Millionaire City Basic Tips

Millionaire City Basic Tips by Ronald Goldtooth IntroductionIn Millionaire City, you can escape reality and be the richest real estate tycoon on Facebook. Build luxurious...

Millionaire City Advanced Tips

Millionaire City Advanced Tips and Tricks by thebranch After reading the comments left by other members on the forum I?ve notice critics on how expensive...

Millionaire City Beginner’s Guide and Planning Strategies

Millionaire City Beginner?s Guide and Planning Strategies by Patsy and Secretsquirrel So you?ve decided to be a city developer!Welcome to Millionaire City!This is an excellent...

Millionaire City Rent Collection Tool Guide

Millionaire City Rent Collection Tool Guide by Patsy To use the new Rent Collection Tool, click on the ?New? brown suitcase in the bottom left...

Millionaire City FAQ

Millionaire City FAQ by Ronald Goldtooth and Patsy How do I build a house, commercial building or decoration?The first step for any building is to...

Millionaire City Rent Charts

Millionaire City Rent Charts by Patsy OK Millionaires? here are the newly updated Rent Charts you?ve been waiting for and asking about Huge thanks to...

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