Mobile Legends A Beginner’s Guide to the Mid Mage By: cafebujo


Yep, it’s me again. Tank and Marksman guides went over well, so now I’m here with a guide aimed at Master-Epic ranked players who want to play Mid Mage. I started playing Nov. 2020, so I can explain it in a way that’s understandable for new players, I hope.

Before I start the guide this time I’d like to apologize for my terrible formatting. I write on mobile and going back to review my guides I realized how hard it must be to read. I’ll try my best this time.

Your role as the Mid Mage

The Tower at Mid is the most important in a game. Why? It’s because it creates a lot of space if you take it, or push the other midlaner back. Your jungler can more freely move, your roamer can roam with peace of mind. It’s harder for enemies to set up an unexpected gank when you control the mid well, since the jungle area around you will be in your favor.

Further, you also have a responsibility to protect your jungler’s jungle in the early game and prevent it from getting stolen/ruin invasions. If you do well at mid, you will also rotate to help other lanes as the mage support.


What do you do in order to get you and your team the advantage? You have to push the other midlaner back. In order to do this you must use your skills to pressure them as much as possible. For example, if you’re Eudora, you could stun and combo it with your first skill to do quite a chunk of damage. In this way you could potentially make them recall, giving your team space for however many seconds, and allowing you to push minions and potentially get some tower hits. I’ll get more in depth on this when I write about my recommended mages.

As with any other role, your map awareness is key. Because of all the open areas around your mid, it’s easy to get ganked if you are not careful. Make sure you always have an exit if you decide to play aggressive, and definitely push from behind your tower if you see that they’re jungler is most likely coming towards you. How can you tell? If the other lanes are tied, and you saw them disappear off the map, in a direction towards you, you will need to be hyper aware of where they will be next. Mages are pretty much paper in terms of durability. Unless you’re using someone that has a trusty escape such as Valir or Kagura, retreat.

I like to think of the jungler and the mage as another set of best friends, just like the tank and marksmen. The mage protects the jungler early on, and the jungler can try to kill the other midlaner, then they can roam together to other lanes. You need good synergy with your jungler in order to execute this. As a mage, your damage scales well throughout the game and most mages have good CC, which helps the lanes and jungler to secure their kills.

Lastly, is positioning. In the early game when you’re contesting mid, remember that the other midlaner will try to out poke you too. You must situate yourself in a way that would make it hard for them to do any real damage to you without overextending on the lane and opening themselves up to a very possible gank. This could involve walking around the minions in a way that they always take the damage for you, this could be waiting until their skills are on cooldown before using yours. The point is to be able to dish out damage while taking minimal yourself. It involves experience since knowing the skills of your opponent thoroughly will help you to know what makes it hard for them to lane against you, as well as the exact range that their skills are.


For emblems I genuinely wouldn’t recommend any other than the Mage emblem itself. The regular magic does feature nice mana regen, but it’s nothing that buying two mana necklaces won’t solve. The emblem talent largely depends on your hero. Mystery shop works on anyone, Magic Worship is for any mage with decent burst, and the Level 40 (forgot the name) is good for mages with higher mana consumption.

Builds are typically very fun on mages because of just how much you can do with them. There are so many passives, effects, mix-and-match with their stats that you can have.

-General rule of thumb is against strong lifestealers, spell vampers, and healers, such as Ruby and Estes, you’ll want to build Necklace of Durance. This decreases their heal by 50% which is very significant.

-If your team has multiple magic damage heroes, such as a Guinevere or Harley, you would want Genius Wand. Why? The passive, which reduces Magic Defense, will also work for your teammates. By building it, you allow them to do more damage as well.

-Winter Truncheon is a terrific item. However, on most mages you’d likely only build it when your enemies are high burst. If a Hayabusa is flying at you pop the Ice and watch as he does no damage. Pay good attention to the cooldown and use it only when you really need it.

-Never build Blood Wings unless the game drags on and you have enough money and you have a space for extra stats. It’s extremely expensive and doesn’t offer much when it stops you from having a full build when everyone else already has theirs.

Mages for Beginners

Some quick mage recommendations for new players, some which are great throughout the ranks, easy and fun to pick up.

Valir is an amazing, all-arounder mage. With his stun passive, pushback which can both keep you safe and set up and good engage, and CC immune, he is the full package. To learn him, know how to continuously utilize his stun passive. I recommend seeing his first skill as a kind of “wall”. Make it so it’s hard for them to move anywhere else without being hit by it. You can deal damage and set your team up for the kill. Furthermore, his ult increases his range and damage, which allows you to secure kills. However, I would also recommend saving it for the CC immune if you are not sure that the fight will turn out in your favor. I recommend either Mystery Shop or Magic Worship for Valir.

Vale, Valir’s wind brother, is a strong mage for many reasons. Most notable is his Ultimate burst, which is AOE and deals massive damage. Also, he’s fun because you can upgrade his skills to do either more damage or more CC. I personally go damage up on the first skill, CC on 2nd, and damage on 3rd. Using his second skill, it has powerful knock up that can either secure a kill or save yourself or your teammate from someone who is chasing you down. His Ultimate is strong for many scenarios. It’s devastating in teamfights and kills or opens up almost the entire lane when you rotate to help.

Aurora is a simple mage that can proves extremely useful in many scenarios. The most important thing to learn about her is her freeze passive. Fortunately, even randomly dumping a skill will fill her freeze bar. By doing this, you can make sure that her devastating AOE burst ult will hit. Her second skill’s slow can prove useful for chase or escape, and her first skill and ult go hand in hand for a strong combo. Make sure to utilize the bushes for a surprise freeze attacks. I like to think of her as Eudora, but better. Simple and strong.

As always, thanks for reading until here. Feel free to ask any hero-specific or general questions, and if you’d like to flame my guide you can go ahead to. Have a nice day everyone and I hope your games go well!


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