In this video, we’ll cover the Single Fire System augmentation for Mass Effect Andromeda, You may not like my coverage on this one… <title: Single Fire System> So, the single fire system is an augment added to Mass Effect Andromeda in Patch 1.08, as with the Burst and Automatic, it wasn’t really added, but made available as it should have launched with the game but due to bugs was not attainable, This augmentation turns the fire type of the weapon it inhabits to semi-automatic, meaning single shot. Now, I may as well just lay it out, This is an awful augment that doesn’t improve any weapon to a usable standard, with most weapons it’s compatible with, it actually makes them worse. OK I just double checked everything, and there is a single weapon were the DPS is improved with this augment, and that is the incisor, The single target augmentation takes the incisor from 1031 with the bio-converter at rank 8 with these parameters to 1301, It’s certainly a noticeable increase, but! If you use the automatic fire system instead, the DPS is 2243, So yeah, Single Target Augment is crappy for DPS, But if you want a supercharged single shot, then the Dhan while being single shot by default, can take this augment raising it’s damage by 30% for a monster shot yet at an awful DPS, roughly a 3rd of its default, but some may like this for shooting from cover if they aren’t already one shotting with it.

I’d like to say there’s more but there really isn’t, you should probably just ignore this augment. aaaand case closed <outro> Thanks for watching folks, sorry this wasn’t good news of some cool new weapon buff, but I guess it isn’t always sunshine and miniguns. Like if you liked, dislike if you didn’t, subscribe if you haven’t already, and stick around, big things happening, I’ll keep you updated as things become concrete.

Have an awesome day folks!.

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