Hello! It is I, Dragon Souped, also known as Saltasaur in-game. In this video, I’ll be talking about how you can get around your world faster. Firstly, minecarts are objects that can be placed on rail blocks. They can seat 1 player or mob passenger and can be pushed around since they aren’t actually blocks. When placed, a minecart can be broken if it is hit several times. It is made using 5 iron ingots in the crafting table. Chest minecarts are a variant of the standard one. They can’t have passengers, but instead function like a chest and can store items inside. Combine a chest with a minecart in the crafting table and you can get yourself a neat portable storage. Furnace minecarts have a furnace instead of a seat. They can’t smelt items, but can be right-clicked with fuel to move and push other minecarts.

To craft one, combine a furnace with a minecart in the crafting table to speed up your other minecarts using a minecart. Minecart-ception. Hopper minecarts can store items, but their main feature is that unless they are powered by redstone, they will pick up items that they run into. Hopper plus minecart equals hopper minecart. Hoppers can also take items out of hopper minecarts for automatic item transportation. Go figure. TNT minecarts are bundles of explosive fun. If activated by redstone or fire, dropped from a height or hit against a wall, they’ll explode. Slap together TNT and a minecart, and you can craft yourself a bomb.

Here’s a warning: the faster the minecart, the bigger the explosion. Command block minecarts house a command block inside which can be right-clicked in Creative mode to execute a command. They cannot be crafted whatsoever and must be obtained using the /give command. If you wish to use one, check out my commands video. All minecarts use rail blocks, which come in four kinds. Regular rails can make corners, while powered rails will accelerate minecarts if powered by redstone. Activator rails will set off the redstone functions of minecarts when powered. For example, TNT minecarts will detonate when passing over one.

Detector rails will sense any minecarts going over them and will serve as a redstone power source if that happens. Boats are the water equivalent to minecarts. They can store 2 player or mob passengers and can be controlled by the movement keys if a player is in the front seat. They are crafted in the same manner as minecarts, except with 5 wood planks of a matching kind. The kind of wood used will affect the color of the boat. There are three mobs out there that you can use to get around the place and store your items. More information in my passive mobs video. Pigs can be right-clicked with a saddle to equip them. A player can then sit on it and control it using a carrot-on-a-stick, which is made by a fishing rod and a carrot. While on a pig, you can right-click with your carrot-on-a-stick to speed it up at the cost of durability. Horses have to be ridden on a few times to tame.

Once tamed, you can control one if it has a saddle on. Different kinds of horses exist, and each has a special purpose. Some can wear horse armor, others can be equipped with a chest and a rare kind can even breathe underwater. Experiment and see! Llamas can also be ridden and tamed, but cannot be controlled. They can be equipped with a chest and decorated by carpets. If you use a lead on one, nearby Llamas, both tamed and untamed will follow it. Use this trick to move tons of items around! Be aware that some Llamas can carry more items than others. The mysterious ender pearls are dropped by Endermen. While holding one, you can right-click to throw it. You’ll teleport to where it lands, allowing for a quick getaway. Upon teleportation, you’ll receive some recoil damage and an Endermite may rarely spawn at your location to attack you.

Chased by hostile mobs? Out of ender pearls? Meet the next best option: chorus fruits. Eating one of these treats will teleport you randomly out of the way. A warning here: the teleportation is random, meaning that you might send yourself to your doom. Worse, your chorus fruit might not teleport you very far either. If you’ve visited the Nether and gotten a brewing stand, consider making some potions to get around the place a lot quicker. With Speed, you can outrun almost any mob in the game. Jump Boost can save you the trouble of going around fences, and Slow Falling can stop fall damage. The highly-sought elytras are the ultimate tool for movement. While falling with one on your back, you can press the jump button to glide at high speed. While gliding, you can still perform other actions normally, and you can right-click with a firework to speed up. I suggest using Slow Falling to extend your flight.

While using Elytras, be mindful that you will take heavy damage if you crash into something. The latest addition to a player’s arsenal of transport is the trident. Tridents enchanted with Riptide will launch the player forward when in water or rain. This ability is incredibly useful in combat since you will deal damage to mobs and players you collide with while launching. It can even be paired with Elytra, too! When traversing seas, you’ll want to look into enchants for your armor. Frost Walker turns water underneath you into ice. Depth Strider makes you swim much faster. Although Depth Strider is easier to get, Frost Walker can help you avoid Drowned and Guardians. It’s your choice. As you can see here, wading through this river is made a lot easier by my Depth Strider boots than without them. Convenient, huh? Dolphin’s Grace is another status effect to look into for water transport. It’s obtained by swimming near Dolphins and cranks up your swim speed by a notch.

Some clever players have managed to contain Dolphins and use them to swim as fast as a player using elytras. I’m not sure how the Dolphins feel about that, though. One extra note here. If you take the same route frequently, consider making an ice path. As you can see here, the armor stands slide much further when on ice. Ice can be combined with a Horse, Pig or even a boat to greatly decrease travel time. Do be aware that transparent ice will melt next to light sources. Well, that’s all I have for today.

What’s your favorite way of getting around your world? What would be your most hated? Leave a comment below! Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed this video, be sure to leave a like and subscribe! Make sure to check out my other videos, too! This is Dragon Souped signing out. .

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