Hey guys and welcome back to another mobile legends adventure, video for this video guys. We have prepared the how to use your gems wisely guys and before we start a quick shout out to chica, as you see over here um, maybe i’m going to start something new. Like getting some communication down in the chat like in the english chat, so maybe i’m going to do like um. Everyone is writing down, hi youtube and i’m going through this and yeah so hi chica, and maybe you guys want to join. I will write it down when i start the next video into this chat and, as you see, baby fight also write down. I like the video so guys, like the video, feel free to subscribe, of course also and yeah guys. I think this kind of format would be pretty awesome.

So, let’s start for the video guys, we are going to go through everything how to spend your gems, especially in early game, for the best possible way so uh, first of all, guys in the very first beginning, always always always, if you have gems go for the Wishing shrine and, of course, the premium summons, so we have one free: let’s see, can we get a five star? No, unfortunately, not but yes, okay, so why is it important to go for the premium summon because the premium summon gives you especially in early game? Some chaos, heroes, some order, heroes and, of course, some normal heroes, and this is what you are looking for: you’re looking for those normal heroes like lolita, like tech, heroes or dark fraction.

Of course, dark and elemental is right now, the best in the game. So you are looking for those heroes and just go for premium summons whenever you can until to 8 star or maybe sometimes even to awaken cause. You need one awakened hebrew guys to get some new features, and there is also like on place. One almost is the prophecy summon the prophecy, summon guys costs you 300 gems more, but every time you will get a epic hero, it will be the hero which you will can which you can choose out of those heroes. Those are tech, elemental or like almost every single hero is, except for chaos and order heroes.

So in this case guys, valor valor is always a good pick, especially for early game. Try to concentrate on valor because you can also get valor over here in the brawl shot. As you see, we have 1.2 million brawl coins, which means we could get a lot of valors, but we have still some gems left and we’re going to use them first and see which heroes we want to go after this, because maybe we have valor on 18 Star, of course, another rally will be also pretty awesome, but maybe i’m going to go for zesk, so yeah, that’s what i can recommend you guys for the prophecy summon go for valor or maybe lolita oh dead. Oh, that is also a pretty good choice but yeah. This is what you should do in the beginnings go for prophecy and premium summon prophecy.

Someone will be available when you hit one awakened hero guys, so the next one is the market in the market. Of course, you have the free stuff, which is pretty cool right now and also you will have five star fragments guys four epic heroes. So, by the way i’m going to buy almost everything like the resources, you can of course buy them also, but i do not recommend going for the resources before you need them because they will refresh daily and the key in this game. Guys is always patience. So, like those advanced essentials guys you will need them. You will need a lot, but if you don’t need them right now, don’t buy them because you have to chance to get another epic hero which will give you some more opportunities in the game.

So you can definitely buy the resources, i’m also buying those resources, because you will get some kind of a good amount of those, but also, as you see over here, like those one, those omen crystals don’t go for them guys because you will get them for free When you idle, or sometimes even those mythic equipments, you will get in the labyrinth, so don’t buy this over here because, as i said, you will get them just by idling guys. So next one which is pretty important for me guys, is the instant rewards. I’M always going for at least one or two, because sometimes there is something pretty good like those mythic equipments, which will cost me normally like 3, 000 gems and you’re not going to get those equipment you’re, also getting resources which you need for leveling up your heroes.

So, like i’m, as i said, i’m going two times and over here like we get those soul core and soul shard. This is something guys. This is extremely expensive if you would buy them. So, as i said, i’m definitely going to recommend you guys this one. The immediate or instant rewards, but at 100 gems. To be honest, this is too expensive for me, though, because yeah that’s the reason why i’m just going for two of those so next, one which i think a lot of people don’t know, is the tavern. As you see over here guys, i’m always saving up gems, because i want some gems left in the tavern just to. If i have a bad day or i need like 50 gems, i have gems over here and what is the thing? What i’m going to do like over here, four of the three star hebrew, fragments or yeah?

You don’t need them, because you need 20 of those. You will get them easier and not in yeah in the tavern. That’S the reason why i’m going to refresh sometimes like in this case, i have three of those. If you will get a three star gem, you will get 40. Sometimes you will get even a 5 star or higher and in this case i’m going to refresh because like right now we used 50 gems and we get as you see over here we get 60 back now. Let’S go ahead. Do these and most of the stuff i’m doing is the advanced, descenses, sometimes of course, gold, but most likely it’s just when, as you see over here, like five star of four star, three star isn’t too good, but sometimes i’m also too lazy to refresh all the Time, that’s what i’m just going to do as right now, i’m quick dispatching, but always guys. If i think, in my opinion, this is pretty worth because those gems are necessary.

You need 50, always 50. If you have six or just one of the quests, you will always need 50 gems, but still this is pretty recommendable in my opinion because, as i said, i’m always getting gems most of the times and yeah that’s also kind of where, where i’m i’m going to Use my gems to get gems. Of course the team bounty is almost the same, but the only thing over here you can’t refresh but yeah, as i said, go for the refresh sometimes in the tavern, to get gems spend gems to get gems guys. So all right! Next one we have over here the starlight pass guys like in my case. Where is it so? There is the passes over here we have 30 865 of the starlight stuff. We have two days still left, so this means i cannot. Maybe i can with the weekly um achievements, but sometimes you won’t be able to do this, because maybe you were one day offline, two days offline, so go ahead and purchase some experience.

As you see, you will get 45 experience for 90 gems. If we go for max in this case, we are not doing this. We will get 60 of the 5 star hero, fragments and 700 gems, so this is just if you think you won’t do it or on the last day, always just do this. On the last day, guys also on dungeon and for tuna pass, but those i don’t buy, i haven’t bought them yet i don’t think this is necessary. This is just some equipment, and some gems, but still the starlight pass, is something definitely recommendable and, as you see over here, you get 600 gems for the last task and 55 star hero. So the next one guys is it’s not too good, but you can do. This is the holy sanctuary, because sometimes you are stuck because you can’t use all your heroes. You don’t want to wait all the time like 24 hours.

So if i would put um lydia out, i need to wait 24 hours, so you can refresh this for a hundred gems. But, as i said guys, this game is a patience game. You always need to have patience and yeah instead of refreshing and putting like this here out and putting another hero in go over here and buy those slots. But this one as you see over here. It costs me now: 3, 000 gems. But still if you are somehow in the mid game, go for this one buy them for 3, 000 gems. Of course this is a little bit um, it’s not so expensive in the beginning, it’s like 100, champs, 200, 500 and so on. But yes at this point i need to spend 3 000 gems, but still it’s pretty good, because i have now the usage of all my heroes, which i want to use like in this case. I could go for thamuz or aka, or something like this. Just for the tower of babel guys, the next one guys as you see over here in the wishing shrine guys.

This is again some kind of mid game. Late game, the sacred oath, the sacred oath guys, is pretty expensive. It costs 5 000 gems, but you can go for chaos in order years and only guys only go for chaos and order heroes in sacred oath, because in the prophecy summon you can use 2 800 gems and you will get most likely, often or more often, the Heroes you want instead of the sacred oath, so sacred oath, only for mid and end game. If you need a specific hero like lunox, which can change, the game is also you zong and akashic as the newest hero, akashic, pretty awesome, dude man i’m going for him. Definitely guys we have a lot of gems still left, so we’re definitely using those on akashic. So so we have the uh sacred oath and also in the wishing shrine guys. Sometimes not this time. Grandeur is a good hero, but still dark is too bad. This one.

The limited time summon you need to spend 4 500 gems to get the hero like. If you do this 50 times, you will get this hero for free and not only the hero, guys, wait. You will also get farther because you need a lot of further in the game, guys, definitely or not. Definitely this is, as i said before, this is kind of mid or late game. You can use them like ballerina was a good hero to pick because balor is a brutal tank. Man he’s so so good and, as i said, you can definitely go for this because you get food. In my case i don’t need food guys. I have so many food left and yeah but, as i said, mid and late game, you can also go for this, but limited time summon is not too good to go for and the last one guys which is like you do not need it all the time.

But sometimes in some events guys, you will need to spend gems like in this one, as you see over here, consume 500 diamonds in total, or you could also go for share to facebook one time. So this is definitely up to you. If you say i’m too lazy to spend – or i do not want to spend gems, you can share this to facebook to get all these stories. Or you say i don’t know. I want to use my gems some kind of gems go for those go, get some resources or in this case go for these instant rewards and you can buy them over here. So next, one guys, as i said in the market, of course you can refresh.

But this, as i said, is a patience game. I’M not going to recommend you guys this, but if you think you have enough gems, you need some of those at once the senses and you do not want to wait for the next time, definitely go ahead. Just refresh and get some more stuff, so in this case i’m going to buy those luna messy cars or sign of stars. Is it yes sign of stars, i’m always going to buy them, because in this case guys i don’t need the gold, even though i should save it up, because i know wait where is it um yeah the holy sanctuary, as you see over here guys, we have Two billion of the maina and one point: uh: 176 million gold.

I think we will get stuck on the gold and also, of course, the advanced senses. We should save up. But i don’t want you guys if you can use this, and there is one last thing guys it’s in the labyrinth over here is the goblin. The goblins sometimes have some pretty good stuff, as you see over here, 40 off, don’t go for those, definitely not worth, but sometimes there is equipment, but this is also for some kind of mid or late game you can buy this. Do we get two times? No, i don’t think we will get two times, because this it would be awesome if we get two times the amount. I don’t know, i don’t think we can get those, but still we have a lot of days left. I think, as i said, just wait. Be patient because i’m waiting for some better offers like more percentage of and yeah guys.

This is some kind of guide. I can give you for the beginning. If you have some other questions, if you think hey, there is something i want to share with asic, which he can add to it. Let me know it, but this is my opinion about how to use your gems in the best possible way and yeah guys. So this is it for the video, i hope, as always guys you enjoyed this video feel free to like subscribe and also comment down below the comment section so see you in the next one bye guys.

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