Mobile Legends A Beginner’s Guide to the Marksman By: cafebujo


Heya all, my tank guide went over alright so I decided to make one for marksman as well. I’m relatively new (started Nov. 2020) and reached mythic a week or two ago, so I hope that I can explain in ways that are understandable to new players. This guide is aimed at Master-Epic rank.

Let’s start with some basics! Firstly, you will always hear that positioning is one of the most important parts of being a marksman player. But what is positioning and how do you get better at it? A simple example would be on the lane, let’s say that you’re Layla and a Tigreal is tanking for you. You’re laning against a Miya and Atlas. What you will need to do is stand where it would prove hard for them to attack you without taking massive risks themself, such as putting themselves where Tigreal could push them straight into the tower. Good positioning involves experience, as it involves knowing how far the enemy can go with their abilities. You’d stay in a different position against a Belerick than a Khufra because Belerick’s CC is point blank, while Khufra’s has massive range. (More about working with the tank on positioning later on).

Secondly, map awareness. It’s subtle things like which enemies you can see on the map and which direction they were last going before they disappeared off the lane. If the enemy jungler (let’s say Saber), appeared at the Mid lane and disappeared, moving towards bottom, where you are, then you can safely say that in a few seconds he’ll launch out of the bush and slice you. Take appropriate measures. Ping so your tank can sit in the bush, so you are safe and you know where Saber is. Make sure to not wander where it’ll be easy for him to snipe you from the direction he is coming. This means not trying to attack the gold mob or pushing the tower, especially if you’re standing nearer to the jungle than the outside wall. Bad positioning and generally being unaware of the enemy is the perfect recipe to get ganked wherever you go.

Map awareness doesn’t only apply to laning, it applies to pushing. If most of the enemy team show up on the other side of the map, including their assassin, then you can safely push.

An important part of judging whether or not to run is to know your own capabilities against them. If you’ve outleveled their team (most importantly, their assassin and marksman), then if either one of them doesn’t show up on the map, then you can continue to push but continue to keep in mind where you are standing. Put yourself in the enemy’s shoes and decide where it would be hard for them to sneak up on you and kill you.

Synergy with your tank is always very important. As a tank main who stacked with my marksman main friend for over 700 games, I like to compare the tank and marksman to a pair of best friends. Even without signals (though they are optimal), you should have an idea on when to play aggressively, when to play passive, and when you should retreat, together. The tank’s job is to keep you safe, so help him do that. Stay in a position where they can protect you from damage, at the same time using the openings that their skills make to farm minions comfortably and potentially damage or kill the enemy. Remember, it’s not a blaming game of “bad tank” or “bad mm”. You equally have as much of a role of playing smart and working together as the other. If either refuse to cooperate then that makes things very hard for the both of you.

Positioning with the tank in mind – To be absolutely honest I’d recommend reading the skills of strong and commonly used tanks such as Tigreal, Gatotkaca, Khufra, and so on so that you know how to work with them.For example, Khufra can knock up with his first skill and set you up to do some damage if you put yourself in the right place and allow him to do that. Together, you must get through the phase of being afraid of being hit by the enemy to positioning yourself to stay safe while dealing damage.

Here’s a short guide of do’s and don’ts during the game. -Do not take the red buff first thing. You will lose hundreds of gold from the lane, and you will delay the jungler’s ultimate, making it hard for them to help other lanes without their ult. -The only time that is acceptable is if you as the marksman is also the main jungler.This goes for marksmen such as Brody and Granger. -Do not try to solo the assassin if you are the same level or below. (Unless LVL 15, full gear. Well, you should know your capabilities ;)) -Don’t commit to teamfights too early. Yes, you can and should help when you are needed, but most likely you won’t do much early on and will need to have an escape at the ready.

Now, some gearing tips. -Marksman emblem is always best, unless you’re not reliant on attack speed such as Brody or Granger. In that case, Assassin emblem would be most effective. -If you don’t have mobility (blink skills), then you should always have flicker. It not only allows you to escape but it can help you reposition and continue to deal damage.

-Marksman equipment build generally vary much less than other roles. However, it’s important to note that there are some important cases where you will need to. Going against someone with heals and lifesteal like Gatotkaca or Estes would mean you would buy Sea Halberd, which reduces enemy heals. If the enemy builds Physical Defense against you, Malefic Roar is a good choice as it allows you to pass through their defense and deal more damage. Pinpoint your core items (whichever item is most important) and get it before anything else so you can still stay true to what you’re supposed to do while countering the enemy.

It’s late for me so this is slightly unfinished, but feel free to roast my guide or ask questions. I play most heroes so hero specific questions I can try to answer too!

Have a great day everyone and I hope you all have a fun time!

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