Yassou! Minecraft fans! Which is a Greek greeting that roughly means your health. Welcome to this video. If you’re tuning in… we are in my let’s play world. I’m going to be working on portals so, this introduction is kind of a dual purpose introduction. If you’re watching the lets play series, I just want to let everybody know in the let’s play that we are going to be working on portals today. If you’re watching the tutorial, then that means we’re going to go into detail on how we fix these portals. This is a portal I setup in… where my End Portal is in the stronghold. I have another portal close to where my world spawn is. Let’s go into this portal here… and this came out at the portal that’s next to my world spawn. You’ll see if I go back into this portal, it comes out… This is my world spawn that I’ve marked off. Let’s look at the numbers. My world spawn portal sits at these coordinates and I wrote these coordinates with the X and the Z first because… In The Nether, the X and Z are one-eighth and in the over world, the Y coordinate actually stays the same.

This is my world spawn portal so the ideal coordinates for this would be… X = -8 in The Nether, Z = 32 in The Nether and Y = 68 in The Nether and that is not where this portal sits. You can see these are the three portals that I have set up in this world. If you’re following along in the Let’s Play, this is all going to start working but for everybody watching the tutorial, let’s continue on. If you’re watching this tutorial, this is my, again my world spawn portal that I set up. I set this portal up and the game picked the destination portal. Let’s go through this. This is where my world spawn portal comes out in The Nether. If we look at this, these numbers don’t match up with the 1/8th so when the game picks where your portal is gonna go in The Nether, it doesn’t always match up perfectly.

I’m gonna break this portal down and then continue on. What I thought i’d do for this is actually go up into the ceiling of The Nether. “this could be really dangerous” So as you can see by my coordinates, sand by the bedrock, we are in the ceiling of The Nether. The way that the bedrock appears, it appears at multiple layers so I’m going to go to the top layer of The Nether, but not all the way to the top. The way I understand that Ghasts spawn… they need a five by five area to spawn so this is the roof of The Nether… one…two…three we’re gonna make a… portal area in The Nether that is only four blocks high and hopefully this will keep Ghasts from spawning up here. I will set up an area and find my locations and we will get back to the tutorial. Here we are! If you look at my coordinates, you can see I am at elevation Y = 119 That looks like a good elevation to be at so the roof of The Nether is four blocks above this and this is the bottom section of the roof ’cause the bedrock spawns a multiple layers, but the the bottom layer is up here and we have four blocks a clearance which should be too small for Ghasts to spawn up here, but I can create rooms up here.

Is this why nether portals in the celing are popular on Minecraft Servers? because you can build these portal areas in The Nether and have ’em up in the ceiling, no Ghasts spawn, I will get zombie pigmen spawning in here unless I use half-slabs but this works for now. If you’re not sure how portals work in The Nether, I will go ahead and provided links to a video that GenerikB put out where he explains the distance in The Nether compared to the overworld. Then this video video is more intended… more of an intermediate or advanced… Nether portal topics video. Like my let’s play, not a lot of beginner stuff, more advanced stuff. What we’re gonna do is we’re going to set these portals up. If you understand the basics of the way Nether portals work… one of the things to note is when you place a portal in one world and go through it and the game generates the portal in the other world, it kinda picks a random spot. I compared it to a bolt of lightning. Bolts of lighting originate somewhere in the sky…

Where it lands on the ground may not exactly be where, you know… equal to where it started, so even though our portal was in the overworld at these X and Z coordinates, my portal in The Nether actually came out somewhere at this location down pretty low now we are higher up in the Y coordinate but these should still link up and I call this Anchoring your Nether portals so what im going to do is matched up the X and the Z coordinates so you’ll see when I wrote the descriptions earlier, actually, what I did was I set these up so that… where wrote the X and the Z coordinate first and the Y coordinate last even though that’s not the way they appear in your F3 and i did that to make the math easier the X and the Z ar ethe ones we gotta divide by eight and the Y we leave the same. Even though this has a different Y coordinate, if I light this up.. and I brought my flint and steel…NEVER go to The Nether without your flint and steel! because if you do, a Ghast can fireball your portal or if you break it you won’t be able to get a new one unless you have a way to light it.

Always bring your flint and steel! We’re gonna light that portal up. This portal, IfI did the math right, the X and Z are exactly one-eight even though the Y is different. This isn’t 100% grounded. Ideally the 100% grounded location for your portal would have X and Z at 1/8th and Y exactly equal. Because of the way the overwoel and The Nether are different those aren’t always going to match up. One thing i recommend if you do setup portals in the overworld, it’s a good idea not to set your Nether portals above Y = 128 in the overworld. because you can see the ceiling is close to Y = 128, Y = 128 is actually the roof of the nether the game gets really funky with the way it matches portals up… if the portal in the overworld is above Y = 128. I recommend never putting a nether portal above Y = 128 in the overworld. but this portal is fairly close and the X and Z line up exactly, so… Z = 32 and if we look at our world spawn portal, Z = 32 and X = -8 of course this is two blocks wide so there’s actully two X’s X = -8 and X = -9, but X = -8 The world spawn portal down in the bottom left…

In The Nether is X = -8, Z = 32, which match up perfectly Y = 68, we are higher there but you can usually change one or two of the axis and get fairly close. Ideally, this portal works as long as it’s closer than any other portals you have. Ii’ve anchored this portal, let’s go through. This should land us in the overworld at our world spawn and I haven’t checked this yet, so we’ll find out…

We are at out world spawn. That’s exactly what i wanted. The next thing to check… go back into The Nether… You can see the game took me to this portal. That’s because this portal is close enough that the game knows to use it and it’s not going to try to generate a new one. If you get these portals too far off, when you go through one, the game will generate a new portal on the other end or will take you to the wrong one. Let’s go down to the other portal that we set up and it looks like my math was a little off. Before we continue, something to note I brought a crafting table. and a chest to store netherrack. I brought a whole bunch of cobblestone. Ive been using stone pickaxes. I like stone pickaxes for netherrack because they don’t go too fast and I won’t blow a hole in the floor that I can’t get out of.

This is where I originally marked, but this is Z = 11 and X = -11 and my portal is actually… if we look at the math here… that I wrote, the Grinders portal is, in The Nether X = -11 and Z = -11 Let’s go down to where that is. X = -11 and Z = -11 This is where i’m going to put up the Portal. Again, this is a ghetto portal with the corners missing Let’s light this up. We saw our overworld portal went to where we wanted it to in the overworld even though Y = 119 and my grinder portal is at Y = 37, this should link up anyway. I haven’t tested this yet, let’s find out! Here we are. This is the room between the 2 grinders I set up If you follow my LP, there’s a zombie grinder down here and…

There’s a skeleton grinder down there. Now I’ve got 2 portals linked up and I’m going to dig a path to the 3rd portal. Here we are. This is my world portal. down there is the grinder portal. You’ll notice I’ve switched. If you look at F3, I’m on the snapshot I’m on the snapshot so in The Nether in snapshot, or the redstone update… new areas will have Nether Quartz in them. In my Let’s Play, I didn’t want to explore without being on the Redstone Update so I don’t have to go far to find Nether Quartz. Here’s my two original portals and I dug this out with stone picks because they are kind of disposable They don’t go too fast to blow a hole in the floor that I would fall through.

Way down here… is where I end up. This is a short walk in The Nether, It’s very long in the overworld. This is X = -95, Z = 81 That’s exactly where my portal will sit. This is trickier because Y = 119 and my End room portal is at Y = 18 But…because I’ve anchored to the X and Z axis, the Y axis shouldn’t matter…that much. We built this 4 tall because Ghasts need a 5 tall area to spawn so Ghasts can’t spawn in here. A zombie pigman spawned, but no ghasts so far… This should also go through and I should end up in the End portal room Here we go! This is my End portal room. Now i have set up three portals in the overworld and they link up to three portals in The Nether. Now i can use portals for quick access to different areas of the world. You saw that the coordinates were pretty far away.

The coordinates of this room are X = -76 and Z = 648 which is quite a distance in the overworld There’s my zombie pigman… Even when I set this up in the overworld, even though this was far from my main portal, the game still decided that it was close enough that it would use the main portal when I used the portal down there in the overworld, it actually brought me… to my world spawn portal in The Nether. Now I have three portals linked up. Now I’ve linked my bases with Nether Portals! Again you can kind of fudge the numbers a little bit I fudged the Y axis, but the main point is that portals have to actually be closer. Tthis portal has to be closer than any other portal, so this portal in the overworld will link to the portal in The Nether because the one in The Nether is closer than any other portal Let’s take a look at my other single-player world I’ll give you an example of some more fudging we can do.

Here we are in my previous single-player world. I don’t have videos for this world. I have set up a portal room In The Nether. I mentioned that I can fudge the numbers I’ve actually fudge the numbers on these three portals I’ve separated them a little bit so they’re not touching, but they are close Right here here I have a Nether Hub. These portals are close and you can see I labeled them. I have the same type of setup I did In my let’s play world so i have an End portal and this links up. X = 39, Z = 73, Y = 32 these numbers aren’t exact It’s pretty far off, this is not exactly 1/8th but this goes to my End Portal. In this world, I didn’t destroy the silverfish spawner, so the End is down there.

On the other side of the silverfish spawner I blocked off. This goes to my Nether Hub. This always goes to the End room portal and these aren’t 100% anchored, but this portal is closer than any other portal between the overworld and The Nether my end portal in the overworld will always link to this portal in The Nether and the same with the other portals. I have an unerground farm which is close to the end portal, but it’s far enough away that these 2 portals are seperate and this underground farm portal always goes to the farm I set this up at my underground farm which is here you can see i have an underground farm Back at my Nether portals hub I have a 3rd portal. This was really tricky to do three portals this close together I tried to do a 4th portal, getting a 4th portal set up is tricky! Getting 2 portals this close in The Nether is still pretty tricky to do. The main part is that these two portals have to be far enough from each other and the portals in the overworld have to be far enough away from each other that this portal as always closest to where my end portal sits in the overworld and this portal is closes to where my portal is at the underground farm Then I have a 3rd portal at a jungle base and as you can see this portal always connects to my nether hub because this portal at the jungle base is still the closest one to the corresponding portal in the Nether Hub.

If we take a look here, this is my jungle base it’s actually built above where the stronghold is in this world, so thats the underground farm. and these two are the closest by land and quickly down this hall, which is actually… it’s a ways away but it’s still fairly close in the overworld that does make it tricky to link these up in The Nether but here is my End portal and as you can see above the End portal I have this Nether portal right next to the end portal leading to the Nether Hub you can see how close these portals are in the overworld, but they’re set up far enough apart to link to seperate portals in the Nether Hub. now if you build a Nether Hub below the ceiling it’s tricky because there’s a lot of open area so make sure if you set up a Nether Hub at lower levels, you surround it you can see that this is set up with glass, so glass is not Ghast proof but because i filled it in, in including filling in the corners, you can see there’s glowstone in here and there’s actually glass in these corners because I filled it in, and included corners and it’s not tall enough for Ghasts to spawn in here, they can’t track me when im inside so they won’t shoot at me.

I wanted to link these three so they are close in the overworld but the Hub is at a lower elevation to guarantee each portal is close enough to it’s counterpart that they didn’t cross connect I see why nether hubs are popular in the roof of The Nether. Back in the Let’s Play world you can see in the roof there’s a lot of netherrack you can dig without hitting open areas, you can make it too small for Ghasts You can link all portals in the roof of The Nether You just have to have them far enough apart in the overworld that they don’t cross-connect and break any game generated portals and move them to the roof as well One thing about the game generated portals…

When the game generates a portal… It’s not an exact science it’s kinda like a lighting strike it’s just going to land in a weird spot If you make a portal in The Nether and go through but the overworld portal would be over water… sometimes you’ll see portals generate over water and they are far from where they should be and can generate in the sky above the water with just a little platform it’s tricky because the game won’t generate a portal underwater those are going to be really tricky Any game generated portals…

You should move them. it’s best to place portals in the overworld on coordinates divisible by 8 and then relocate portals in The Nether so they link up exactly I usually match the X and Z and then you can fudge the Y just to have ’em in the roof so if you want all portals in the roof of the nether you can but you have to move them by hand Sometimes you see players buld portals touching, which looks nice but hardly ever do they link to different portals in the overworld, so I don’t do it. if you do portals in the roof, you can see these aren’t exact. I could actually get them closer together and they would still connect seperate I could pick a midpoint between these two portals and put 2 portals right next to each other and they should still go their separate portals as long and i don’t build any other portals really close so in my previous world those 3 portals I built were close together in the overworld so I had to build below the celing of The Nether. It’s definitly good to build in the celing of The Nether you can blow through the solid netherrack and you don’t have to worry about hitting open areas and don’t have Ghasts spawning because this is only 4 high This is definitly something you can do especially if you’re on a multiplayer server and you’re the one setting up Nether Hubs You just have to manually move any game generated portals to get them up to this elevation but you saw we linked all these and they did come out in the spots we wanted.

You can even…all your portals generate, so if I build a nether hub here and this is my main portal at world spawn and then someone built a base way off as long as I dig a path in the roof of The Nether and relocate game generated portals, from their base far off up into the ceiling… I can fudge the Y coordinate as long as i leave the X and Z really close so that no other portals linked to that As you saw, I was even able to fudge the X and Z coordinates on my other portals as long as they link up together.

You can have these fairly close as long as they’re seperate in The Nether so each portal is close enough to it’s match I recommend that if you do these on multiplayer servers that you go all the way out and manually move portals at all of the remote bases so X and Z are 1/8th so you can fudge the Y to bring it to the roof. We’re about to wrap this up. I hope there’s good information here that you find useful and if you did find it useful Please Like. You can subscribe to my channel, there’s a lot of tutorials and let’s play series. But i wanted to show everybody how this all works. Especially if you’re the one who gets tasked to set up a Nether Hub on multiplayer. or maybe you watch this video and now you have the information to set up a Nether Hub on a multiplayer server even a single player it’s handy to know all of this stuff.

But you can set these portals up… you can and should relocate any game generated portals just to get them so that they always anchor to your corresponding portals Then you can set these up… with a short path in The Nether that’s 1/8 the distance you’d have to travel in the overworld Thank you every for watching my video! Again, I hope you find this useful. And thank everone who likes and subscribes! If you have other questions about nether portals that I haven’t answered, you can leave a comment or send me a PM on YouTube and i’ll try to respond to everybody Again, I hope everyone finds the information useful and Thank You everybody who likes and subscribes! Repair and Synchronization by Easy Subtitles Synchronizer

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