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Rotation is how you will move around the map. This is not only for mid lane. It’S for all roles in this mobile legends guide. We will understand the reason why we need to rotate also how to improve your map awareness, but before we start just like what I promised when I reach 1000 Subscribers, I will have a giveaway, but for now it’s only 112 diamonds coz. We are not yet monetized by youtube, but I promise this will increase when I got monetized. All you need to do is like this. Video then subscribe then share this video to any social media. Flatform can be on facebook instagram anywhere after sharing just screen shot.

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Ok, let’s go what the reasons why we need to rotate first is to gank also to back up the team, also to push or defend the towers, also to farm minion or jungle creeps, and also when taking objectives. You need to rotate to take the turtle crab or lord. It depends on the role that you are using to be able to rotate properly. You need to have what you call “ Map Awareness” or checking your minimap on the left, top corner of the screen Decision. Making is also important here, for example, you saw on your minimap that there will be a teamfight. You have to decide whether you are going to help in the teamfight or you will just farm like this clip. I saw on the minimap that there will be a teamfight, so I back up instead of farming.

There are ways to improve your map awareness. What I did was there is what you call 3 to 5 seconds rule every 3 to 5 seconds. You need to look at your minimap. You should always do this when you hero doesn’t do anything or you are just farming or walking everytime. You need to look at your minimap. This is how it looks remember that there should not be an enemy, that you need to use your skill to just practice it, because if you are also looking at your minimap, you will see if there are enemies in front of you. But it’s also important to know what you need to look for in your minimap. I will discuss it 1 by 1, the things that you need to check when looking at your minimap. Let’S start with the objectives like taking Buff Crab Turtle or Lord. This is where your decision making is needed. What are you going to take first, the buff or the crab? You should also know how you will take it, which direction you will go in order to take it.

It can be buff jungle creep, then crab. It can also be on the bottom jungle creep. Buff jungle creep, then crab. You can also go for offensive. Take the jungle creep of the enemy, then enemy buff then crab. There are a lot of rotations, not only this. It only depends on the situation and your decision making just like this clip, as you can see on the minimap. Almost all of the enemies are at the bottom plus 1 hero on mid. It means that their jungle creeps on top is open. I can rotate to top to take their buff as much as possible. When you are rotating on the enemy jungle, you will need retribution, or you should make sure that the buff will not get stolen or they won’t be able to kill you, because, even if you take the buff, but you die, your rotation is useless.

Next, you need to check the heroes: where are the heroes? Where will the heroes go and what is the status of those heroes to be able to know where the enemies will go, just check? Which objective will they take? Next, it can be crab or they will gank. It depends on the situation. Just like this clip. As you can see, hanabi’s HP has gotten low in this early stage, but I know that he will not get back coz. He will be gap. He will still try to take the jungle buff. That’S why I told lunox to go there at, but she doesn’t want to go until when the enemies are already taking the buff. I went there alone. That’S why I was able to double kill them.

The next thing you need to check is the teamfight: do you need to back up or just split push your decision making is so important here. Just like this clip. As you can see, there is a teamfight going on in the bottom lane, but because I think my team can handle the enemies there. I just chose to split push, but once I saw that there were more enemies there with the addition of johnson, I decided to back up instead of pushing mid when you are backing up. There are things you need to check. First, if your team is still complete or if you can still fight with the remaining heroes on the team, next check the skills

If your allies still has their skills or the enemies had already used, their skills also check the spells items or if you are leading the teamfight. All of that will be based on your decision making when it comes to ganking. There are only few things that you need to check before you gank and where you should gank, you must gank the lane that you can kill. For example, if the enemy is Advanced or if the enemy has low hp or if you have more teammates on that lane, it always depend on the situation. One more thing that you need to check if you will be able to kill that hero on that lane. What objective you will take, are you going to push, or are you going to take the crab or turtle? That is one of the things that you need to check to know which lane to gank. Just like this clip, as you can see, the turtle is about to respawn in the top lane. So as much as possible, we need to take the top lane so that when the turtle respawns automatic, we can take it because the tower is already broken, also check. The skills of your enemies just like what lunox did here, she used her ultimate early. I already know she doesn’t have her ultimate

I just need to wait for the cooldown of my second skill before I can burst her also always remember to gank the lane that has a higher percentage of your team to win, because it’s not good to lose a gank instead of a lead, your team will Be behind and also they can also take the objectives when it comes to farming rotation. This is so important, especially to the marksman and to the hereos who need to farm. What are the things you need to check when you are farming? First, you need to know where are the lane? Minions always remember that the map of Mobile legends are equal. The minion wave on top is the same as the minion wave on bottom. The minion wave on the side is also on the side and also the minion on mid is the same on mid.

So if you know that the minion wave is coming just wait for it don’t rush going to the jungle, it’s better to clear the minion wave because it gives more gold when it comes to jungle, creeps it’s better to know their respawn time so that if they Will respawn you can already go there, not when it already respawns, because the enemies might steal it. Defending towers and Split push is also included in farming rotation. If you know that the minions are already near the tower, you can already go there or you can farm while going there just like this clip. If my hero is still weak, I can defend mid, so it won’t get pushed but because my hero is stronger and I can defend top even with a hero, I decided to go top. I also know that I already have a counter item for esmeralda. That’S why? I chose to defend top, even if there are 2 heroes there, so when we are able to kill them, and the bottom lane also won the teamfight. We can already take the lord. When we take the lord automatic.

We already won the game if Esmeralda and Chang’ e went back, and I know that my teammates are on bottom lane. I should’ve split push the top lane to pressure the lane. Then we can take the lord. That is why your decision making and map awareness is so important when rotating and last thing, if your teammate rotates to your lane or you die or if they take the buff, then rotated to your lane. Instead of going back to your lane, it’s better to go on their lane, so you won’t share the farm just like what I did here instead of going back to mid, because that is my lane, I decided to go top, so we will not share the farm On mid lane, specially because I am the marksman, I need to farm same thing, with jungle monsters as much as possible. Don’T steal your teammates farm to make the farm of the whole team faster.

I hope you learn a lot from this guide, but because you reach the end of this video, I will tell you a secret, because I want the winner of the giveaway. Is the one who really finishes this video for me to know that you really finished this video? I want you to include in the screenshot when you message me. What are the things that you learned on this video? The one with the best explanation will be the winner. I want to make the giveaways bigger, because if it’s not because of you, I won’t be able to have a giveaways. So please support this channel and if you are not yet subscribed, hit subscribe and the notification bell to be notified when I make a new video, Thank you so much to everyone for the support. Just always remember if you want to improve, # justmasterthebasics, i’m out

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