Here we are again with our experiments. We have our cutie Lab Rat Valerie to demonstrate with us some heroes that cangreatly counter or dominate Alpha in-game.First. We will show you heroes that cangreatly counter Alpha’s massive healthrestoration from his 2nd skill. Baxia’S passive skill reduces atarget’s health regeneration effectswhen. He hits them with his skills.So. Definitely this will affect yoursustainability during team fights.Items such as Necklace of Duranceand Sea Halberd, has the same butgreater effects against health. Regeneration.So better buy these items. If you want to counterAlpha’s massive health restoration effects.

Now, let’s now test different scenariosagainst Alpha’s ultimate skill.First, let’s try it againstJohnson’s ultimate skill.Johnson, just crashed on us and we werestunned, but the dash still pushed through.How about against Khufra’s 2ndskill, which can stop blink skills. As you can see, we were knockedup, but the stun effect on thetarget location still pushed through Now, let’s test it against Diggie’s, 2nd skill.This time we were pulled by Diggie’s 2ndskill, but the stun effect still pushed through.How about against Cyclops’immobilization from his ultimate skill. If you check Alpha’s ultimate skill, we can’t use it while immobilized.But if we use it before getting immobilized. Our ultimate skill won’t stop usfrom dashing and knocking up Cyclops.

Now, let’s test it against Minsitthar’s ultimateskill that doesn’t allow blink skills. Inside.As expected our ultimateskill can’t be used. Inside.Minsitthar is the greatest debtcollector that doesn’t allow youto escape from him. If you owe him some money, We also have one of the best debt collectorin, the land of dawn, and that is Silvanna. Let’S test it against her ultimate skill.As, you can see we weren’t able to getout from her shackles, but the stun effectstill went on the target area. How about stunning effects? Even if we were stunned, we stillcontinued the dash along with its effects.Now, let’s test it against knock backskills such as Valir’s, 2nd skill.As. You can see we still dashed. Forwardand went against the tide of flames.

But. If your timing is wrong, youcan end up getting knocked back.So in that small time frame make sure you can crowd-control Alpha to stop himfrom dipping his long spear towards the ground. Given that our ultimate skillhas stun and knock up effects, we can definitely stop channeling skillssuch as Pharsa’s and Odette’s ultimate skill. We even knocked her up with our very long spear.So. You might be wondering ifit’s gon na work against Gord.Well. Don’T fool yourselves. We all know that Gord’s ultimateskill is almighty and he will stillcontinue on puking rainbows for breakfast

What do you think about this experiment, Comment down below and tell us what you think.We would like to thank our cutie Lab Rat Valerie for being our lab ratagain for this experiment.You can search for her in-game andtell her. How much you appreciate her willing to sacrifice her prideand honor to be a test subject.Watch, her in-game streams, andsend, some flowers and hearts.So. Once again, This is Kurumiand. That’S how you use Alpha.Thanks for watching,

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