Minecraft Enchanting Guide – The Basic Guide


– Hi, I’m Marc. And welcome to this video on the absolute basics of enchanting. Now if you came to this video looking for a bunch of different enchantments, and how to do ’em. And what they do. You came to the wrong place. What I’m going to talk about is more for beginners, for getting up to speed on the whole concept of enchanting. So let’s get started, the first thing we want to do is make an Enchantment Table.

And we’re going to go down here and do that. If you look in here, here’s our recipe for an Enchantment Table. It requires a book, four obsidian, and two diamonds. Now this is obviously more of a mid-game type of thing, because most people don’t go running out looking for diamonds, and making obsidian, very early in the game.

It usually takes a little bit longer. If you can do it early, hey knock yourself out. So anyhow, we’re going to craft our Enchanting Table. Or Enchantment Table, as the case may be. I’ve heard both, but I know the official name is an Enchantment Table. So there’s our Enchantment Table. And we’re going to put it right here, in the center of the room and I’ll show you why in just a moment. So put ‘er down there. And now, we need to power it. Now you’re saying power it? What? What the heck? Notice how there’s no particles around here or anything like that, that makes that Enchantment Table very, very weak.

There isn’t a lot going on. But what we can do, is we can put bookcases around it. Now, there’s very specific patterns for doing this. Do you have to do it this way? No. But, let me show you the pattern first. So we want to put 15 bookcases just like that. And you’ll notice there are 15 in that pattern. Now if you look at the Enchantment Table, it’s getting the little glyphs coming in. So, we know it’s getting powered. 15 is the maximum number of bookcases that will power that Enchantment Table. You can put more, but that’s the best you can do. You also need to leave some space around your Enchantment Table, if you put something tight up against it, for example, I put carpet one time right next to my Enchantment Table, and couldn’t figure out why it didn’t work properly. And that was the reason, its cause I had put that carpet right next to it.

So you want to leave the space around it, and you end up with this nice little aisle to walk in and out. So that’s the long and short of how you want to set that up. Now the next thing you’re going to need is some things to go along with your Enchantment Table and bookcases. One of those things is lapis. When you do some enchantment, let me show you quick, you can see there’s a slot here for lapis luzuli. And it wasn’t until just recently that We really had no use for lapis, so it became a requirement in enchanting. You also are going to, obviously, need the items you want to enchant. So let’s grab a few items here, we’ve got these. We’ll grab a tool, we’ll grab a weapon, and maybe we’ll grab a fishing rod. Oh how about some shears too.

Okay. So we’ve got those items, and we want to enchant them. We have our Enchanting Table, we have our lapis, so let’s go in here. And we’ll enchant a sword first. Now if you take a look, all of these are grayed out. These are different enchantments, and you can see Sharpness I, Sharpness II, and Unbreaking III. That’s because we haven’t put our lapis in yet. If we put one in, it unlocks the first one.

Put two in, it unlocks the second one. And watch what happens if we put three in, nothing happens. Now the reason being, is that we don’t have the experience points, the XP, to fulfill what this requires. This requires 30 XP in order to do this enchantment. And we don’t have that, so the best we’re ever going to get is the second level. But lets, for the sake of argument, do just a first level enchantment here. And, if you watch, watch my XP. Cause this is saying three XP, right? Wait a second, it only took one away. That’s because you need a minimum of three XP, but it will only take whatever this level is away. So one, two, or three. And we got our Sharpness I. Let’s do something else, let’s put this in here. And take a look at something real quick. Let’s go for a level two enchantment, I don’t want to use up all my XP.

I can always get more. But this is an Efficiency one dot dot dot question mark. Now the reason that’s there is because you sometimes get a bonus enchantment. You never know what it’s going to be, but sometimes you’ll get it. So let’s see if we get it this time. Efficiency I? That’s all we got. Is Efficiency I. Now this brings up another point, notice how there are certain enchantments, that can only go with certain items. So for example, you can’t put an Efficiency I on chain boots. And it’ll never show up. You can only get enchantments that work on that specific item. So you don’t have to worry about enchanting your boots with Lure of the Sea, for fishing rods.

Speaking of which, let’s see what we can get here with a fishing rod. We can get Unbreaking I, which doesn’t do much for us. We can get Lure I or Unbreaking III. Well I’m not going to do that. So you get an idea, of how to do basic enchantment. Now let’s say we wanted to add another enchant to our diamond sword. We put it up here, we put our lapis, and nothings happening. Well the reason is, you can only enchant something once on the Enchantment Table. However, you can combine enchantments. So let’s do another, let’s see here. What would work well? We can go in the Anvil and combine two things, oh I see a flicker. Let’s do this. Toogle, oops two-gle. Toogle down fall, it’s lightning out right now so you’re going to get that flicker in the light otherwise. Okay, so anyhow.

As I was saying, you can combine enchantments on an anvil. So you could put two axes, for example, with different enchantments, and combine them on the Anvil to create another one. So let’s try that once, here’s our Anvil. And here’s our recipe for an anvil. I’m not going to go through making it, but you get the idea. It’s a lot of iron. I think its 31 or something like that.

I got 27, 31 iron. So lets say we wanted to combine our ax. Sharpness I, with our sword, with our ax. Notice how nothing happens? You can’t combine two different things. But let’s see if we can find a diamond sword. I think I have one here, yup. And we’re going to throw an enchantment on it, say, what have we got on this one? Sharpness I. So let’s put on Unbreaking III. so we go in here, and we take our sword, the one that’s unenchanted, and we put this enchantment on it. So now we have an Unbreaking three sword. But what happens if we put that with our Sharpness I sword? Now we get em both on the same thing, of course we lose a sword in the process but you can combine them into one sword. Pretty cool huh? You also probably noticed that I used a book to enchant that sword. That is another thing that you can do with the Anvil, is use an enchanted book to add it to a specific, let’s do Luck of the Sea on our fishing rod, to add it to a specific item.

So you do Luck of the Sea. Costs us six, but we get to specifically pick what we’re going to put on our fishing rod. And there we go. So that’s a good way to combine enchantments, or specify enchantments. But there is some limitation to the books. And that is the fact you still only get random enchantments from your books. So if we go on here, we never know what we’re going to get on our book, and of course I’m out of XP to do that with. Nice! Nice! Let’s do this. Game mode one. Since you’ve seen how that works already, I’ll switch over to creative here, and I’m going to get some Bottle of Enchantment. So I’ve got those to work with. This is always fun, I like this part. Whoops! you get a whole bunch of enchantment here, or XP I should say. Okay! Then we’ll switch back over to the other game mode. and, ta-da! I now have 19 XP, plus 64 more bottles of enchantment if I want to add some more.

So anyhow, here we are, trying to remember what I was talking about. Hm. I was out of XP. Oh books! I remember now. You put a book on there, and you put it there, and you say okay I want to do Fortune one, but I don’t have enough XP, Sharpness I, well I don’t really need Sharpness I, I need Fortune. Okay you could go out and you could get more XP points, and that would allow you to get up to Fortune. Fortunately, Ha! Fortunately, I have enough here, but I don’t want to use ’em. But the point being, is you don’t necessarily get to pick what goes on your books. So you might have to enchant a bunch of books before you get what you’re looking for. And again you can combine books, so lets enchant two books here. Let’s do this.

We’ll enchant that one, we’ll enchant one more. Hopefully we don’t get the same enchant. So we got Power I and Sharpness I. Now we can go down here and we can combine our books as well. So we come down here. Take one book here, one book here, and we get a Power and Sharpness book. Lets see if we got another sword in here, we do! Cool! I was thinking I had so we can out our sword in here and we can put both enchants, oh it’s only a gold sword. Ah! Nevermind! Oh no, I’m sorry. Power I is a bow enchantment, not sword enchantment. But you kind of get the idea. This is a good time to show you this fact, you’ve got two enchants on here, its only going to pick the one that goes with the sword, in this case it’s Sharpness I. But if you had both on that book, you had both sword enchantments, it would it them both on the sword.

Hopefully that makes sense. Let me take a look at my notes here, we’ve got, we’ve talked about the maximums that you will get, or no we haven’t. About the maximums you will get on certain enchantments. So for example, we’ve got all these different levels. If you take a look, there’s Power V. There’s also power IV, III, II, I. And each of those ratchets up the amount of the enchantment on there. But there are certain limitations, you can’t continue to go up to Power VI or Power VII, or something like that.

There are enchants that are on and off enchantments. So in other words, lets look at Silk Touch. And we’re going to take our ax and enchant it with Silk Touch. Whoops, that’s already enchanted. Well we can throw Silk Touch on there. Mkay, so now we get both. Efficiency I and Silk Touch. Now if you look, Silk Touch is a one. There is no Silk Touch II, III, IV, V. Its an on or off enchantment. Its either there, or it isn’t. So, Silk Touch is also like Infinity on bows. It’s either on or it’s off. So there’s different kinds of enchantments as well. We talked about repairing. We talked about the fact that you can’t enchant more than once on an item, using the Enchantment Table. We talked about the on/off, the limitations on those, oh! There’s another one! Protection spells. So if we have some armor, and we want to put on, let’s see here, Blast Protection. We have, let’s see here, Blast Protection and Projectile Protection.

Whoops, wrong one. Let’s say we wanted to put those both on our armor. So we put the Projectile Protection on, we go to put the Blast Protection on, and notice how there’s only one of them there? That’s because you cannot put two protection enchants on a piece of armor. Anything that says protection in it, you only get one per piece of armor. Which can get really frustrating, cause you’d like to have one piece of armor that covers all of that. But, nope. You got to put it on separate piece of armor.

Hopefully that makes sense as well. Let me take one quick peak at my notes here again. We talked about making an Enchanting Table, making an Anvil, using Lapis, the items you can enchant, using XP. We talked about building an Enchanting Table, what the recipe is, things like that. How to build an Anvil, blah, blah, blah. I think I covered everything. So. (laughs) If I missed anything, please leave it in the comments, and we can chat a little bit more about it. So if you like this video, please leave a comment, or leave a Like, or best of all subscribe. And if you didn’t like this video, eh, keep it to yourself. Thanks for watching!.

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