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Why do you need to do the Triple Critical on Lesley in this mobile legends guide? We are going to talk about the do’s and don’ts when using Lesley also included the right and wrong decisions that I made to everyone who wants to join our giveaway Hit Like Share and Subscribe, then comment your ID # and In Game Name, then skin or hero. That’S worth 500 Diamonds and, most importantly, you must finish every video. I will randomly select 4 winners and announce it every 1st week of the month.

So if you are not yet subscribed hit subscribe and the notification bell. Ok, let’s go in this game. This is the Emblem that I used Marksman Emblem with Physical Damage, Critical Damage and Electro Flash, because Lesley has sure Crit. That’S why I decided to go for Additional Damage rather than additional Crit Chance and Electro Flash, so that Lesley would atleast have a sustain when it comes to this game, we are going to do the 1-2-2 rotation. That means we are going to take the red buff. First, before going to the lane, even though they increase the Gold on minions in lane, it’s still important to take the red buff first. But you still need to reach the 1st siege, minion or the biggest minion, because they increase the gold for the 1st 2 waves of siege minions. That’S why you need to get it, but if an enemy invades you need to reset the red buff, don’t force taking it. If you can’t, you need to remember, if you weren’t able to take the 1st 2 minion waves, it will be a huge gap for you when it comes to Lesley’s skills.

Her passive is what you call Lethal Shot every 5 seconds when Lesley is not getting attacked. She will gain Lethal Shot. Her range will increase and deal critical damage. You will see the icon of her passive above the regen. You will notice that whenever someone attacks her the countdown will reset, but whenever Lesley uses a skill, the Lethal shot will be activated. That’S why, as much as possible after using a skill, you must do a basic attack. First, aside from that, whenever Lesley uses a skill, her energy reduces and to gain energy, you just need to do a basic attack when it comes to Lesley’s 1st skill. Whenever you use it, she will be in camouflage state. Then her damage will increase. Aside from that, she will also gain additional movement speed, but once she takes a hit, the camouflage state will be gone when it comes to her 2nd skill.

The enemy will be knocked back and Lesley will jump backward. That skill is good to use when Lesley was caught by the enemy, but if you use it, even if the enemies is not yet close, you still won’t be able to escape, because it’s too short, that’s why you will notice here, even if there’s an Atlas on The enemy I still decided to go for Flicker. You will understand more later. What I mean when it comes to this game, we became so aggressive. The enemy on mid lane is missing, we shouldn’t have forwarded and because I didn’t go back entirely, that’s why they’re able to kill me the score is 4-1. That’S why it’s not a good start for us when it comes to Lesley’s triple Critical, to be able to do that. You must not just click your 1st skill.

You will notice here, because passive is available. You must basic attack first before using first skill, then basic attack, 2nd skill, then basic attack. You will see later how it affects, especially on the enemy, don’t forget to abuse Lesley’s passive, because the range of it is farther. The enemy will have a hard time getting close to you and because it’s critical, you will deal more damage and because we are doing 1-2-2 rotation. Our priority here is to destroy the tower, and because there are 2 of us in lane, we should not be harassed by 1 hero as much as possible. We should be the one harassing the one hero on bot lane when you let the solo bot lane farm. It’S the same as losing the bot lane. Now we are going to fastforward on the boring parts. Aldous did a good job on backing us up. The only problem is because there are 2 enemies on top lane.

That’S why they’re able to destroy the towers? Their marksman did the right thing in destroying both towers, because there are no enemies there and aside from that, they should destroy our bot lane tower because there’s no more tower to destroy on top as much as possible. You must switch lanes with your offlane after destroying the towers on your lane. Here you will see, Khufra goes in and because the enemy has the lead and Hayabusa doesn’t have a shadow. That’S why he shouldn’t go and as a Lesley, you should also not go in. If you think you can’t fight back, don’t forget that Lesley is a marksman.

That’S why your priority should be to farm first and as much as possible. You must not be targetted by the enemy here. You will notice, there’s a teamfight on mid lane. That’S why I need to back them up. You will also see here. I will do the triple Critical if you notice there. I didn’t just use my first skill because I was in a safe place and the enemies can’t reach me. That’S why I basic attack. First before 1st skill and after doing the 2nd basic attack, I used my 2nd skill, then another basic attack for us to deal more damage when it comes to item build. This is the item build that I think, suits Lesley, but on this game I changed the boots.

I replace it with Warrior boots because there’s a Helcurt on the enemy. You can also change the last item depending on the situation before we continue the video I want to shoutout Charles Account Zecrative and Jalal Maad. Whoever is the 1st three comments on every video. I will shoutout on the next video. So if you are not yet subscribed hit subscribe and the notification bell, I was so focused on farming. That’S why I didn’t notice that the enemies are near me, but my allies will do a good thing here, because the enemies are on bot lane. They will take the turtle when it comes to Lesley’s Ultimate, you need to remember it deals more damage to a lower HP enemy. Aside from that, you can also use that to see if there are enemies in bush and because we were caught by Hanabi’s ultimate. That’S why we died again. We only have 1 upgraded item.

That’S why we still need to focus on farming. You will see here after taking the Crab. I didn’t take bot lane because there’s no enemy on the map. That’S why I didn’t continue farming. You need to remember it’s important to not die rather than be able to farm, but will also die. You will notice there. I wait for Helcurt to comeout before showing myself and because we did the triple critical. That’S why we’re able to kill Helcurt easily. You also need to remember Positioning is so important on Lesley, don’t let the enemy get close to you easily. I hope you learn a lot from that Guide and if you have a guide that you want me to make just comment down below and I’ll try to make one about it and because you finished the video I want, the winner of our Giveaways are the ones Watching until the end for me to know, if you really watched until the end, you need to look for the Keyword comment.

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