setups, so be sure to bare that in mind when digesting this information. Have an awesome day folks..

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