Hello! It is I, Dragon Souped, also known as Saltasaur in-game. In this video, I’ll be showing off techniques that can be used to really spice up your builds all involving light. Typically in your first few builds, you may put lots of lights everywhere. This doesn’t necessarily look nice, and you don’t actually need that many either. In this example here, there is an over-excessive amount of lights, distracting from the overall build. Not only is it really bad on this player’s eyes, only a few lights are actually needed to illuminate the room.

Instead, try to spread out lights evenly around the build. I would suggest lighting up areas of interest to really strike attention. Don’t place too little lights either, as monsters and Bats may spawn in the darker parts of your build. This is fine if you have countermeasures in place. When lighting up builds, you’ll want to hide your light sources so that people walking through don’t notice them.

A classic example of a hidden light lies under the floor, literally. Carpets and other partial blocks can hide glowstone behind them. Except snow. It’ll melt instead. You can also place a light underneath or next to a magma block, which will “copy” the amount of light the adjacent block gives out. Another clever way to hide a light is to place glass, then hide glowstone below where you can actually see through the window. As you can see, the window inside the room conceals the hidden glowstone entirely. There are more tricks out there, as well. For example, you could hide glowstone inside of bushes made of leaf blocks, which make the light source difficult to spot. If done correctly, you can make some interesting concepts. Remember that you don’t have to hide all your lights either, you just have to make things look tidy. For example, the entrance of this cave is already lit up by the window I’m looking through. Sunlight can go a long way to soup up a build. Using materials similar in color to any exposed lights can light up the build without feeling too obstructive. A sea lantern amongst prismarine, for instance.

I’m using a hidden torch to light up the end of this tunnel. A balance between hidden and visible lights can make a build more clean than my first example. And if for whatever reason you want monsters to spawn in your build without darkness, use redstone torches. They provide light just dim enough for that to happen. Well, that’s all I have for today. What trick will you use to hide your lights? What kinds of builds will you make with these concepts? Leave a comment below! Thanks for watching, and be sure to like and subscribe! If you enjoyed this video, be sure to check out my others, too! This is Dragon Souped signing out..

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