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Kimmy Guide 3 | The Fastest Way to Farm in Mobile Legends | Master the Basics | Kimmy Gameplay


What is the fastest way to Farm in this mobile legends guide? You will see how I achieve 1200 Gold per minute. It’S also included here how I use Kimmy and also how you can do this farm on other heroes. But before we start, I will shoutout the 1st Comment on every Video that I will make. So if you are not yet subscribed hit subscribe and the notification bell. Ok, let’s go, let’s know, first, the early rotation that we are going to do because 2 of us are in bot lane and I have a support, it’s better to start on red to pressure the lane.

This is the Emblem that I used on this game, because my Jungle Emblem is low. That’S why I chose Assassin Emblem aside from that Bounty Hunter is also good to have more gold after killing a hero. After taking the buff, we need to get back to lane to clear the wave then try to take the small Crab, and because I have red buff, we can also try to kill the enemy Red. Buff’S slow is a huge help in order to kill the enemy. But aside from that, Kaja did a good thing here. He didn’t use his slow until Xborg’s passive was gone.

That’S one thing you need to remember: if you want to kill the enemy, you must know their skills and because, after 15 seconds small Crab respawns, that’s why there a small crab already after taking the small crab clear lane go to the next jungle, then take the Crab again, but it’s also possible for the enemy mid lane to rotate bot lane so before taking the Crab double check. First, if the enemy mid laners are already back on mid, you will also notice here that Xborg will try to steal the Crab, but when he uses his skill, I stop hitting the Crab so that he won’t be able to steal it .that’s one of the ways For your objectives to not get stolen easily, if you want to understand the basic rotation on the new map, I made a rotation guide that you can watch. It has part 1 and 2 to help you understand.

All jungle creeps from respawn time, buffs and everything about jungle. Now you have to remember. If there’s no jungle creeps available, you need to try to take the tower on your lane most of the players that I saw farming when they can’t take any jungle creeps. They go to other lane; they don’t try to take the towers of the enemies. Remember that if you change lane – and you have a teammate farming there, you will just share the farm and there will be no one farming on your lane here. I just planned to take the enemy jungle creeps, but because their mid lane is on bot. That’S why we need to get back. What Khufra did was ok to go bot lane

But the problem is our mage is on top lane. The mistake here is that they are not together. What I don’t know here is why Kaja used Flicker, but Khufra will do a very nice set. He caught Xborg and used his ultimate after killing Xborg. We can go back because Granger arrived, but because I overstayed even I also died and Kaja also died because of me. After resurrecting, we need to defend bot lane, so it won’t be destroyed. Red buff turtle and blue buff is open, but tower is more important. That’S why we need to defend it first, you will also notice here there will be a teamfight on turtle and because all the enemies are on turtle, it means we can take bot lane tower.

A lot of players will choose red buff. Instead of taking bot lane tower, remember guys you will farm faster if you will be able to take their tower early, but you need to have map awareness and you need to know where the enemies are because they are on turtle. We can take the tower to get a gold advantage. Aside from that another thing you can do to farm faster. You need to take the enemy jungle creeps. You will notice that our enemies are on our blue buff. That means there’s no enemy, their blue buff. That’S why we can take it.

Most of the players are afraid to take the enemy jungle creeps because they don’t know where the enemies are. But if you have map awareness, you will understand more where you should farm after clearing mid. We need to defend bot lane again, but in order to farm faster, all jungle creeps that you will go thrpugh. You need to kill it to increase you farm, but if you think the hero you are using is not that fast in killing, jungle creeps start with the lane. First, before killing the jungle creeps. Another thing you need to remember: you need to know where the minion wave are. If you know where the minions are, you will be able to kill it faster because you can advance to know when the minion wave will come.

You just need to remember that the map is just a mirror, meaning where your side, lane minions is, will be the same as their side. Lane minions, where your bottom is the same, with their top, where your mid is the same with their mid aside from that, you also just need to remember where the minions meet on top mid and bot. If your minions is near there, that means their minions is also near there. It’S important to clear the minions first before farming, on jungle to not waste the minions same thing when rotating it’s better to clear the lane.

First, before rotating, whoever clears the wave faster, they are the one who will farm and rotate faster and because we already destroyed bot lane, we need to destroy mid lane. Now enemies will be appear on bot lane. That’S why we can take mid lane, because that’s the only first tower left on us, that’s why they will take that objective. Now we are going to fast forward on the boring parts and because we won the fight. That means we can already take the turtle. You will notice that I will start with the minion wave first before the jungle creeps, because I know when the minion wave will come.

That’S why I can advance after clearing the minion wave. That’S the time I will go to jungle. You will also notice that, because I didn’t know where the enemies are, that’s why I don’t over-extend. I know when the minions will come, but I don’t know when the enemies will come and because I already lead in gold and item that means we can already go for a teamfight.

You will notice here that all of my allies are on top and Zhask will appear on bot. That means if there will be a teamfight on top, the enemies will have a hard time and because the fight will be 4 on 5. That means we can go for a teamfight and because Nana’s passive was just activated last teamfight. That’S why I will look for her. First, we were able to kill them. That means we can push after taking the tower you need to take. All the jungle creeps that you will pass through.

That’S a good way to increase your farm and reduce the farm of the enemies. It’S not easy to farm specially if you are alone on bot lane, but if you know how to take all the available space, you will be able to farm easily and get rich map. Awareness and decision making is important when farming. If you want to improve your map awareness, I made a map awareness guide that you can watch.

This is my item build on this game. You can change the last item to a defensive item depending on what you need, but if you want to learn how to build items, I made an item build guide, part 1,2 and 3 that you can watch. I hope you learn a lot from this guide and if you have a guide that you want me to make just comment below and I’ll try to make one about that because you finished the video everyweek. I have a giveaway if you want to join.

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