Minecraft A Sky Wars Guide By: Comprehensive_Rent30


*Disclaimer: Note that some tips are basic and are well known but use this as a guide if you need help

Quick Tips:

  1. Loot all ender pearls at the start. Once the grace period is over, take someone by surprise.

  2. Collect all the useless items and throw them off the island so the other players cannot loot.

  3. Use snowballs and Bows only when an enemy is bridging. Rely on knockback, not damage.


W-tapping is very useful in Sky Wars because of the additional knockback. You would want to double tap to push the enemy closer t the edge of an island, then use projectiles to push them off.


Cobwebs are very useful for slowing down and blocking enemies. If they get close, use cobwebs to slow them down, then either melee or back up for projectiles.

Item Management:

Destroy the chests to easily get the items quickly. Like in the Quick Tips section, throw the excess items like armor off the island to avoid enemy looting. Many people don’t consider that, so that’s why you should strike first, therefore having a better chance of better loot.


TNT can be used to destroy items, bridges, and ores for island mining. TNT can be used as a last resort in a team Sky Wars. When you’re about to die, you can place TNT and light it to knock the enemies off an island or to weaken them for your teammates to finish off, because a team win is a win dead or alive.

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