UNLOCKING *NEW* THANOS POWERS in Minecraft (Insane Craft)


So you guys remember last episode: we got our kickstart, we can literally walk up to people and kick them from the server. This episode, dudes biffle said he wanted to talk to me again. As always, you know my minions. They always want to talk to me right. He said he wants to talk about dna and genetics.

I don’t know considering my hairline, i got some bad genetics, but he wants to talk about dna. I don’t know guys. Do me a favor if you have dna uh in your body hit the like button. If you don’t have dna, well, you probably did, but if you do have dna and you hit, the like button like button, will turn blue. What am i saying hit the like button, so i shut my mouth.

Okay. Let’S do this okay hold on. Let me head up to oh yeah guys. I also have some bad news. While i wait for biffle to talk to me over here, uh henry broke, my house, i got revenge, though you know over here.

Look, i broke a lot of his house too, but he fixed it. Look at him. Little idiot he’s an idiot all right. Let’S get a call with biblically. Let’S talk about dna, i don’t know what the heck to think yo dog.

What’S up dog, i heard you talking smackdog, what’s up you feeling all right today, bevel yo dog, i’m challenging you dog. What’S up what movie one minute, why do you seem so angry? What’S up, don’t i’ve been angry? I’Ve been on the streets. You want to challenge me, you idiot, let’s do it?

Okay, what do you want? Okay, you said you wanted to talk about dna and genetics. What do you want to talk about yeah? I have. I have the powers of the infinity injection?

Okay, you know what and i’m i feel like i’m feeling generous, because i think, even with infinite injection, you won’t kill me today. You won’t take me down: okay, okay, okay, so you want me to get okay, so you want me to get the infinity dna injected into my face hole, and then you want to fight me later. Yes, all right, okay, okay, how do i get? How do i get the injection you’re gon na need to combine the powers of superman, okay, thor boy? Okay, i will get.

I will get this dna i’ll shove it in my eye, hole and then we’ll fight for now you’re getting kicked from the server. Don’T you get a joke, [ Laughter, ], so toxic, it’s so toxic me feel my power grows. So i got the formula i need superman for a bastin hulk and i got ta come okay. So the first thing i need i’ve done this mod before this spot is actually really sick. Okay, so if i uh, i need a micro s, microscope microscope, okay, that uh, okay, just iron and oh wait hold on you close them.

Crap close though yay okay microscope. There, okay, we got a microscope now i need a sentry centrifuge. Okay, so we have the centrifuge. We have the microscope. I’M gon na go do this in what are you doing?

Hey get out of here, huh get out yeah yeah, so you get idiot, get hit, get hit or get hit. You know what i’m saying all right: okay, let’s go back to the over world! I’M gon na do this over here, because how this works! I’M gon na need a bunch of different uh dna. Listen guys don’t mess with your dna.

Okay dna is very important. You don’t want to mess with it. So don’t go like doing weird crap with your dna. This is a video game. Let me be weird okay.

I guess oh yeah over here where henry’s face is: let’s do it like right, yeah there, okay, there’s the centrifuge, there’s the microscope, all right! What you thinking about your dad? That’S not what you’re thinking about anymore! Okay! So how this works, i need a uh.

Is it an injecting gun this right here injection gun? Oh i got ta go make that okay be back. Let me make that all right. We got the injecting gun injection gun. Now i need a bunch of these vials, which is just glass and okay.

Hey. Let me get a bunch of those okay. Thank you, okay got it. Thank you and let me go ahead and grab a chest so how this works. If i put a vial in my left hand, you can see, i have this injection gun.

In my right hand, if i right click and there we go look now we have the vial in the injection gun now check this out. If i shift left click, look, i just took some of my blood look. We got the vial, let’s throw this. In my off hand, there we go okay, so he said i need four abilities. So if i go in here, yeah type in at fifth look at all of these different dna uh genes.

So if i look through these, i have to recrea like look at this. I have to recreate thor, which is lightning strike. You see that that’s a gene. I need to create that. How i create that check this out so wait.

I i thought i heard a chicken. Can i hear a chicken? Oh look work on this guy. Oh you ugly! Oh, what happened to you yeah?

Okay! So if i punch this with the injection gun, i got your blood. Oh gosh, let’s go over here, uh yeah! Right here, okay, so if i take this out of the vial, i got the blood now, if i put this vial into the microscope, dang it okay, so this blood has nothing in it. What about this little chicken, hey chicken, come here!

Hey come here! Give me a little come here: okay hit him! Ah sorry, oh crap don’t be mad at me. It was oh, you just got bigger, see, that’s what happens. You got bigger.

Okay. So let’s take this, throw this in the microscope right there we got dna. We got jeans boys, i’m actually wearing shorts right now, but we got jeans. What am i saying? Okay, what is this lay egg flight and fall resistance?

These are the jeans. Thor can fly right. We got jeans boys, okay, hi chicken. Can i can i uh pokey again: can i poke you again? I kind of want to get lay eggs.

Can i here come here? Thank you, okay, what do we got here? Flight lay egg fall. Okay, let me get lay egg now thanks chicken appreciate it. So now what i’m gon na do?

I’M gon na grab all these vials, i’m gon na grab the microscope come with me. Thank you. I’M just gon na run around uh slapping stuff and taking their blood and looking at their dna. Oh it’s so weird, i’m thinking! Since this mod, like that other mob, didn’t give me any dna like these modded mobs, won’t give me too much dna.

So i’m gon na, like maybe go to the nether, see if we can find like some vanilla mob. Oh the ender dragon. What if we hit the ender dragon? Okay uh? What is it?

Oh, what the okay? What are the skulls? Oh skeleton come here. Come here, hey give me your dna. I don’t even know how you have blood wait.

Are you not even mad at me? You just know you can’t hit me boy get lit. He just knows that. Oh a place, okay hold on. Let’S take out this.

Let’S take out this all right. Take out that put another violin. Come here violin come here blaze i don’t know, wait! Wait i hit it wrong come here. Let me get your blood.

How does a blaze have blood? I don’t know it’s weird come here. Let me get your thingy there you go. I got your blood okay, i have four vials of blood. Let’S go find a safe place and start looking at these in the microscope, all right, magma cube.

What do we got? Oh okay, uh create slime. What jump boost ooh lava extraction? Oh gosh ain’t! Nobody care about this!

Um yep! Don’T care about that! One! Let’S try! Uh wither, skeleton hostile, don’t know what that is, uh fire resistant.

What is this other one wither punch? Oh gosh. I don’t like you know what i’m gon na get fire resistance that is op. Oh, we got fires in this dna or genetics. Okay, let’s check the blaze fire resistance already.

Have fire punch, hostile, crap um? Maybe if i combine two fire resistant, so it’ll give me a better fire resistance. Don’T know what about zombie pigmen hostile zombie pigmen is useless. These two are useless all right. Let’S go somewhere else.

Can we come with me microscope? Actually, let me check out the centrifuge what this centrifuge does. Is it mixes the dna right? So if i do flight mixed with lay egg there, it goes it’s spinning and stop it. What is this?

It combines the two – oh that is awesome now, if i combine flight with fire resistance, that should give me all three and then after this i’m gon na go to the end. I’M gon na go craft. Some of these end crystal there we go. We have three jeans: oh that’s, weird, all right, so let’s go craft, these crystals, let’s go to the end, let’s see if we can take some dad jeans from the ender dragon. I bet you.

Those jeans are gon na, be extra large. All right. There we go. We have four crystals now, let’s use our gauntlet and let’s go to the end, a one one, one all right: let’s go there, we go all right. So now i got ta shoot this thing with injection gun.

Would you hurry up already? I don’t have time for this. This is so cool. Looking hey what you thinking about come here. Will this actually work?

[, Music ]? I just hit the ender dragon with my injection gun and one shot it, but you know on the bright side of things. I did get high what you thinking about get out of my face. I did get its blood ender dragon blood. Oh no!

What is this gon na? Do? Let’S use our home pet? Oh no! All right!

We got the microscope uh. Where is it ender dragon? What does this do? Noth? Are you kidding me?

The ender dragon does nothing yeah. I agree why why that’s what i’m saying sasquatch? Why doesn’t the other dragon have any dna hey? Can i test your dna? Please?

Is that a yes or no i’ll? Take it as a yes! Okay! Come here come here here, come sit over here, hey come over here, come on, i’m gon na need you to come out. Come over here.

Come on. Hey come over! Here! Come come over here. This is my office come here.

Thank you. Okay, i’m gon na need to grab your uh there. We go okay, put that there and slap you in the face right. There sorry does. He have dna at least the sasquatch.

He does hostile crap. I’M trying to make these thingies so i can make the yeah infinity genes, i’m gon na, be like levi. I’M gon na have jeans for days. [, Music, ], you get it all right! Give me a minute.

Let me figure this out, so i need superman thor. Uh bast and the hulk give me a minute. Well that was not fun. Look at how many mobs i’ve touched their blood and i’ve finally made this vial right here. Look at this look at this.

We got lay egg. You got ta, throw that in there we got lightning, god mode and lightning attack boys. I’M gon na remove the deadpool that i have in right. There. There we go okay, so i just took out deadpool i’m gon na grab some of my blood ew gross.

I’M gon na combine this with the vial there we go there. It is here it goes, and now we have this vial that i can now inject all right guys. Let’S do this. So if i put this into the injection gun there, we go look in the top left. Whenever i inject this, so i hold shift and left click.

Yeah look right there. I got him, look at the top left. Okay, so check this out check this out. I can press c right, i can press g, oh, what does g do yeah, don’t know what g does? Let’S see what bee does and i can shoot eggs.

I think. So. What does the actual egg do? I just did i just throw an egg? Oh, that is so sick, though oh – and this is just oh look at this – i like shoot a little laser out of me.

Oh, that is awesome. Okay! Okay, now i got ta do superman, hulk and bass. This is gon na, be like seven years. Give me a minute: i’m gon na get this oh wait!

No. I want to test this thor genetic on like a villager. If i give the villager this uh thor genetic, what will it do? Hi villager you wan na be cool okay, so i got this in here. Let me go ahead and uh hit him.

Oh no! I need your blood. Oh gosh! This is weird. Sorry, okay, okay, i got his blood.

Let’S take that throw this in here. Combine it all right, we got it loaded in here now. If i give this to the villager [ Music ], no way that works he’s trying to electrocute me, we can give powers to these villagers. Oh, that is cool that is so cool. I love this okay, so now that i have the thor, i need superman best and hulk, and then we get the final result.

Hopefully, i’m gon na have to talk to frost to help me. I think. Okay, let’s do this boys. I got a lot of dna in to do. Okay, you can have your powers have fun.

I’M out of here have fun with your newfound abilities, one eternity later well, that was not fun. I have been combining forever okay and i had to give frost to help me because this mod is insane like actually insane but check this out. Look at this gene. Look at this all the thingies are off the screen. This is superman thor the hulk, bast and many other things combined into one super gene.

What i need to do go into the centrifuge mix that, with my blood ew, oh gosh, load this into our gun. There we go now whenever i shift right click. Ah, you ready for this. Look how many hearts i have look, how many you see how many hearts i have. I have one in a half-ish rows of hearts.

Right. Look in the top left at how many abilities i don’t have right shift: right-click, [, Music! ]! Look at my hearts. Look at how many abilities i have it scrolls forever.

Oh, oh! What? What is this g? This is a photon blast. Oh, oh, that’s cool, and what is this a heat vision?

Oh, i have heat vision. Neat. Oh, i have a white laser. Now uh, what does uh? What does the ender pearl do?

B? Um? What does this do? What is it doing? I i’m spawning unlimited ender pearls, [, Laughter, ].

Okay, what’s g do hold on, let’s see what the ink sack does. What’S things do uh all right? What does g do? What does he do? [, Music ]?

What what is hold on bone meal area? I just bone mealed half of our spawn [ Laughter ]. What hold on! Let me bone meal this did he do it look at the tall grass? That is insane okay.

What else we got? What is this uh summon bats? Okay, let’s summon bats ready, [, Music, ], [, Laughter ]. We have so many more powers. Okay, what else we got what else we got?

What else we got yeah look at this. If i’m holding a bucket, i can hit g, i just got milk from my self, i what uh, okay, what is c um am i i’m dropping gas tears. I’M literally pooping gas tears out what in the world what is x, what does x do? Why do i need this much power? Oh look at this.

This other ender pearl ability. I can teleport across the map, keep in mind. I also still have all of my infinity gauntlet abilities. Look look at this. I still have all my infinity.

Gauntlet abilities all right. Let’S get a call with biffle: he wanted a fight all right, befill, you want to fight me yeah. Oh i’ve, upgraded baby, look at my armor dang it and hey. What’S up man? What is that you ever seen this before?

Don’T do me a favor? Go to your inventory and search up dev blade dev. Can you see blaze see dev blade in there? No, you see that yeah. There isn’t, because this is secretly hidden.

You have a secret blade, that’s only yeah, i’m pretty sure. That’S it! Okay, okay, go! Go! Go!

Go i’m kind of scared? Oh wait. I killed a thing over there and behind i killed everything around us. Wait! Wait that doesn’t shift right click.

Are you not dying? No, i’m not doing that. I’M not dying! Nobody take off your video armor, i’m gon na shift right. Click from over here, bring it [ Music ] up; no, no put it back on.

What’S up okay, let me take off the arm. I’M gon na put on my gauntlet. Now. Try it wait. I have an idea: let me just no: no, no, no, no!

No! No! No! No! No!

No! No! No! No! No!

No! No! No! No! No!

No! No you’re gon na do huh! I have a kick stuff! Okay! Okay!

Please stay away from me. Please stand away from me, so your sword is strong. Wait. If that thing has an area of effect attack yeah it does. I did this a second ago.

Get ready with your effect attack, ready, ready, wait. We have a form of experience in materials. Do it again, this is endless experience, it’s literally hey. You know what good thing we’re working together and they’re all dead, i’m lagging like crazy. Oh, my god, our games, our games are breaking our games are breaking.

Let me just kill everything. Real quick, like look at the experience around your body i have experienced for days. Let’S try one more thing, one more thing, one more thing: one more thing: first of all, here i’m going to crap out some gold. You want some gold and crap it on gold. Right now, oh, you can crap out gold.

What a great superpower that you have yeah, i’m just crap, i’m literally crapping out gold right now you want some gold. No that’s! No! I’M good! I’M i’m fine!

With my developer blade! Okay, let me fix my frames. Really, quick all right before we’ll try this try this ready, ready to get ready to hit ready, hit. I’M ready, i’m ready to hit i’m ready. Okay, yep wait!

You can spit out bats. I can crap bats. What is that a bat bag? Oh no! There’S a bat bag: oh my god, there’s a bat bag.

Oh it opened his backpack okay. So since we saw how strong your item is for the fight yeah, it’s pretty strong right here. No, it’s my turn. It’S better than admin power. It degrades!

Okay. What does that mean? What do you mean? Let me fix my frames. I am lagging like crazy, all right, beautiful, it’s my turn.

No world life, okay check this out. First of all, you see all the flowers around yeah. That was me sorry, i’m gon na. Do it again really quick, though the heck we don’t need more flowers. Why did you make so many flowers?

Oh he pooped out flowers, you pooped out an infinite amount of food. It’S everywhere why? Why would you do that? Okay, so i have a few abilities like this ability. I don’t think will hurt you yeah, it doesn’t hurt, you don’t know.

I also have disabilities [, Music, ], okay. So here’s what i really wanted to test. I can crap out gold. I can crap out uh gas tears. I can also just uh here.

Are the abilities right check these abilities out fire punch, fatigue, punch, slowness, punch and poison punch? You think you could punch me: okay, okay, okay, i’m gon na try fire punch. I’M gon na try fire punch. Punch me in the face punch me in the face. Oh i’m fine yeah!

What’S up now, what’s up ow, don’t do anything! Do anything: okay, okay, okay! I i’m gon na. Try, let’s try fatigue punch. Can you have wow?

Can you have all these on at one time, uh wait: slowness, fatigue, poison and fire okay? Okay, all right, let’s turn them all. On g, ah, b, x, okay, i got all four on all four super punches. I’M about to uppercut. You hey, you know yeah now, try without your infinity armor.

Do you think you’re powerful? I don’t even need infinity armor. You have 20 000 health. Here we go. What do you think you got [ Music, ], ow, ow, i’ve teleported!

It’S teleporting me places, i’m dying! I’M uh i’m dying and i’m poisoned and i’m teleport you’re breaking my game in here: minus 9, 000

This is z, 500, i’m teleporting everywhere and i’m outside the world border. Okay, i’m not going to move ian. I’Ve realized something why i move. If i move an inch, i teleport across the map come to my house.

Go to my. I have died multiple times. Maybe once or twice you’re just steadily dying. Listen! I can’t move.

I have bleeding minded poisonous slowness, infinite amounts by the way. If i move one inch watch what happens to me, i’m gone i’m minus 688.. Like i don’t know what you want from me every time. I move i’m just dying yep.

This is the worst existence i’ve ever seen. Do we both agree that i’m still the leader of our group? I hope you see that i’ll be seeing you next time. You guys have enjoyed hit the like button down below hit. The subscribe button click this next video to watch the next video boys we are getting stronger.

This is ridiculous.

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