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Making a Nether Base in Minecraft 1.16


There’S nether stuff nether ends. You know it’s gon na be a good video when it starts off with a joke as cheesy as that. Today’S videos going to be all about building up some form of nether base. I’Ve had this idea in my head of this build, which is been like a Fang tree. It’S quite industrial looking, but also it will still look quite homely. It’S going to be like a lot of a lakeside build, I guess a lava lake side cabin, but also with some factory base involved moving pieces. I mean to be honest with you, I’m just kind of I’m gon na freestyle it, I think I’m just gon na start placing in blocks and see what happens. That’S often the best way to go. Of course. Having said that, it can go.

Horrendously horribly disgusting me wrong, so hopefully that doesn’t happen today. So a bell pipe I’ve built, I built a pipe a bill, a tube thing which goes down into a pump, or at least what looks like a pump down in the lava. So this is kind of going to be the build style of this entire thing. I’M just trying to imagine how everything’s going to look. I mean I do think this is quite a cool start. I think we should have some redstone in these redstone lamps, but the fact that I totally can’t see in lava is potentially going to make that a little bit challenging. I don’t even know who I am right now, oh, my goodness, I’m totally lost try to use some command blocks, so interesting, clear out lover and instead create out totally the wrong area. This is not good. After almost throwing my computer in antral lava yeah, I want to set fire to my computer at this point in time. I have managed to get this thing up and running now. It wasn’t a particularly complicated redstone contraption.

That’S for sure it’s just love! Love love is the single worst thing to try and work around in Minecraft. Well, I think we can all agree that that little lava pump is actually quite satisfying, especially now that I’ve added all of the lava into the chamber and also I’ve added in a few extra Pistons down at the bottom, just to really sell the fact that this Is a mechanical pump that is sucking up all of the lava from the lava lake, okay, I’d say we’re done with the pipe. Let’S move on to the actual building, and this is what we’ve got so far. So, as you can see, I’ve got once again continuing that industrial theme we’re going to have a few chimneys up at the top here, which I guess we should also put some redstone into. I, like the idea of there being like puffs of smoke coming out of these. Is that something that I’m actually going to be able to pull off?

I mean, obviously we can do the actual smoke. That’S relatively easy, but one thing I’ve noticed is that blocks above campfires: they don’t do the blocking thing anymore. They don’t actually seem to reduce the amount of smoke in the slightest, which means that I can’t really redstone fi this, which, by the way, I think, should now become an official world. This is looking very, very cool. This is looking really really cool. Okay, let’s build up the base off the side of this thing. I’Ve been building this thing and I was like this is really really cool, and then I flew up to here – and this might be one of my favourite faces – I’ve built minecraft. I did it by accident, I don’t think he’s getting any better with the addition of a body either I mean it still still definitely looks like a robot. That’S had a minor eye problem anyway. I’Ve added in all of the redstone lamps going across now.

So it looks like this and bits and pieces going on here and then this is actually going to be the main part of the built, so I think we’re going to have a piston door. I would actually say here yeah. This seems like a really good place for the entrance just right in that area there and then in this space. This is we’re actually going to start building things up, and we’ve actually got quite a lot of space to work with here now. One thing that I really want to build up is a gas turret. Okay, so I want to have some form of defense system here where I can actually open up.

I can open up this area and I can start firing out a ghasts and things like that. Yeah, I’ve just come up with an idea. Why am i doing it from the ceiling? I definitely don’t have to do it from the ceiling. I was struggling so much with the space. I’Ve come up with a great idea. What I have is double piston extenders down on the bottom here, which will push and pull these blocks up and down giving me access to this little shooting area that will allow me to far outwards and, as you can see, I’ve used stairs for this.

So I have the maximum range of being able to shoot things at the gusts, not that I’ll ever hit them. Of course you know, my aim is terrible. So if I hit this button here, the gongs defences pop up, so we aren’t going to be getting attacked in our own base. But then, if I fancy popping something off, we hit this button here and I’ll be able to check the area before actually leaving, which brings me onto the next point of this piston door right here. What I want to do is create a piston door. There were tracks down into the ground now this this would have been very, very difficult like a couple months ago. They would have been impossible to be honest with you to build a 3×3 hips the door in this space here, but now that we have honey blocks and slime blocks, we can do it relatively easily. It’S still gon na be tough, but it’s not going to be impossible. I wonder if I can use a setup like this, so as you move the blocks around or will that be an issue? I feel like this central block.

Doing some pushing and pulling could could cause a problem, maybe honestly not entirely certain well that didn’t work so instead, I’m going to have to grab each section of this door in little slices with triple bass and extenders, and the problem is: is that my go to Triple this, an extender which is this one by rap Pat, is a fantastic low design, doesn’t quite work with slime blocks and honey blocks, because obviously the slime blocks knotty blocks are gon na stick to these observers here. So I’m gon na have to do a tiny bit of redesigning, but thankfully it wasn’t too complicated, and now I have a fully functioning design for a three by three piston door. Where all of the Bob’s to go down the floor.

I love, I think you guys have heard me say it so many times, honey blocks just they’re just the best on they. Now. What should I put on this back wall? I’Ve I’ve been staring at it for, like the past 10 minutes, just trying to work out what will fit well in this space. It’S it’s kind of difficult. It’S it’s like a tricky spot. What would I want in another base? This is the sort of stuff that I struggle with. It’S not the redstone bits is the details. I thought it’d be cool to just add a few bits and pieces on the back wall. I also feel like some shocker boxes, and things would be good to have in this area here just so. We have a tiny bit of storage. I definitely don’t think black was the right choice there.

This base is going to be absolutely lighting, update chaos, there’s so many various different redstone lamps that are turning on offer all times. I think that’s why my frame rate looks just a little bit choppy. I’Ve been noticing that throughout the video, then the fact that I don’t have Optifine, although my fps is kind of saying something. Otherwise I have gone full 2011 with this one, so we have gods. I thought you’d be good. I to have some kind of control panel out of the bank here and then I thought it’d be interesting to have just a handful of flashing redstone lamps.

You know updates coming through and things and what’s the best way to do that, it is, of course, to make use of chicken randomizes. So here we have a couple chickens out the back that are controlling this part of the system. Now a few of these levers and buttons are going to be fake, but I thought it would be interesting to actually have one of them do something. I guess we should have it next to this red this red button here, because this looks like an end-of-the-world buttom. I thought it’d be a good idea to is build like a doomsday bunker. Well, not doomsday, but that’s not quite the right word, but like a bunker, a little area underneath the base that you can go to if things go south.

Okay, if things things go really wrong, you can open up at this area in the floor. You can drop through and you can be safe from whatever’s happening out there. I just found some of that nether ice stuff, but I broke it, but I wanted to show you, but it was right there see it’s not that rare. I could definitely make another right beacon. Only five and a half thousand more bits to go is that the max I don’t know, I don’t know what the mass is. I’M sure all of you are screaming about it in the comment section already anyway, this is clearly a 3×3 hole, which means that I feel like he’s. No slime books and honey books is probably the way to go again. I want to make a flush with the floor. 3X3 trapdoor.

That’S not actually something that I’ve done yet with these blocks. I think I did it ages ago, like a long long long time ago, using an old-school, piston mechanics, I imagine we can probably make it a lot simpler now, so I have been scratching my head on how I’m going to do this for ages, because a lot Of the trouble with snakes then designs, they can’t be put next to one another, but then I realize that I have gotten so lucky that essentially our wool yep our wall is right there, and that means that I can do all of this. I’Ve got all this free space to play with with redstone, which means that we can actually make a working trip based extender, at least I hope, and thanks for the YouTuber quantum apple we can. There is a design out there that actually works here. It is in all of its glory, as you can see. It’S a very compact observer base design. It’S actually designed to be with the wall, which is pretty cool now I just need to fill in some blocks there, and if we connect this thing up, I’m about to give this thing its first test.

Hopefully it does all function. Well, that was rapid. Look at that quantum apple, you legend, he only has 23 subscribers of the minutes, so he’s doing some interesting, redstone stuff. You should check him out anyway. We aren’t quite you finish with this one just yet, because we need to place in all of the Pistons which are actually going to make this flush, and I’ve just had an i D. The would have worked if this wasn’t in the way I could have powered the Pistons from the other side. I mean there’s no real way for me to do it. Without I mean I can use redstone torches, I just need to power blocks that are here. I’Ve just thought if I increase the height of this redstone, so I’ve run this redstone line across like this. Surely that does the trick, and that means that then I can actually run repeaters into these blocks.

That seems nice and easy to be honest and it sort of was I mean everything is now fully functioning and I have to say I mean that the opening and closing sequence of slime, block and honey block doors for me is always just the best. It seems so unmanned, crafty fight that do you remember the days when you would try so hard to get Pistons to work in sync and have nice opening and closing sequences. Nowadays, it’s it’s plain sailing. I mean if we take a look underneath here yeah. I actually now that I think about it: it’s probably bigger than most 3×3 flash bits. This is a lot bigger than my original design. I think, but still it looks pretty cool and I mean it’s, it’s fancy save. It is not actually flush. Given, though, all of this redstone is actually above the ground, it’s just hidden by this wall, still, okay, the design is called. Stop. Blasting me down in the comment section I can feel you blast me down in the comment section, oh and one thing that I’ve added into this system is just an easy escape.

Obviously, if you’re down at the bottom here you’re gon na struggle to get out. So I, and in this little slime block with this button that shoots us back up to the surface, then we can close everything up behind us. This is a nice little detail. Now. Look I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’Ve been watching a lot of Doomsday Preppers on on Netflix. It’S, it’s really really mindless television, but I mean sometimes I enjoy watching it in my downtime, and that means I am. I am now very experienced with various forms of bunkers, so hopefully we should be able to make a decent one down here in the nether. You don’t have to worry about water on your redstone, but lava on your redstone is equally as bad.

This genuinely looks like the source of bunkers that are on the TV show. We got the blue torches, we’ve got bunk beds lined up, but I thought I’d chuck some iron bars in now. We just need food storage, which I guess actually we could probably put out into like some kind of freezer type thing. In fact, you know what we’re gon na go all out here. We’Re gon na have we’re gon na have freezers. I’Ve just searched door, I’m not actually trying to get a door. We need iron blocks. This actually ended up being a tiny, tiny, tiny bit more complicated than I expected nothing too crazy, but I thought I’d explain it so this this double piece. The extender is pushing 12 blocks, including the slime blocks and the iron blocks, but then we also have the extra block, which is the piston in the double piston extender. So that means that that bomb piston there is trying to push their team block. So we’ve had to get around that by using this observer, which shoots first, so you can see that the top piston extends first, then, the double basin, extender fires and that allows us to move this thing around. I am more than likely incorrect here, but isn’t it the case that honey never spoils?

My honey never goes bad shouldn’t that be a good thing to have in a bunker. No, if it never goes off, then that’s the perfect food to have an abundant. I can happily honey for the rest of my life. You know perfect food storage, so there we go. I think that is our little bunker. Our little end of the world bunker all done and dusted. Let’S hop out of there and close everything up behind us. Fantastic! That’S awesome: our control panels working well a little gas protection. It is working well, a massive entrance is working pretty well as well. The whole place looks really cool we’ve working in lava pump, which is the fuel I guess for this entire place. We’Ve got smoking chimneys.

A whole lot, I’m pretty happy with this little build, I’m enjoying working on on never based contraptions and never based things, because I have to say I think, in the entire time that I’ve had my youtube channel. I’Ve never really done any nether related things seriously: annealed hidden nether portal or redstone nether portal. This is kind of it I’m having a blast anyway. I hope you enjoyed I’ll catch. You in the next video see ya. You know I’ll be honest, that bad ending, even call me by surprise. No, I didn’t even see it coming and I was the one that was saying it. It just came out no way. I just I don’t finish the video. I’M a little bear apprentice that my voice has been totally shot over. The past couple days is finally starting to come back, but even now I can feel it going again. I hate I hate illness. I hate it.

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