Waddup humans Kurumi here And welcome to our Tips, Tricks and Guide video In this video. We are going toshow, you Tips and Tricks for Brody.But. If you guys are interestedon watching the complete guide, just search for “ Toym TravellerBoot Camp Brody” on the search bar.Anyway. Let’S proceed Set first skill to max level first Prioritizing this makes the base damage ofthis skill, higher and the cooldown lower. That means you can deal more explosiveand, slow, the enemies, more Prioritize. Second, skill lesssince. Your First skill is what youneed to deal more damage to enemies.

Always. Upgrade ultimate skillwhen available for upgrading Brody’s passive skill is what you needto deal massive burst basic attacks.Before anything else. Let me remind youthat Brody gains lower Attack Speed.So. We suggest not to focustoo much on attack. Speed.Your passive skill lets you wind up your basicattack to deal burst damage even while moving.Also each damage you deal toenemies will leave an Abyss. Mark.The number of Abyss Marks isshown on the target’s body.The more Abyss Mark your target has themore damage. Your basic attacks will deal.Also each hit of your basic attacksgrant. You movement speed, bonus whichvaries on the number of Abyss Marks Even on low level. Your basic attackswill be explosive because of the charging, Given that each attack adds a stack ofAbyss Mark which increases the basicattack damage received by the target. It’S best to spam, your basicattacks to easily eliminate them.

And with the movement speedboost granted by your attacks. You can either chase enemieseffectively or escape death.Even. If the target goes faraway from you, while charging, they will still receive your basic attacksince. You have already winded it. Up.You can also move while windingup your basic attack, which canhelp you chase enemies or escape death. This will help you stay safer, while winding up.Just take note that he stops moving whenhe releases. The charged basic attack.Also take note that using a skill while windingup your basic attack will cancel the winding.So for the Kurumi way. We recommend CriticalChance items because in the late game your critical hit can deal up, around6000 damage to enemies, even the lord, And look at that yummy lifesteal. Oh my gawd

Brody’S first skill is what you need to slowdown the enemies and deal burst. Attacks.Brody releases a shockwavethat can hit enemies in a path.For each enemy hit by theshockwave along its travel. It deals an extra damage, inflicts extra slowing effect and appies additional stack of his passive.So. It’S best on using it in team fights, tohurt enemies behind the frontliners more.The range of this skill is far enoughto harass enemies trying to escape.With its far range and low manacost. You can use this to harassenemies, while bursting minions in the lane Just make sure to aim it properly. Since thecoverage of the skill path is not that big, This can also slow down theenemy trying to chase you With the help of its far range. You can slow down enemies, so you andyour team can focus your fire on them.

Brody’S second skill is what you needto stun enemies and reposition yourself.Using. This skill will letyou dash towards the target and jump to a position your joystick is pointing.You can use this to stun enemies, then move yourjoystick towards a direction you want to jump. To.This will help you escapeenemies trying to chase you.The. Stun can also support you and yourallies to stun the enemy for a while.Then. Just move your joystick backwardsto reposition yourself to safety.The dash, will also help you chase the enemiesthen reposition yourself ahead of them.Remember that when you don’t move your joystickafter, the dash Brody will just stay in. Place.You can also use minions or other targets to dashto.

If you are chasing anotherhero or trying to escape death, Brody’s ultimate skill is what you needto deal burst: damage to multiple enemies.Using. This skill will shoot all enemies, withinthe a large radius with lightning bolts.Take. Note that the Abyss Marks the target hasaffects. How many hits the ultimate skill will hit.The number of hits depends on thenumber of Abyss Marks the target has.So to achieve maximum damage output. It’S best to use this skill when theenemies has lots of Abyss Marks. This skill has a pretty long. Range.The thick outer mark indicatesthe range of your ultimate skill.So on this. One Atlas was still hit evenif. He was already really far from us.Take. Note also that when you diewhile casting your ultimate skill, it will still push through sinceyou. Already pressed the skill.We will show you our experimentsregarding Brody’s skills, later.Lastly, it’s best to use this skillwhen. The target is almost dying.This is because the damage increases, asthe, target’s lost health points, increases

Here we are again with our experiments. We have our cutie Lab Rats, Rackatan and Valerie, to demonstrate with us some heroes that cangreatly counter or dominate Brody in-game.First. Let’S try heroes that mightbe able to counter Brody’s 2nd skill.Let’s. Try, if Helcurt’s silence can stopBrody’s jump after dashing towards him.As, you can see Brody got silenced. Buthe was still able to jump after that.How about Khufra’s, 2nd skill. As you can see, Brody bouncedoff airborne and didn’t do the follow up jump.Although. His bouncing did not stop hewas able to stun Khufra and deal damage.Next. Let’S try. If we can use this skillwhen under Minsitthar’s ultimate skill.As. You can see as what other blink skills, cannotdo Brody’s, 2nd skill does not let him dash.Minsitthar does not allow humanswho runs away from responsibilities.So. If you have responsibilities, don’t try to run away from them.

Okay, How about let’s test if we can passthrough obstacles with our 2nd skill, As you can see, even if Grock tried, tostop Brody from flirting with Silvanna Brody, was too persistent to be beside Silvanna Next, let’s try. If we can dash out of Silvanna’sultimate skill by dashingtowards an outside target.As, you can see, Silvanna does not also allowhumans, who runs away from responsibilities.Brody should better take Responsibilityon whatever he did to Silvanna.Next. We are going to test Brody’s ultimate skill, Let’s test, if it can shoot his ultimateskill on certain heroes that hasinvisibility or concealment skills.Let’s try. First, if he canshoot Natalia from the bush.As, you can see one of thebolts headed towards Natalia.So. If you borrowed money from Brody hewill make you pay back with your lifefor sure, wherever you are hiding How about Miya’s ultimate skill, As you can see, Miya was stillhit with Brody’s ultimate skill.

So invisibility and concealment skillsfrom. These two heroes won’t clearly workagainst Brody’s ultimate skill. Now, let’s test, if crowd-controlskills such as stun, can stop Brodyfrom casting his ultimate skill.Let’s test it against stun, As you can see, even if he was stunnedbefore the creation of the charge above his head, the lightning bolts still pushed through.Well. This is expected because evendeath cannot stop his ultimate skill.Last, but not the least we have Lolita. I know you are all thinking that Lolita isthe best counter for all long-ranged heroes. Well, here is where you went. Wrong.We will test all of Brody’sskills against Lolita’s shield.First. Let’S test his basic attacks, As you can see, Lolita willinglyaccepted his lightning bolt Same goes with his first skill.Same goes with his 2nd skill. Well, that was not a projectileskill, but there’s no harm in trying right. Lastly, same happened with his ultimate skill.Lolita’s shield was definitelyuseless against Brody.So. If you are thinking of countering Brody, withLolita well, think twice and more and more

In terms of his combo, we followa very simple combo for Brody.First. If the enemies are getting nearyou use, your 1st skill to slow them, down.This will slow their progress on getting near you. Then you can deal basic attacks if their distanceaway from you is still reasonable. Otherwise, you can use your 2nd skill.Then move your joystick towards the most sensibleposition to position yourself to either safety or to chase the target farther. Then you can choose to deal basic attack again.If the enemy. Has lots of AbyssMarks or is almost dying use. Your ultimate skill for amassive bursting since its damagealso depends on target’s lost health points. If ever they are still alive deal basic attacksor use your skills whenever available Here is another glimpse of our combo Additional Tip.

Please don’t talk trash towardsother humans, even your enemies.Just. Imagine those humans youtalk trash to as yourself.How. Do you feel getting trashtalked? It’S doesn’t feel good right, So try not to make others feel bad as well. Don’T be a bumhole okay. The tips I mentioned are just someof the ways you can use. Brody.This video just guides. You onhow to use Brody the Kurumi way.We would like to thank our cutie Lab Rats, Rackatan and Valerie for beingour lab rats for this boot camp.You can search for them, in-game andtell them. How much you appreciate themwilling to sacrifice theirpride and honor for our sake.Watch, their in-game streams, andsend some flowers and hearts.So once again,

This is Kurumiand, that’s how you use Brody.Thanks for watching, Do not forget to like and share this video.Also subscribe to our channel for more contentsby clicking on the subscribe button. Below.For our skin giveaway events check outthe Community Tab for the giveaway post.We. Have our Ko-fi account just in caseyou, want to donate us some coffee funds.Check, our Ko-fi link on thedescription of this video.Please, only trust Boot Campvideos from our official accounts.See you on the next Mobile Legends Boot Camp Cheers

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