Top 5 Minecraft Storage Mods for 1.16 (Forge Mod Loader)


Hey, what’s up guys, i’m vortech back once again with my favorite storage mods for 116 minecraft forge starting with, of course, iron chests. If you’re looking for larger chests that take up less space, then i can’t recommend this mod enough. As you can see here, the chests get rather big, so this can fit quite a bit of your base of storage on one block, which is pretty convenient, but not quite technical enough, so another one that i can’t recommend enough is dim storage or dimensional storage.

Now both fluids and items are represented here and you can transport fluids and items across dimensions as well as just infinite range. All we need to do is set the right owner in frequency, and now we can access our fluids and items wherever we need to and if that’s not quite portable enough for you, of course, there is just traditional backpacks here from useful backpacks. Let’S grab a large one. These things also are massive and really comfortable to use, but again a little more on the simplistic side they are just backpacks. You keep in your inventory.

What, if you want to build stuff? Well, bank storage is what you need. These hold. Many many items as you see as you upgrade them, so let’s grab one of these and the dock. This does a few cool things. If we open it up here, you can see that i’ve already put some dirt and some cobblestone now this will just stack and stack and stack so these have a ton of space, but what’s even cooler about these is, if you get an itch to start building, You can switch the mode on them and now we can build with the items inside the dank. It also includes a dock. Let me just go ahead and leave this here for a minute.

Of course, the pinnacle of minecraft storage mods would have to be refined. Storage with hard drives that store all kinds of items, as you upgrade them, and the ability to auto craft and all sorts of stuff. You get a massive amount of storage that you can go ahead and organize. However, you need to all in one place, and it also has features that interact with other storage mods, such as tank storage. If you go ahead and put down your external storage, maybe you got done with a long day of mining. You put down your dank with with a whole bunch of blocks in it. You can hook it back in to your crafting grid, and now you can access other inventories. Everything you see here in a mod like refined storage, so that is my top five storage mods for minecraft ford 116. Don’T forget to subscribe, so you don’t miss more mod, spotlights and top 5 videos on the channel. All the time.

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