Mobile Legends A Mythical Glory’s soloQ guide for Epic/Legend By: DarthJetto


Hello all. Firstly, I’d like to give some context. My main account is MG 900+ points, 2 smurfs are at 600+ points. My latest experiment is a majority soloQ account which I just created a week ago to rank from Warrior->Mythic. With the conclusion of that, let me share the journey and hopefully, help some people who are stuck in epic/legend to rank up (I assume Mythics already know these tips, but continue to read if you think it might be helpful).

So the disadvantages this account has are obvious. A lack of hero pool. My only heroes are: Balmond, Miya, Layla, Saber, Zilong, Eudora, Tigreal, Cecilion (my main), Lunox (2nd main) and Alice. There were days where I had starlight trial and could use other heroes like Pharsa and Chang’E, but majority of my games were with Cecilion anyway. Another disadvantage is my lack of emblems. Of course, another disadvantage is a lack of hero mmr (which for some reason, epics and legends prefer to see instead of WR, which is utterly stupid in low ELO. High mmr should be used in high ELO).

So ranking up from Elite (I skipped the warrior rank because of 100% WR) to Epic was easily achieved. I only lost 1 game during that span. Nothing much to say. Anyone should be able to bring themselves out of GM. Epic is where it starts to get interesting.

So Epic and Legend is a shitfest of AFKs, Trolls, Downright Nubs and Toxicity. I myself, had a ton, and I mean a ton of these people. My 94% WR dropped to 89% over a few games because of these people. However, there are some things you can do, that even with a team of these people, you can still carry yourself to a victory.

Firstly is the ban/pick. In epic/legend, a lot of mythic priority picks are left open. I’ve seen many matches where Brody, Natalia, Barats, Lunox, Uranus, Jawhead, Hilda are all left open. Capitalize on that and learn those heroes. I for one, only had Lunox in that list and I’d use her whenever the enemy took Uranus or Esme. It’s for this reason, I try to convince my pubs not to ban those 2 (although it almost never works, but one can try). Picking the right heroes are also very important. If your team has a lot of early game, take a late game hero. If your team has a lot of late game, an early game hero might be a good choice. Also, learn to counterpick. An example is the Lunox vs Esme and Uranus that I gave just now. Another would be Valir against invade compositions. Khufra against blink and dash heroes. Note, I almost always pick Cecilion despite sometimes my team being late game heavy because I am able to get him online and painful really fast. I’m a top 10 global Cecilion and my average stacks at 10 min is around 200+, usually closer to 250. That’s why my “late game” comes in really early as compared to some Cecilions. If you’re not confident in turning a late game into an early/mid game hero, then stick to the classic early game heroes. Epic and Legend Games tend to drag and I mean draaaaaaaag. It’s stupid, because I’m used to games ending by 12 minutes, but yeah, it’s safe to pick late game comps in epic and legend.

Secondly, in Epic and Legend, there is almost always going to be an mm on either side. Idk why, but mms are always a need in lower ranks. In mythic, people don’t always take mms. If you play Midlane, remember to constantly gank the mm. This will help your mm come online faster while hampering the enemy mm’s farm. Remember to counterbuild as well. Don’t forget, mms that do heavy damage late-game are easily countered by items. For example, 1-shot mms are countered by Twilight Armour and Atk Speed mms are countered by dominance ice. I won’t go into detail about counterbuilding and items, because you guys should know it by now if you are serious on ranking up. If there are any clarifications though, don’t hesitate to ask.

Thirdly, Epics and Legends never play objectives. Turrets, Turtles, Lords all take a secondary priority to kills and the jungle. Capitalize on that. It’s a great way to pull ahead or catch up in farm. Remember, ML, like all MOBAs, is an objective game, not a KDA game.

Fourth, this is basically what to do in certain scenarios. A playbook per se, that I personally “developed” and now, sharing with the community.

  1. No Tank – yeah, it’s fucked up, but at least 1/3 games in epic and legend, I have no tank on my team and even if there is, he sucks (doesn’t open map, doesn’t buy mask, can’t protect or make good sets). Disclaimer: Uranus is not a fucking tank. When this scenario happens, I play ultra safe at every point in the game. I will only commit to fights only after I see my team and the enemy has started to clash and the enemy has used up all their dangerous moves, such as Guins ult or Chou’s ult etc. Other than that, I play very passively in this scenario and wait to pounce on the mistakes of my enemies. I also use my teammates as pseudo tanks. I hide in the bush and let my teammate be a bait, to make the enemy expend all their skills and come in to clean up the enemy afterwards and maybe even save my teammate at the same time. It’s important to play very safe when there’s no tank. Just keep that in mind

  2. When enemy has an early advantage/Feeding teammates – many times, you’ll see your team give enemy first blood and all. I’ve experienced that too many times. I’ve had games where my team was 0-10 in 6 min. In this scenario, you must do your absolute best NOT to die. Avoid wars and contesting for objectives that you obviously can’t take. Try your best to keep your farm up with the enemies’ most farmed hero. A comeback is always possible. When your retarded teammates enter a war which they cannot win, split push, take a tower, close the gold gap. In fact, my Legend I -> Mythic Game was exactly this scenario. We made an epic comeback of behind by 25. My KDA was 13 3 19 with 53% hero damage. All my teammates died at least 12 times. That’s how you carry 4 fools to victory. I was the most farmed hero on both sides by 7k gold at the end of the match. I was also the first hero to reach full build. Always remember to not give up and keep your farm up if you want to have any chance of a comeback.

  3. Your team has a smurf, but he uses the same role as you – This can happen. I’m a smurf, I’ve had games where I have people want to take Cecilion or a mage role but that’s the role I, a Mythical Glory smurf, specialize in. Firstly, ensure he’s a smurf, with the WRs to back it up. Most smurfs have a high WR of at least 70%. MG smurfs will have 80+%. My advice is to give the smurf the role. He will obviously perform better with the role than you can because he’s more experienced, more skilled and plays at a higher level. Don’t ego, and just let him take the role. It’s giving a free win.

Other than those scenarios, I will concede soloQ is hard as hell. It sucks, teammates suck, and for some reason, the enemies are rarely as stupid as your own team. But you are the difference maker. You will be the reason why your team prevails in the end. I’ve checked my teammates and enemies after matches and I get paired with 40% WR scrubs while my enemies are at 50+% sometimes even fellow smurfs as myself. These things are out of your control, focus on what you can do. I’ve brought 4 accounts to Mythic and 3 to Mythical Glory this season, and I hope with some of these tips, more of you can enter your desired rank before the season ends in 10 days.

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