Minecraft: How to build a bungalow in the middle of the sea for survival || Minecraft Tutorial #92


Hello everyone coming to my channel ^^ Above are you building material statistics Let’s take a look at the house first The house has 3 rooms living room, kitchen and bedroom I will start preparing to build the house Above is a drawing of the size of the house Let’s start watching how I do The height of the column from the water surface should be 3 blocks Currently I am working on the floor.

12×15 Block I haven’t seen everyone for quite a long time Do you remember me? I miss everyone Wishing everyone a lot of health If you have any questions please feel free to let me know I’m making the stairs Everyone finds it very simple, right Use a wooden fence built around it to create a sturdy floor. If anyone requests construction, comment for me Ok Now I’m going to start building this house The first floor of the house is 5 blocks high The second floor of the house is 4 blocks high.

Now I will make the roof Construction of corrugated iron takes a long time. Right now I am very sleepy Build the whole around the wall of the previous house continue to complete the roof of the 2nd floor Every time I do subtitles, I get sleepy ==.

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