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What is the right way when picking spell picking the spell is based on the hero? You are using heroes of your teammates and heroes of the enemies, but to be able to do that, you need to understand all the spells. We are going to talk about all the spells, but before we start, I want to congratulate first ER Pride. He is the winner of our weekly giveaway. If you want to join.

What you need to do is like this video subscribe and share this video on any social media platform, then screenshot and send it to master the basics. Facebook page also put you ID # and in game name. It must be complete. Just like the example coz. It’S required then also include # justmasterthebasics. I will announce the winner every weekend, so you need to finish this video and if you are not yet subscribed, hit subscribe and the notification bell. Ok, let’s go, let’s start with Execute.

First. This spell deals true damage on the enemy that true damage increases. When you level up and when the enemies HP gets lower, meaning if the enemies has low HP Executes will deal more damage aside from that, the cooldown of Execute will be lower. If you an enemy using, it, also Execute ignores shields of the enemies, meaning, even if the enemy has a shield, the damage will be on his HP. This spell is good for tank to atleast, have a kill potential or to heroes who have burst damage to be able to burst faster, they use Execute. This is also a good counter for heroes who relies on shield. One of it is Esmeralda. Our next spell is what you call Retribution this spell deal true damage on minions or creep the damage also increase, depending on you level. Another good thing about this spell when you buy a jungle item the damage of creeps gets lower. This spell is good for heroes who farm fast in jungle also to heroes, who needs buff. It’S also important in one team to atleast have 1 retribution so that objectives won’t get stolen like buff crab turtle or Lord, to be able to steal some objectives easier. You can check the damage of your retribution just by pressing it longer.

Then, when you hit the target, you will see the HP on top just use your skill and retribution at the same time, to deal more damage. Aside from that, you can upgrade you jungle item to make you retribution usable to heroes. Every item has different effect same with retribution. It differs depending on what jungle item you upgraded. I will make a separate video about that jungle items with the jungle respawn time and everything about jungle. So, if you are not yet subscribed hit subscribe and the notification bell to be updated, everytime I make a guide. Our next spell is what you call Inspire. This will increase your attack speed, but only for 8 attacks, meaning you need to hit 8 times in 5 seconds. If you won’t be able to hit 8 attacks in 5 seconds. The effect will be gone same thing when hitting 8 attacks, even if its not yet 5 seconds.

The effect will still be gone aside from that. It also ignores 8 physical defense of the enemies. It’S like having physical pen and it increases every level aside from hero. It also works on towers, meaning you can also push faster when you have inspire. This spell is good for heroes who relies on their basic attack. You will also have an advantage fighting head to head with the enemies, but if your hero can be killed easily or doesn’t have any escape, it’s better, not to choose inspire. Our next spell is what you call sprint. When you use this skill, you will be given 40 % movement speed for 8 seconds, but after 2 seconds the movement speed will start to reduce. Aside from that, it also ignores slow. But before clicking sprint, you must be slowed by the enemies. First for the slow to get ignored, because you will only not get slowed on the first 2 seconds while using sprint. This spell is good for heroes, who doesn’t have an escape or heroes.

Who wants to go in to be able to chase the enemies faster? Our next spell is what you call revitalize when you use this spell. You will have a healing spring. Everyone that’s inside the healing spring will have a regen 2.8 % Hp every 0.5 Seconds, meaning if you are 5 seconds inside, you will receive 28 % of your HP. Aside from that, you will received addtional Healing and shield effects when inside the healing spring, meaning this spell is good for heroes who gives healing to allies and also for those heroes who rely on their regen or shield. This is also a huge advantage on a teamfight, so your team won’t die easily.

Our next spell is what you call aegis when you use this spell, you will be given a shield. The higher you level, the higher the shield will be that shield last up to 3 seconds. Aside from that, you can also use this to give shield to your allies, the lowest HP ally near you will be given a shield, but he will only be given half the shield, but it’s still a big help when saving a teammate. This spell is a good counter on hero who have strong burst damage so that you won’t get burst easily. Our next spell is what you call petrify when you use this spell, you will be able to make the enemy stop for 0.7 seconds. This is a good spell to cancel the skills of the enemies, not only on one hero. You can also use this on many heroes. They will be stunned for 0.7 seconds.

This spell is good if you have low crowd control on your team or to make your crowd control longer. You can use this after using you crowd, control skill use petrify to make the stun longer our next spell is what you call purify when you use this. You will remove all debuff of the enemies. Debuffs are slows, stuns crowd, control or hold of the enemies you will be able to remove. Aside from that, you will also have additional movement speed for 1.2 seconds. This spell is good if the enemies have a lot of crowd, control skills, but always remember to not use it on the first crowd, control skill as much as possible use it on the last crowd.

Control skill to escape next spell is what you call Flameshot. When you use this, you can throw a flame shot on one direction. Flameshot’S damage is based on how far the enemy is, the farther the enemy, the stronger the damage. Another thing that increases the damage of Flameshot is the magic power. If you have more magic power, the damage will increase. When you use this near the enemy, you will be able to knock back them. It also has slow 30 % when far and 60 % when near the enemy, but the slow is only for 1. Second, aside from that knock back, don’t hit 1 enemy only if the enemies are together, all of them will get knock back, but they should be near each other or you are near them, because if you are a little bit far, they won’t get knock back aside From that it only deal single damage when far from each other and because the damage is based on mage items.

This spell is good on mage heroes, but I think not all mage needs this, because most mage needs buff, so you will either choose retribution or if you are a mage who doesn’t have an escape, you need to choose a spell that can save you it’s possible To get saved by the knock back, but because the slow is only 1 second, I think there are more better escape spell than this. Our next spell is what you call Flicker. When you use this, you will be able to teleport on 1 location. You will also receive physical and magic defense for 1. Second, the good thing about this spell is you can do a lot of tricks with this, depending on the hero you are using? First? Is you can use it with your skill? 1 example is hook.

Flicker of Franco, you can also use it while channeling an example of that is Ultimate flicker of Odette. It’S also good to catch enemies faster, mostly used by the tanks to be able to set faster. Our next spell is what you call arrival. You can use this to be able to teleport on your towers or minions destroyed. Towers are also included, but you need to channel for 3 seconds and when you arrive at the destination you will be given additional movement speed. Then your next basic attack will deal true damage. The enemy will also get slowed for 1.5 seconds. When you click this spell, your map will get bigger.

You will choose the location there on where you want to teleport, to make it easier to choose the location. You can press down on the map where you want to teleport. You can also see the red arrow to be able to choose where you want to teleport. Aside from that, the unit you chose can’t die. It means you can make that unit a tank its better to do that when you are destroying the enemy base, so that your minions won’t die fast. You can also do that on towers, so it won’t get destroyed faster, but you must not use your teleport near the enemies because they can cancel your teleport while channeling when they cancel your teleport instead of 75 seconds cooldown, it will be reduced to 45 seconds.

You can also cancel your teleport by clicking the spell again. This spell is good for heroes, who can split push fast so that if there will be a team fight, they can still join. It’S also good for tank because of the movement speed they can set easily, and our last spell is what you call Vengeance. When you use this within 3 seconds skill, all the damage you will receive will also return a damage to the enemies, but the return damage is every 0.7 seconds only meaning you can only return damage up to 4 to 5 times only. It also depends on how fast the enemies deal damage. Aside from that, you will also receive a heal after 35 % of the Vengeance damage will be your heal. This is not only for physical damage, even magic damage can make it return.

This spell is good for damage per second skills to deal more return damage. I hope you learn a lot from this guide and because you reach the end, I want the winner of the giveaway is the one who reaches the end of the video. For me to know, if you really reach the end, you need to answer my question message. Your answer to master the basics, facebook page with the screenshot of where you share the video. My question is in which hero best suites our # 10 spell and why the best answer will be the winner of the giveaway and, if you are not yet subscribed, hit subscribed and the notification bell always remember if you want to improve, # justmasterthebasics, I’m out

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