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Why you can’t burst enemies when you are using Chang in this mobile legends guide? We are going to talk about everything you need to know when you are using Chang, also included the right and wrong decisions that I did before we start. I wanted to invite all streamers for a Collab I’m doing livestream on my Facebook Page every other day around 6 to 8pm. We are going to make a content during Liverstream. It can be Rank Game Challenges 1v1 or any idea from you. We are also going to promote your Youtube Channel or Facebook Page. Then you can also post our stream on Youtube. We are going to do this to help each other Grow. We are going to call this # LetsGrowTogether to everyone who are intersted.

Just message me on the social media accounts on the description of this video. Ok, Let’s Go and because I don’t know how to pronouce her name. We are just going to call her Chang in this game. This is the Emblem that I used Mage Emblem with movement, speed, Magic Pen and Mystery Shop. Mystery shop is good because there are items that takes effect on her skills. It’S also one of the reasons to increase her skill damage and if you have Mystery shop, you’ll be able to buy those items faster when it comes to spell you can go for Flicker or Purify, depending on the situation, and because there’s Aurora, Guin and Khufra, who Can catch me, that’s why I decided to go for Purify when it comes to this game.

We are going to do the Mage/Support Chang’ e. The first thing you need to know when using Chang’ e as much as possible. You must not let her lost her shield that shield comes from her 2nd skill later, you will know the help of that shield and how to not make it disappear. I plan to buy mask here, but because our Core started on Red buff and I will have a farm early, that’s why I decided to go for no mask support, but you need to remember: if you go for no mask support, you should not steal the farm Of your core, if you are not sure how to do the no mask support it’s better to just buy mask when it comes to Chang’ e skills, the first thing you need to remember is her passive. Whenever you deal damage to the enemy, the next skill that hit will increase damage.

That’S why, when you deal continuous damage to the enemy, the next skill that hits increases, it’s damage same thing when her skills continuously hits, it increases it’s damage. I shouldn’t have checked bushed there, but since we have a Litho and Purify, that’s why we survived YSS also becomes greedy there. That’S why he was killed. Now, let’s go to Chang’s skills, let’s start with 2nd skill, because that’s the most important when you use her 2nd skill, she will increase her movement speed and will have a shield and when she have a shield, her basic attack and other skills will become stronger when It comes to her 1st skill when you use it, she will release an energy ball and it has a slow when she have a shield.

The damage and slow will be higher when it comes to her ultimate after using it, her movement, speed will increase and she will release meteor show the meteor show will be more and the damage will increase when you have shield. Aside from that, you also need to remember her ultimate deals: twice: damage on jungle creeps and minions. That means it will be easier for you to steal the enemy jungle creeps. That’S one of your priority when using Chang’ e. You will see here because their buff is almost up. That’S why I need to place myself there. You will see there. Chang can take the buffs to fast. That’S why you must maximize it and because we’re able to kill them. We should take objective. One of Chang’s advantages is: she can take objectives fast because of her 2nd skill when it comes to item build. This is the item build that I think, suits her.

You need to remember Glowing Wand Ice, Queen Wand and Genius Wand works on her 2nd skill. That’S why even on her basic attack as long as she has a shield, those items will be activated. Next thing you need to remember when you are using Chang Positioning, is so important, don’t forget that Chang is still a mage and her shield should not be gone. You must always make your 2nd skill ready during teamfights, so that when someone deals damage on you and the shield is gone, your 2nd skill is ready.

That’S also one of your escape when you are using Chang because it has movement speed. That’S why you’ll be able to get away faster, Hylos did a great job on saving me there. He used all of her skills and spell just to save me and because their buff is open, and I have ultimate that’s why we can steal it again and because we’re able to kill them again, that’s why we should take another objective. Another thing you need to remember when you are using Chang as much as possible aim your ultimate on where the enemies will go, don’t aim on the hero just aim on where they will go just like this. Before we continue the video I want to shoutout pang boots, Erlyn, Jabil and Jayananthan. Whoever is the 1st three comments on every video.

I will shoutout on the next video. So if you are not yet subscribed, hit subscribe and the notification bell, if you notice there, they caught all of my ultimate, because I aim it on where they will go and because her skill increases damage if it hits more times. That’S why it’s so good on her ultimate. I hope you learn a lot from that Guide and if you have a guide that you want me to make just comment down below and I’ll try to make one about it. So if you are not yet subscribed, hit subscribe and the notification bell always remember if you want to improve, # justmasterthebasics, I’m out

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