Khufra Correct and Proper Build | Mobile Legends



The recommended battle spell is flicker and the recommended emblem is tank emblem and the talent is Conclusive blast but if you’re but if your emblem is not high enough you can use the tenacity So these are the standard boots the default is warrior boots for physical defense Note that even mages deal physical damage when doing basic attack except for few mages. But if the if there’s a lot of mages in the enemy team, then you can choose the tough boots. It’s important to know that during the bouncing ball state, you get an increase in both physical and magic defense by 50 to 100 percent. In this game he only bought the item component molten essence And decided to upgrade later even though the price of the compound item Because helmet is so cheap I can’t understand that because The enemy mages don’t really have that much early game potential. They only start to shine late Game, maybe mid game if we’re fed If you like this video give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to leave a comment down below Good game Dreadnought armor very cost efficient.


Only cost 730 gold You don’t need to upgrade to Antiquaris right away. You can just save the gold for the next item. It’s very sneaky, It’s a physical damage. I think it also gives you protection against magic damage by reducing the enemies magic damage and in some ways better than a normal magic resistance item because your regular magic resistance item can be recounted by magic penetration Here are the list of items that you can proceed to after the dreadnaught armor Immortality, Queen’s Wings and Athena shield This game it’s not a good idea to buy Athena Shield because of Esmeralda Because she will just steal your shield and anyone’s shield is esmeralda’s shield Oh, nice, nice dodge.


He thought he was safe All right bush camping In this game he went straight to Antique Cuirass because there was a fight about to happen. He needed to have the most protection but it’s much better if you can wait. If possible to have the mage or support by this but in this case It’s farsa and she’s in charge with damage So she can’t really buy this So you have to be the one to buy this? I like the Dominance Ice here because it not only counter Roger It also it also counter esmeralda Well, how does it counter Esmeralda, right? Esmeralda deals magic damage. Well the way it counters Esmeralda is by reducing her attack speed because she is also very dependent on attack speed for her damage Her magic damage is converted into shield. So by reducing her attack speed We are effectively reducing her shield

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