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Minecraft Potion Guide – How to make a Potion of Weakness in Minecraft 1.16


In this video I will show you how to make Minecraft potion of weakness.  Did you know you can get a potion of weakness without brewing it first?  The basement hidden underneath an igloo contains one potion of weakness in a brewing stand,  and an igloo will naturally generate in a snowy biome – either snowy tundra or  the snowy taiga – but not snowy mountains, ice spikes, snowy tiger hills, or other variants.  And only half of igloos that you find will contain that hidden trapdoor under the carpet  that leads down to the basement, so if you find an igloo that doesn’t have one – keep searching.  You’ll be able to find a potion of weakness for free. However before you go searching  for a personal weakness, or brewing one – which I’ll show you how to do shortly,  it’s very important to know how the potion works so you can make effective use of it.  The weakness potion was added to Minecraft in the 1.4.2 update as part of the 12w34a snapshot back in August 2012.

This is the same update that the invisibility potion was introduced, which I have  a really popular video for – and I’ll link that in the end screen. I think you’ll like it. There are  two versions of the potion of weakness – one that lasts one minute 30 seconds, and the potion of  weakness plus that lasts four minutes. The portion of weakness will decrease your melee attack  damage. As of the 1.9 update in 2015, it was changed so that decreases four points of damage –  which means two hearts less damage than what you would normally do to an enemy with melee attack.  Interestingly, on Bedrock it looks like it only does half a point of damage – which is a quarter  of a heart – which is exactly what it was for Java before the 1.9 update. So a potion of weakness has  a much more significant impact on your ability to fight in Java edition, as opposed to Bedrock.  However that’s not what most players will use it for, because it’s quite a negative effect.  The most common use for a potion of weakness is to convert a zombie villager into a regular villager.  Apart from being a very nice thing to do (I guess), doing so gives you significant  discounts when trading with that villager. So the process of using a weakness potion  on a zombie villager is often integrated into trading hall designs, along with a golden apple.  You throw a weakness potion onto them and then you give them a golden apple to eat,  and shortly afterwards they will convert back into a regular villager.

So now, how do you make a  Minecraft potion of weakness? Well, it’s actually one of the simpler portions available. And if you  have any questions about this or anything else that I’ve said so far, drop a comment below and  I’ll do my best to answer you – and why not share this with a friend if you’re finding it useful?  So here’s how to make the potion of weakness. Make a glass bottle and fill it with water,  then put it into a brewing stand. For optimal efficiency brew three at a time  as it uses the same number of resources to do so. And then – and this is where it differs from  every other potion – normally you would add your Netherwart to start off the potion in the game,  but don’t do this for a potion of weakness. Instead, just add a fermented spider eye to the  three water bottles.

This will give you a potion of weakness that lasts one and a half minutes. You can increase the duration by adding Redstone,  giving a potion of weakness plus – lasting four minutes.  You can then convert this into a splash function if you like using Gunpowder. This is important if  you wish to apply the effect to a villager to cure them from being a zombified villager. Note – keep  this in mind! You do NOT need the longer lasting plus version to cure zombie villager. Converting  the cheaper one and a half minute version into a splash function is more than enough.  Just a reminder, we’ve got a potion of invisibility video up on the screen now. Subscribe  for more tutorials and let’s play content. Thanks for watching, and see you next time!.

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