Hello! It is I, Dragon Souped, also known as Saltasaur in-game. In this video, I’ll be explaining some of the functions used by command blocks to modify your own world. You can do a lot of crazy things with ’em. Command blocks are blocks that can only be obtained by commands, can be activated by redstone and are unbreakable. Command blocks can execute a function called a command, which can modify your world in normally impossible ways. There are three kinds: Impulse, Chain and Repeating. Orange impulse blocks only set off once when powered.

Blue chain blocks can only be set off if another command block facing into them activates. The purple repeating command blocks will repeatedly execute a command if they’re powered. They have the potential to crash your game, so be careful! Impulse and repeating command blocks can be activated via redstone signal and can be right-clicked in Creative mode to type in a command to execute, which I’ll discuss shortly.

The /tp command can be used to instantly teleport mobs and players across your world. You can use this to get around very quickly. You can either select world coordinates to teleport to, or you can teleport a player or a mob directly to another player or mob. /summon commands can be used to make mobs and some inanimate objects such as boats appear, while /kill can instantly kill mobs and players. The /summon command can make mobs ride other mobs and wear custom gear. It can even summon mobs that can be faster and more resilient than normal ones. /kill on the other hand can target specific types of mobs, and even can select mobs with only a specific name or within a given area.

Both /summon and /kill commands aren’t just limited to mobs. Item frames, paintings, boats and the like can also be affected by them. The /playsound command can be used to play any sound or music track in the game to a player. The pitch and speed of the noise can be changed. In my example here, I just played a low-pitched Wither sound at a very slow speed to make a noise normally impossible in Minecraft. The /stopsound command does the opposite and will stop a sound or music track while and if it is playing. It can target all sounds, or simply just one. The /effect command can give any potion effect to a mob or player. It can apply potion effects way stronger than normal Minecraft such as Resistance 50. If the level of the effect is high enough, it may cause different results. Levitation 128 will make you fall faster than normal, for example. The /setblock and /fill commands are useful for building.

/setblock can remotely place a block, while /fill can do the same with multiple blocks. /fill can be changed to replace all the blocks in an area, replace only air or even generate a hollow structure. Good use of this command will speed up building. /setblock can allow for remote activation of redstone devices, including other command blocks. This makes it valuable in builds involving lots of command blocks. Finally, /execute is a very versatile command. This command can detect for specific objects and run other commands. For example, this command block will detect for a Creeper and summon lightning accordingly. Shocking! As /execute can run any other command if it can detect a desired object, you can use this to make lots of things such as puzzles. If you’re not careful, however, your /execute commands will turn out extremely long. Make sure you’ve typed everything correctly or else the whole thing fails.

Well, that’s all I have for today. Would you consider making something cool out of command blocks? Leave a comment below! .

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