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Rice, you know it because you all eat it, there is no one in this universe who has not eaten rice in his life small white grains that we can find on the streets in hospitals, in the schools, at your ex’s house, you eat during the day, you eat at night, you eat at parties and before going for naps rather, you can eat it at any time and even if it says the word bitch backwards. Aaaaaaa how time goes by I still remember when I uploaded layla in 1 minute on the 30 subscribers special y ya hoy hay mas de 70.000 my subs grow faster than covid in Brazil, and it’s been so long that she along with other heroes have received a rework, I call it the rumbling of the cones. Yes friend, lately moonton is buffing and improving its first heroes, because it will, nostalgia, are part of its history, in honor of the Bolivians? In what has layla changed compared to what she was before, first her hair has grown now she looks like rapunzel cousin, your gun now has nice new accessories.

Tambi?n se compr? nuevos tacones and who used to look like a depressing pilot with that horrible helmet, in conclusion layla has been rejuvenated, the one before had more breasts and legs and is still in this growth process, that’s right friend, now layla is illegaaaaaaaaaaal, ONI-CHAAAAAAN! WHAT FBI-JAWHEAD HEARS LOLI’S VOICE… And since I know they like illegal, hold on, this is where lag comes into play. Don’t do this while you guys shower. Passive Layla’s basic attack damage and abilities scale with the distance between her and the enemy, I mean that the further you are, the more damage you will cause, So remember me if in late game a layla erases you with two or three basic meters away First skill Layla shoots a cannonball which will cause you physical harm and this harm can be critical. When hitting an enemy, layla’s range will grow much more, for 3 seconds and it will increase their movement speed by 60% and if you keep hitting an enemy the duration of the movement speed gain will be doubled. Perfect for chasing like crazy Second skill Layla shoots a balls, balls balls balls, that will cause you physical damage, slow you down and leave you with a nice mark I call him, rush, If you wear the mark, layla will cause you additional physical damage after hurting you and it will slow you down.

Ultimate, this bitch I say … rice throws you a super kame Ha, which thanks to the new update you get a better view of the map to be able to hit the enemy Hee but herle my camera does not change like youuuuuuuuu look, little animal, go to the part where it says … you shut up, asshole man, I want to do a tutorial You touch little gear, then touch controls, then down down not go down so much gross man, go up more, there is your stop and use big toe to move lever. I lapu lapu teach your camera change, smart lapu lapu, now lapu lapu fly away This ability also has a passive, every time you level it up, layla will increase her vision range and will increase the rank of his second ability. How to play You must farm and level up as soon as possible, always with a good tank protecting you, because if layla reaches lvl 15 she will have so much rank that she will send you to base before you approach her.

Combo Not much science for this hero so a combo izi to enter would be this, you hit the first skill and with the increased range eat it to basic ones that with your increased speed will not take you so easy, and if he blinks or tries to escape, with the ulti you can kill him. equipment You can take it with the electric flash, to have more speed of movement. the wind talker, so that combined with his passive, layla would run much more the rest that is critical, attack speed, damage and life steal. Well friend I hope and you liked this video there, you know what you had to know about improved layla now it has gone from being a cone, to being one but with wheels..

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