Facebook Miscrits Speed Turn System

Facebook Miscrits Speed Turn System by Jon Holman

Ok, so many people have been complaining that the way turns work is unfair. So here is an explanation that should be simple enough for everyone to understand.

Your team (Speed): Cubsprout (Strong), Prawnja (Moderate), Lumera (Max)
Their team (Speed): Blazertooth (Moderate), Flowerpiller (Max), Hydroseal (Strong)

So, when the battle first starts the miscrit with a higher speed rating goes first. If they both have the same rating, the game randomly picks one to go first. So for this example, Cubsprout is faster than Blazertooth, and you have the faster miscrit, so you go first?

Round one:
Your turn ? Cubspout uses bite
Their turn ? Blazertooth uses burn

Round two:
Your turn ? Cubsprout uses bite ? Blazertooth is knocked out
Their turn ? Flowerpiller comes in, and uses smack ? Blazertooth is knocked out

This is where it changes. Even though Flowerpiller just went, a new round is starting, so the faster miscrit goes first. Flowerpiller is faster than prawnja, so your opponent gets a second turn in a row.

Round three:
Their turn ? Flowerpiller uses leaves ? Prawnja is knocked out ? Lumera comes in
Your turn ? Lumera uses burn.

So without you being able to attack, two of your miscrits were knocked out. It is very annoying, and it sucks. But it is not cheating. It is a normal part of the game. Hopefully this makes sense, so people stop asking why it is happening, accuse others of cheating, or even worse, asking for it to be changed. If you still have questions, feel free to ask and ill be glad to help.

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