Mobile Legends A guide to current Argus By: Srageus


Since argus revamp is still a month a way tbh (Lobby skin not implemented voice lines and etc.) I decide to give a small guide to using the Fallen Angel.

Argus is basically a melee marksman, who truly shines once he got items. He can devour towers or people alike. However of course he is limited due to not having any base defense as tall ( his max health reaches 5.1k at level 15 without health/runes to increase it, and that he isn’t as mobile as some others are and is very prone to be cc-ed. Due to his big limitations are easily exploited he can be weak against players who know what their doing. However this also provides a small benefit of people underestimating him. (see later)

Now Let’s start going through his skills,

Passive: Warmonger

When Argus takes or deals damage, the blade is empowered. The lower Argus’s HP is, the faster his blade charges. When fully charged, his next Basic Attack hits twice rapidly and slightly slash towards enemies.

Comments: This is where his dmg comes from, his double slash. Now this is a unique passive as it works kinda like claude where you attack twice, thus triggering on hit effects twice AND IS NOT COUNTED TO THE 3 ATTACK SPEED LIMIT. Due to this property argus passive can be worded like this “Argus gains 10%-40% TOTAL ATTACK SPEED based on his health (10% at max to 40% at low health) (it’s not 50% even though he basically attack 3 times every 2 due to animation). ” This means his TRUE attack speed limit is 3.3-4.2( 3 x 1.4 = 4.2) which means to take down towers faster u can purposely take damage to increase your attack speed.

Skill 1, Demonic Grip

Argus puts out a demonic hand at the designated direction, dealing 125 (+60% Extra Physical Power) points of Physical Damage to an enemy hero and moving to the front of the target. If this skill fails to hit an enemy hero, he will pull himself to the location. Use Again: If this skill hits a target, Argus makes an extra slash towards the enemy that he captures, dealing 175 (+100% Extra Physical Power) points of Physical Damage.

One thing that is most important when the hand lands it actually stuns the targets as well for about a second. It’s range is also quite large. Think it is as a “nerfed” SELENA’S WHOLE KIT(minus damage and wards). This skill allows you to flank or/and ambush your prey seemingly out of no where. it’s second dash is also quite nice to continue chasing or run, usually its actually enough to get out safely. I would actually consider this argus most important skill as it’s quite versatile. cc, mobility, not big damage but it’s the utility u want, another down side is the cd like all other skills in Argus’s kit. IT IS CRUCIAL THAT YOU LAND THIS SKILL ON THE ENEMY YOU WANT OR LOCATION YOU WANT, MISSING THIS SKILL MEANS WASTED RESOURCES OR WORSE DEATH.

Skill 2, Meteoric Sword

After a short period of charging, Argus strikes enemies with his demonic blade, dealing 450 (+130% Total Physical Power) points of Physical Damage and slowing them for 80%. Lasts 0.8s. The demonic blade curses the injured enemy for 5s. Enemy under curse leaves a curse trail that grants Argus extra Movement Speed while he is moving on it.

This skill is can deal lot’s of damage in the early game, in fact it is your damage at that stage, it’s damage is enough to chunk at least 20% – 30% of most heroes at that stage. The curse trail is a good utility to help you chase but blink skills allow them to not leave the trail making it less useful in those situations but if they don’t have proper dash you can chase them easily with this skill when they run. This utility is the only reason you would continue to use this skill if not for it’s help on chase it’s damage falloff(due to animation not getting faster) compared to basic attacks.

Ult, Eternal Evil

Argus transforms into a fallen angel, clearing all his debuffs. Meanwhile, he recharges his blade once and becomes immune to death for 5s. The time he’s controlled is decreased by 25%. 100% of the damage dealt during the skill’s duration will be converted to Argus’s HP after the skill ends.

Now the big iconic ult. First thing to remember it’s a cleanse when you press it meaning you can cleanse out of stuns and etc.(franco and kaja ult’s is not cleansed). then Damage Dealt counts for everything except shield so tower outer shield( the yellow thing) is not counted, However, damge to minions, lord and towers counts. So you can actually do this strat: go tower range before minions get low activate ult and destroy tower with you 1.4x multiplier to attack speed while healing you back to full.

Now let’s talk his so called problematic early game

Tbh, Argus can have a strong laning phase. First skill u usually make s2 for the early damage You can honestly just s1 then s2 then run without any punishment since then stun is enough to get you to safety and enemies usually gets scared because u just chunk 30% of their health, thus they retreat and don’t think about punishing you. Of course this only works in a 1v1 lane. If you are lane in a 2v1 or 2v2 lane, i actually suggest getting s1 first because of the stun. So you can target an enemy with a cc chain and get a early kill or force them out. if your in 1v2 lane just hug tower since you will lose lane.

This changes when you hit level 4 as that provides safety insurance to try to end the enemy when they didn’t expect it and allow you to walk out safely.

Like Selena, you can also roam aorund the map using s1 to stun and gank an enemy with s2 dmg making it easier for your allies to kill them. so again I repeat imagine s1 as Selena’s kit ( with nerfed damage duration and range, no ward but more speed)


Tower eater: This style is basically Masha. Split push abuse your attack speed and win.

Assassin: Your s1 is perfect for flanking and ambushing and your damage with a few items is enough to shred squishies so be a assassin you don’t even need your other skills for this.


I highly suggest the assassin emblems take movement speed and pen and usually the 2nd or third for the talent( 1st works better on low elo, falls of as you rank up due to people knowing what to do) other emblem may work but i do not think it as effective as assassin.


I suggest DHS –> best item; anti tank, lifesteal and AS

Boots tbh I like either magic boots(for cd) or the more general swift boots for more damage. i usually get rush boots first so i can guarantee my escape after my “trade”

Then follow up with crit (bersek is must for the dmg increase) then scarlet phantom for both crit and AS then i follow up with Corrosion Scythe(HUGE AS boost and it’s passive helps you to deal with thier kite easier so i highly put this on a must item. finally you have a flexible spot. you can take Windtalker Malefic roar, Blade of Despair or even Sea Halbert if you need it.

And there we go the end of this guide to playing argus of course’s eventhough it’s long it’s not perfect. so feedback is appreciated.

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