Oh guys, what’s that, oh, my god, next make it stop press the light bar now, please make it stop drink, do what that was an earthquake, and today we’re testing out of natural disasters, mud in Minecraft. This might just be one of the craziest minecraft mods that I have ever seen in my entire life, because it’s not just earthquakes, hell, there’s sinkholes those volcanoes and there’s more also make sure you go to jelly sure to come. He’S want to get some merchandise and let’s play this mod. You guys see this magical lever. Okay, do not press it. Do not press it. Okay, before we press it, we have to say three magical words. Okay, I did it follow.

What’S happening, it’s forming wait. What did I do, I think, Jo you’ve completely ruined my crab thanks Craner, I’m so sorry, oh, my mom’s bread. I don’t know it’s pretty decent quake. It just boom. This one line a little river. Do this rather the leather same? Okay, that’s the same hard to get out of the earthquake. Well, how do we get you up from there buddy, I don’t know. I’M gon na have to use the water back. Okay, just I want you guys. I see something over there over where what what do you see? I think magical village, jelly no II said another lever like this. Go all the way this whoa yeah. This is the entire earthquake. Guys read all the way over here. I didn’t really like I’ve quit with this week and it looks all my cupcake Cory ate it another lever. Oh, it’s not magic. It’S just a come on below it’s just a command the magic feeling Gus, I’m training. A little bitch.

Oh, ran out of dirt. All right: well, I definitely want to check out the next one I do as well. Man. This is so is that this love? Okay, guys what’s happening, oh, so this is great guys. These levers are really cool thing right. There look! Oh, I know what you’re gon na do you’re gon na push me in not again crater coming. Oh, there are better jumping. Why don’t we check out the village? That’S a solid plan, solid plan, exactly magicians, it’s gon na be me with, like magician, unlimited amount of villages. I wouldn’t even worry about okay, yeah. No, no! No! No! No! No! We’Re jelly! Are we not good empty the chest? Can you just stay there? Till II? Will press it? Okay, jelly? Where is the chest in this village?

What I’m actually fine yeah? You didn’t even step in that jelly, that one point you were supposed, I don’t know where Niseko is seriously guys, don’t wan na die. Do we like consume the floor downward? Oh right, there’s so much stuff – oh my god! Oh I’m! Coming back, please don’t activate any sinkholes while I’m gone. Okay come on Josh your timing! This is a great thing for the world. Alright, guys. I think we’ve done enough to struggle into this village. Haven’T we guys basically kill them all and well there’s maybe two houses left okay, let’s just get out, we might just find another life like we’ve, another one that we don’t right now to another lever: [ Applause, ], distel, big jelly.

When I show you about a disaster, what do you think of what comes to mind? First, the earthquake jellies face wet sinkhole we’ve done that volcano volcano. Whatever way, no way, okay, go look for that! It’S right here: boyfriend, pasta, it’s actually a lever here: okay, oh okay! No, it looks like the sinkhole, Oh guys. No! No! No! This one is in phases. So this is phase one okay phase, one of the volcano. It’S eating grass you’re right. It does look way different than the sinkhole look at all the cobblestone. You can see. Let me get stop. I think it stopped.

No, it’s going still, but love is starting to boil up. It’S all worthless. It’S gon na do that. Okay, oh the ground, just window! What just happened? I don’t know I was standing inside a dirt, so it’s like pushing the ground up. Slowly. Is this going to be the crater the inside of the volcano jelly? Look it’s raised up above the water. Oh yes, Oh horse is gon na, be a giant volcano. Oh no! I killed so many pigs. Look, there’s so much food around. That’S a good thing! That’S a good thing. At least I didn’t die. I just went up again. Oh guys. Okay, I’m scared. Didn’T it! No, I still like the old crew [ Laughter ]. How long is this gon na take guys? How long is this gon na take whoa? Okay, fast, no leaves are gone.

I think it’s lighting up now. Okay, keep jumping guys landing in a weird way, guys don’t suffocate. I have trouble only how route what is happening right now. Oh I go down. Leafs are gone. Are you guys? Okay, the trees, slow? Our Dave leaves hold on one to Dewey, I’m just jumping and I’m looking confused at the world. I can do whoa we’re so high up clouds. I see if you can get to the edge and look how high up we are. Oh, my goodness, we are almost at the cloud. Wait why, sir we are so high up. We are so high up, I’m all Mike off the side. Now yeah. This is gon na, be a huge, I’m, so scared the shape of the mountains going at the top. But this is the side of the mountain. Oh it’s going to explode. It’S a volcano see whatever this is. Can I see what is it it’s? Oh, my god. Don’T fall down fall down, I repeat, guys guys look at the village, oh my god, that was the level we used to be on Shoei. Should we go? Have a look with the mountain looks like from the village I’ll help you down. Jelly was actually insane Meghan.

That’S crazy guys. This is the most amazing mod I have ever play. I’M never seen it in the cooler all right now. Listen up! This is join a volcano Mountain right now, there’s no lava coming out of it. Yes, but that’s gon na happen right. I just need to wait a little longer. I don’t know got back up. I think we should have a look inside again yeah, that’s what you’re supposed to do in a novel yeah. It should help us see when it’s gon na erupt. I think so, but also just explode in our faces. No, it’s gon na be okay man, I’m tired of clicking space; okay! Oh my gosh. What you just hate on an X variable pricing really flash! Oh my god, hey! It’S actually really fun wait! It is rising! Josh you want to get out of there right now. Yes, you saw me bill down for me because oh nice catch nice catch nice, so you’re thrown off. We got ta save Josh eyes.

The love is coming. You need to leave it’s okay, you know I’m joining! You Josh and I’ll help. We can’t do this, we don’t have to change over this. I build on the side. I know I don’t Josh Yeah right here. It’S not our way. Wyatt jelly, you are there, you know. Look that’s great wait. Josh is right behind you. Oh, my god, I’m going white it’ll fall in as well. I oh it’s at a crouch. It was an accident. Look at that. There is a cloud inside of it. My question guys what happens when it reaches us? Well, I’m sure we’re about the know. Are we gon na dive in offering of stuff yeah have some volcano here? You go. Have some seeds all thanks. Five walks, one wait! What, if all my crops over the sides yeah what if it just kills us now, I’m gon na? Oh, my goodness, mom apply! Oh, my god. Okay guys stop! So it’s that yeah! Oh, my god, we’re saved whoa, okay whoa!

Oh my goodness! It’S shooting fireballs! I think I smoke whoa guys just it’s literally shooting fireballs actually solve that one guys. I’M not sure. If I want to stay on this thing, I mean, I think, we’re completely safe. Oh yeah, I know right look. I think we should another Bowl. Okay, oh my goodness we’re about the villagers! Nothing! That’S going on over here! That is literally gon na burn everything. Oh look at the smoke for me, there’s so much smoke. Okay, this is not good. We really miss nice. I kinda want to know what this looks like from the bottom three orders right now, I’m easy weighted shooting out a lot of fire boy. Oh my god. I’M so lost over here where, where what do you see one?

Oh wow, it looks like a minute: it’s a brick with lava. Oh, this is saying you can see how high the mountain today, the other one I just see them like appearing landing in the distance. What’S gon na happen now, so that was the eruption. What happens after an eruption guys does anything happen after an eruption? Isn’T it just kind of like you gon na cool down or is it gon na? I guess we should investigate yeah. Oh man, there’s so many things on fire. Wait guys guys, there’s lava it did it way down if we going down to LA already pouring out now Ron Miller. Oh, my goodness guys this entire mountain will be covered in lava. Oh, are you actually getting me and we on fire too? Not more? Oh there is, must be more right. Oh God, okay, wait! Wait! I think. Oh, my goodness, I can’t believe she stopped the ball guys. We have two months there ate too much. We was. We came back to the top again, something that is possible anymore yeah, I’m gon na go straight to the bottom. I don’t know what to do guys.

There is too much lava. Oh, my is Wow guys. The entire mountain is covered flat. Oh my goodness. What did we do? What did we do? Is our silly little levers? Well, I’m sorry, village. Maybe we should just look say no, don’t say sorry Josh, we didn’t do it. Okay, oh man, thanks for watching this natural disaster, spot click right here to watch another video. Now, on this side, we’ll have a really cool video that you probably want to see and on this side. Well, let’s just say that it’s not that great of a video – and you probably don’t want to click that one seriously do not click this one, but click. This one, this one’s, really fun,