Mobile Legends rafaela guide


what better hero to write a guide about while waiting in the A&E for my turn??? here’s a guide about our healing angel girlie, rafaela.

raf is a support hero that can be played as roamer support, mage, marksman (although not recommended LOL) and tank. I haven’t played her as assassin though I’ve dived under towers/enabled team mates to tower dive more than I think.

I’ve got about 100 matches with her (~70% WR) and she’s the first hero I used when my friend first introduced me into ML. (as a matter of fact, I used raf to offlane from warrior to master)

this guide will be split into the following-

  1. Skill explanations/Tips

  2. Counters

  3. Build(s) + play style

  4. (BONUS) brawl builds

  5. Emblem/Battle spell

All these info has been gathered after multiple trial and errors, as well as extensive reading, discussion, generous sharing, so if you see any info that you know the source of, please let me know so I can credit them.

passive – sis u thought

after raf dies, she curls into a ball and whoever last hit her will be dealt dmg. this dmg is block-able, kinda like Lesley’s ult.

Tip (for enemy)

  1. Don’t get cocky if u kill raf and you’re on a sliver of health. Her kiss of death will whack u. healing prayers for everyone… except u

  2. Much like nana’s molina, diggie’s clocks, lesley’s ult, block raf’s passive for ur dying team mate. unless they steal creeps from ur jungler, then I didn’t see anything. That said, raf’s passive has q high accuracy so it’s kinda hard to block as well.

**MT if u see this, pls return our healing explosion in death. Raf’s literally a healer. (Side eyes recent raf nerf on healing abilities)

Skill 1 – raining daggers

rains 3 daggers on the nearest enemy units (prioritising heroes then minions/creeps). gets increasingly painful the more you get hit (abit like granger’s bullets). Slows enemies. Very painful early game (= good harassing tool early game)

reveals hidden enemies as well, which explains why raf is the president of the Natalia hunter club.


  1. Check bush with s1. literally reveals enemies. Even Nat.

  2. This skill in particular makes raf a counter pick for Nat

  3. Auto aim so u literally never miss

  4. Painful early game so use it to harass enemies


heals nearby allies + speeds up for 1.5s. if u don’t know how to use raf, or what she’s good for, pls press ur s2. It’s literally (1) button. The number of matches I’ve seen where the raf refuses to press s2,,, sis you’re literally a healer.


  1. S2 has speed boost so it allows u (and ur team mates) to chase/escape. I use this to tower dive and roam quicker.

  2. For baby rafaelas, if you see ur team mates’ health being low, when you press ur s2, onions will appear on your team mates’ avatar; that’s when u know they’ve received ur healing.

tips for team that has a rafaela:

  1. yes healing is for everyone, but don’t expect a raf at bot lane to save your overextended self at top lane. healing isn’t global.

  2. if u are dying, and a rafaela tries to heal u, while simultaneously pinging retreat, stop trying to lunge headfirst into a 1v3. you’re gona get us both killed.

  3. (this applies to all supports, esp healing ones) JUST BECAUSE WE HAVE HEALING ABILITIES, DOESNT MEAN YOU CAN 1v3 WHEN ALL U HAVE ARE BOOTS.

Skill 3: aight imma stop u right there

stun + cc. enemies being struck by this have this cute little “dizzy” mark on them. Ult was nerfed before so it’s slower now. Can’t rmb if the range was smaller too.


  1. Land ult when enemies are nearby for max efficiency. idk which ML redditor told me this, but if u find them pls comment below so I can credit them. I’ve been getting compliments for my ult landing ever since

  2. Land this on immobile heroes/out of place heroes

  3. Land this when you’re trying to run away (run in a straight line so enemy chases in a straight line and you ult + s2 speed away)

Counters Raf is pretty squishy so tbh everyone counters raf LMAOOOO. biggest counters are antiheal items tho. (Necklace of durance and deadly blade/sea helberd) + (dominance ice in the patch where raf will be nerfed)

Raf counters Nat. If enemy Lesley is baby enough that she ults alone in the open, with nobody to protect her, use ur ult to shut her ult down. feels bad but it works.

I can’t rmb how raf’s ult works on the likes of odette, yve, pharsa, or even Claude so if anyone knows pls lmk.



  1. Courage mask

  2. Swift boots/mana boots

  3. Brute force breast plate

  4. Ice queen wand

  5. Necklace of Durance

  6. Oracle/Immortality

not sure if this is the build that gives 40% CD reduction, but I’ve definitely seen some talks about 40% CD reduction on Reddit. Good when paired w aggro MMs, most particularly Bruno, but I’ve seen success with the likes of granger and wanwan too.


  1. mana/mag pen boots

  2. Clock of destiny

  3. Lightning truncheon

  4. Divine Glaive/genius wand

  5. NOD

  6. IQW/oracle/immortality

  7. Swift boots

  8. Cod

  9. LT

  10. Enchanted talisman (if u feel mana isn’t enough from cod)//genius wand

  11. IQW

  12. Dom ice

if ur 5 man team ever wants full magic, then ^

MM BUILD (creds u/achinthyav)

  1. mana boots

  2. Wind talker

  3. Corrosion scythe

  4. Berserkers

  5. Phantom

  6. IQW

when u realise ur mm has been seeking shelter under enemy towers and finding safety in enemy numbers, and have to take things into ur own hands

Tank raf

  1. Swift/mana boots

  2. courage mask

  3. BFBP

  4. Oracle

  5. Immortality

  6. Twilight/burst resistance

the latest thing, personally haven’t tried this since I use the support roamer one. pretty similar IMO.

Mythic raf (creds u/)

  1. Swift boots

  2. Enchanted talisman

  3. BFBP

  4. Glowing wand

  5. IQW

  6. Athenas shield

got this from a mythic raf user on Reddit, it’s a mix of magic dmg and defense.


  1. Level up s2 first, and max this out first

  2. Mana boots

  3. NOD/oracle

  4. Oracle/NOD

  5. IQW

  6. immortality

  7. corrosion

notice how I never mention calamity reapers??? every time I see a rafaela with calamity reaper, I cry. tenks beto


emblem – support. either pull urself tgt or the one that gives u coins every time u hit something

I hardly use the magic one but I guess if u rlly want to u can use the impure rage or the second magic one

Battle spell – I use flame shot. I’m an aggressive player (doesn’t matter if I’m fighter mm support mage, I’m aggressive) so flameshot is for me.

raf is good with that healing spring thing, as well as vengeance.

her passive is kinda like execute? so idk I don’t see her with execute.

I’ve ever seen a retri raf; and laughed at her until I realised she’s just helping their jungler farm faster. big brains

alright that’s it from me. it’s been 2.5 hours and I’ve yet to see my doctor, but imma take a nap now. I apologise for formatting errors, am on my phone.


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