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How to use Guinevere Properly in this mobile legends guide? We are going to talk about everything you need to know when using Guine also included the right and wrong decisions that I made before we start. I wanted to invite all streamers for a Collab I’m doing livestream on my Facebook Page every other day around 6 to 8pm. We are going to make a content during Liverstream.

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Ok, Let’s Go in this game. This is the Emblem that I used Mage Emblem with movement, speed, Magic Pen and Mystery Shop. Mystery shop is good, because Guin is one of the heroes that has high scaling of skills. That means, if she will have item fast, the damage of her skills, also increase more when it comes to spell Execute, is good on her to deal additional burst damage. When it comes to this game, we are going to do the Khaleed Funnel.

That’S why I can go bottom lane and because Guin is not that strong in early it’s important to focus on getting level 4 first, your priority here should be to reach level 4 fast. You will see here that my priority only is to last hit the creeps. I need to reach level 4. First, you don’t need to trade damage with the enemy, because your priority is to reach level 4. But if you can make your 1st skill hit them it’s better, so that they’ll be harassed on lane when it comes to Guin’s skills.

The first thing you need to know is her passive Guin deals more damage on enemies that are airborne. That’S why she is good to be paired with allies that has airborne skills. Aside from that, all of Guin’s basic attack deals magic damage and if you notice, there’s a red energy on her everytime, she deals damage with basic attack or skills it increase when it reaches max her next basic attack has longer range deals, more damage and restore 8 % hp of Guin.

That means, if you max it fast, you can also restore Guin’s Hp fast. Here you will notice. Valir’S arrival was so good. Thamus also didn’t expect Valir to be here. That’S why he was harassed. When it comes to Guin’s 1st skill, you will notice she releases a ball when it hits an enemy, they will be slowed and all of Guin’s skills will reduce cooldown and because Guin doesnt’ have mana.

That’S why you must always click it to make your skills cooldown fast when it comes to Guin’s, 2nd skill. This is her most important skill when it hits the enemy they will be knocked up and because her damage increases when the enemies are knocked up. That’S why it’s important to make this hit aside from that, you can still use it. The 2nd time Guin will be able to dash and will leave an illusion and after 1.5 seconds that illusion will pop and deal damage.

When it comes to this game, you will notice, there’s a teamfight on mid lane and because Thamus was able to clear the lane fast, that’s why he will go there, but because I was late in clearing the lane and my allies are too deep. That’S why I didn’t join them when it comes to Guin’s ultimate, it deals so much damage. Guin will stand on an area and everyone around her will receive damage and when the enemies are airborne, it will increase the duration of their airborne.

That means Guin’s ultimate is good to use when the enemies are airborne. Another thing Guin is immune to crowd control when using her ultimate. That’S why she can’t be stunned easily when it comes to Guin’s combo as much as possible. You must make her 2nd skill hit before using ultimate, but there’s another way to increase the damage of her combo. You will see on this clip I’ll still be able to do a basic attack after airborne before using her ultimate.

We are going to slow it down 2nd skill basic attack. Ultimate, there will be 2 advantages when you do the 2nd skill basic attack. Ultimate 1st, your combo damage will be higher. 2Nd is the airborne will be longer because the enemy airborne is going down before using you ulti. That’S why they’ll be longer on your ultimate. All of my skills are on cooldown and I have low hp. That’S why I left my allies on the teamfight. For my skill to reduce it’s cooldown, I will use my first skill repeatedly. Then I will receive Hp on jungle creeps so that I can still go back on the team fight and because we’re able to kill them.

That means we need to take objective. One of the things you need to remember when using Guin, if your skills are on cooldown, specially her 2nd skill, you should not trade basic attack with the enemy, because Guin is relying mostly on her skills. That’S why you must make it cooldown faster, using your first skill when it comes to item build. This is the item build that I think suits? Guin, concentrated energy is good for more sustain Holy Crystal for Damage.

Then Calamity reaper because you will do a basic attack when using doing your combo. When it comes to the last 2 items, you can change it depending on the situation. Just like what I’m going to do on this game, I need to build Durance for Esme and Thamus. That’S why, instead of buying defensive item, I will go for Necklace of Durance and because we have a lane advantage. That means we can already fight Thamus here and because we’re able to kill him. That means we need to take objective. You will also notice.

I was able to recover my Hp fast after that fight and to make your Ultimate cooldown fast. You must use your first skill continuously when it comes to my role on lane as much as possible. I must pressure the bottom lane you will see on this game, because bottom lane is being pressure. The enemies will go there from time to time. That’S why? If there’ll be a teamfight on other lane, or my allies will push the other lanes, the enemies will be lacking before we continue the video I want to shoutout Alfred Dionisio, Gecko and Renalito Reyes.

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