Hello and welcome today I’m going to be showing you Minecraft and how to be better at Survival/Hunger Games. Now i’m not saying i’m the best Minecraft player or very good at PvP but what I do have are a set of skills on how to become better at Survival Games now it is impossible to, almost literally, to be winning at every single survival game Just because of RNG and the fact people can sneak up on you like oggie boggie M#$^@ F$!$! but with patience, practice and little luck you too can win survival games All right my first tip is to learn the map(s) Some maps are freaking huge it can take up to five minutes just to traverse a map and it may take longer just to find the spawn. so my first tip to you is: just take a little time and run around. And hay most of these games have spectate, you can actually watch what other people are doing also by spectating you can learn different chests are, where people’s favotire hideouts can be Tip number two is you actually do run faster jumping or skipping.

As you can see this guy smoking my ass while running can give you slight advantage to go and grab a sword Running away like a whimp does nothing for you You let me hit you This guy does a stragegic retreat, he ends up getting a sword later on Now as you can see he has gotten a sword but he still does not turn around to fight like many golfers will tell you if you’re swinging too softly you will never hit the whole, it is if you swing too hard you actually have a chance. If you do not turn to fight you stand no chance of winning Alright my next tip it takes a long time to manually take care of your inventory Shift Clicking is a very fast way to take things out of chest or to equip an item. Not only does this take time but it also leaves you vurnerable. Your whole screen’s middle is covered as well your not keeping your head on a swivel to see what is around you as you can see this is a a lot faster by Shift Clicking To Mid, Or not to Mid.

That is the question. and while both had their disadvantages and advantages, running to the middle is very risky and gambling. You never know if theres goning to be an iron sword or an empty chest, you never know what your gonna get My stragety is to usually run to the middle if theres a small group or to simply run away and find chest outside in the field. If you do go mid I highly advise that you run away before the end grace period to give yourself time to put on equipment and not get swatted if you do pass up the middle you run the risk of starving to death before you find a chest And this leads to tip number six for those keeping count. you want to be out Scavenging you want to find food, armor weapons.

Now weapons will depend on the server. So far I haven’t played on too many servers with bows. Those are usual on servers with crafting. Server’s with crafting have a problem of their own while you do have the ability to make your own supplies and equipment. it does however lead to people wanting to camp and camping is a problem but back to scavenging One of the few things is you don’t want to spend too much time running around, it does take up more enegery and unless you have a steady supply of food you will run outta food and die. I recommended that you only run at the start to give your self some distance from the other players I’d advise at least walking around as it does conserve energy I know what you must be thinking, Man he’s running around an awful lot, he must be Hiding that is quite actually the opposite as you see it took me this long just to find a weapon just takking a little time to find armor before trying to find this guy I take a quick peek at a few chests to see if i can find better armor before trying to find the guy in this game this here’s an example of how not to use an Enderpeal They are very good used preemptively to get up to a spot thats hard to reach or chests However it is not good to use while being hit as it does do damage Patience is my next tip and this is a very important tip because the fact that lot of time you will be running into people who team up and the best way to deal with this is to simply wait it out.

They will either get bored or forget thats theres more people in this game and kill each other off then all you gotta do is go out and mop up the remaining stragglers See with a little bit of patience you can divide and conquer As you can see teaming up has its pro and cons. you do have strength in numbers however this is a game to the last man standing just like anything your gonna be betrayed Gotta learn to just deal with it. I would generally recommend the lone wolf apporoach. Trust nobody especially if you dont have them on your vent, skype or team speak and even then like I said this is the hunger games You are doing a fight to the death another advantage to teaming up to the fact that there’s more people out scavenging this allows one person to go out and fight while the other person scavenges then switch when the other person finds a weapon like the ability to run faster while skipping One thing I have seen that many people don’t understand is that you do critical damage while falling You do double the damage you normally would and it only occurs while your falling so its not technically jumping as it is when your free falling Here we both have gold swords and about comparable armor, I only take a few hearts while I end up killing this person Just diffent in crit damage While I don’t condone camping or hiding One thing that I dont see people do is the fact You can actually sneak and by sneaking it hides your Name tag to the point bascially you have to be right up on them and even then its more transparent than normal like I said before I do not condone camping All it does it more time for people to wait for a new game to start and all it does is make you look like a pussy Especially do not do it if your goning to be talking shit then this shit happens to you also by camping it gives people a chance go run around and get more supplies more food In this segment here you will see this guy camps up top of a frickin boat and just sits there.

What ends up happening is he ends up straving half to death before comming up to the main island were I kick his ass (actually he did almost kill me, had he just fought at the beginning he would have had more hearts) *over ventillo* “I’m gonna go take the booty from the pirate ship.” “I dont think I’ve been out to this one yet.” *Skottor over vent* “Booty Warrior” *Skottor* “Wickedwayzee is on his main” *Krylic* “I see the dude, hes up on top” “He’s being a pussy” “So basically if this dude just wants to stand up there like an idiot, I’l just let him starve, fuck him” Bet he’s getting hungry about now Most servers have an anti camping deterrent with the lightning to show you where the players are when you get down to a certain number So this is another reason camping is very ineffective Instead of camping try something out of the ordinary head straight at the guy A lot of the times you can catch people off guard like holy shit did he just did do that now fighting unarmed players While sometimes if I’m down to the last two people and I come accross someone that doesn’t have a weapon and I have an extra weapon I will more than likely give it to him This is up to you as I’ve actually been killed by the person I give the sword to Its just luck of the dice So its up to you if you feel the need to kill an unarmed player I really have no problem with this in the very beginning as going for the middle like i said it’s a gamble you never know what the hell you will get out of these damn chests you may get a fuckin apple, you might get fish, you might get shit you may get a fucking iron sword of the bat I do not know this is something you risk going middle This is why I recommend a lot of times spreading out and finding other chests though out the map.

Now there are going to times your goning to be like what the fuck (WTF) just happened? And thats going to happen with a game you have to connet online. I’m going to be slowing this down and its going to be showing me smacking the living piss out of this person. However I end up getting my ass beat. but whatever Good game you whooped my fucking ass alright lets recap First thing you want to do is learn the map(s) Second thing is you run faster while skipping or jumping. Third is don’t be a pussy and run grap a weapon and fight Fourth thing is learn that shift clicking is faster than taking care of inventory manually five is that after you learn the map learn where chests are and learn how to scavenge Six is whether or not going to mid is for you or not. Seven is learning how to use Enderpeals properly as they do damage when you use them so its better to use them preemptively rather than after taking damage Patience is often the best way to deal with teams nine: teaming up in the good or bad you got to remember this is a fight to the last man Ten is if you go into stealth mode your name tag is a lot smaller and more invisible Eleven is camping and by camping you give players a chance to go out and scavenge and Lightning shows where your at Twelve is dealing with unarmed players: whether if you want to deal with that Thirteen is strange shit that you’re going to see dealing with online play and while doing all these does not guarantee a win.

I guaranteed that you will see an improvement in your play This has been Krylic. Its been an honor Remeber keep you head up on a swivel, your ass down, And stay frosty my friends.

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