Top 15 Tips & Tricks in Minecraft | Ultimate Guide To Become a Pro


While going mining, it would be good practice to make and take snowflakes Yourself using bullets as the Snow Golem leaves a snowy path along its path. Hence this will help. You find your path back home on your return. Snow golem will also help you to banish mobs by throwing snowballs towards them. You can place multiple trap doors this way and close them to create a fence. Now, If you hold a food item in your hand, the mob will jump in and follow you, but they can’t Jumping in and out. This can be used to trap several mobs with different types of food And here’s a great trick to save yourself from creeper damage. It works, even if you don’t have it Any shield or shield as soon as the creeper is about to explode, just place a block in front of it. As you can see, we are almost unaffected, while in the other case we would have been less than Half horsepower same also works for TNT. You can use any type of block to protect yourself. If you are about to loot a fortress first make sure you are wearing something made of gold So that the pigs do not attack you. But if you try to open Any box, they will begin to attack you

To avoid this, using the hopper, remove the existing block Bottom of the box and place a hopper to collect all Items the box without opening it. This way you can loot the stronghold without disturbing Hog trading. Halls are very useful in the world of survival, but get the villager in Its location is a bit tricky. So here’s a tip if you want to surround a villager in a specific location, Just click on it, where you can see it near you once you click on it. You can Follow this process to take them with you and then push them around The site assigned to them. If the mob is coming out of the fence – and you don’t have the kind of food required Just take a stone and iron and click on the mob. They tend to go towards the nearest water source, so if there is a water source inside The fence, it will automatically go in its direction, allowing you to close the fence and lock them up. Most of you know that sponges are used to dry up water, especially the water inside Pouring the ocean to dry a damp sponge. Most people use an oven that requires a lot of fuel.

Instead, You can go all the way down and put all the wet sponge on the floor To dry it instantly. This is more efficient and saves your time. Here’S a trick to creating an unlimited water source using just one bucket of water. You just need Two pieces of kelp to do the trick. Remove four blocks Now put any mass like this and put the water that Looking at it now take the kelp and plant it exactly on these two tiles, and this is the removal The water you put in before and take the amount of water you want now From Infinity Source Water, Here’s an amazing trick to hide a box inside your room. All you have to do is Put three degrees, one in the direction of the left left on the right, and the last in between Now place a double box. This way and fill in the area to reach the box, you only need to guide The cursor is towards the leftmost tray, and you will see this black outline just move the cursor Slightly diagonally until the outline disappears once it disappears. Click on the block to open the box, You can successfully hide your valuables like because diamonds are this way.

Magic books are used to upgrade your tools and armor. But did you know by using an aspect book Fire? You can light a campfire, and this may be useful in situations where you don’t have it In them: flint and steel. You can also light up TNTs as a group of TNTs, in fact, a lot of TNTs. You see, we succeeded in doing this. If you are planning to build a small pantry outside of your home, use this method place, the boxes Now remove the blocks in front of them After that, take a bucket and put water on top of each of them. That way. So now, even if the creeper next to it exploded, The boxes will not be broken. It works for TNT and so are the boxes intact.

Here’S a lesser-known tip if a charged creeper explodes next to a stray dropping skeleton head Withered. So here’s the charged creeper, let’s take it towards the wayward and see what we get As you can see. We get the head of the skeleton that is used to spawn Wilted electrolytes can be found in biomes frozen at night. You can actually break long blocks of sand and gravel with a torch, just break The bottom block and immediately put a torch everything above it will collapse automatically. Let’S try it with gravel. Now you run while mining often encountered Gravel that continues to fall off. You can use this method to break it all at once, Using shulker boxes you can create hidden entrances to a secret room.

All you have to do is place a block like this and then place the shulker box. While you look To the block now just stand near the shulker box and quickly open it back to pass through Wall, so this is a good way to hide all the loot, here’s a tip for taking better screenshots For a building or scene. That’S what it looks like now. If you go to the video settings And I changed fov to 30, the screenshots look a lot better and realistic. Here’S a comparison, Here’s a fun trick! You can do to trick your friends.

Now put TNT over it and an anvil to light the TNT to see the magic As you can see, we did not cause any damage and the masses around us were not damaged at all. If you enjoyed watching this and want the second part of the video Make sure you like and subscribe, let’s keep the same goal.

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