Mobile Legends ADVANCED NATALIA GUIDE By: eysacet


Good Against

Basic attack damage heroes, Badang, Sun, Roger, Zilong, 500 stacks Aldous… Hanzo, Ling, Gusion… Hanabi, Layla, Lesley… Gord, Pharsa, Zhask

Best Counter Item

Warrior boots. Nata is shining best in the early game. If you build warrior boots as the first item it will decrease her early game score drastically. I hate Change’s with warrior boots. No need to spend hours to master Natalia, just buy this and you are going to be Okay against her.


Skill 1: Especially mid to late game don’t use this skill just for damage(because it’s damage is lower than basic attack) but instead use 1st phase to reach your enemy and 2nd phase to reach again or run away. Upgrade this because upgrading decreases its cool down(unlike skill 2)

Skill 2: This skill reduces turret damage and helps you and your teammates to dive turrets easily. You can easily get 5 shots from a turret without any problem.

Skill 3: This is also a blink like skill. Use 1st phase to deal damage and reach and save 2nd phase to reach again or run away.


Assassin Emblem with movement speed and penetration(for the last one you can choose anything for your taste) or Support Emblem with movement speed, hybrid regen and pull yourself together.


Execute is a must.

Random Tips

1- Always check opponents items, one unexpected wind of nature of winter truncheon may cause loss.

2- If your team is behind, try to cut the lanes on unexpected locations. Big minion(idk the name) is hard to kill for Nata, just kill the 2 small ones and go to another lane.

3-In the late game try to push the opposite lane of Lord. If 1 or 2 come to defend you this may provide your teammates enough time to kill Lord.

4-If enemy have best counter for you(Saber, Hylos, Rafa…) and your team has enough damage, go support/tank build(Warrior Boots, Thunder Belt, Athena Shield, Dominance Ice, Corrosion Scythe, Sea Halberd)

5-Roam is the best role for Nata. Buy mask.

6-Make use of in game sound effects. Listen to the enemy red buff and kill that 1 lvl Hayabusa on his red.

7-After killing Hayabusa don’t be greedy. If red is low hp, steal; if not, prepare yourself to roam or kill Haya again.

8-Always pay attention to the map to secure low hp enemies.

9- Use “aggressive bush route”. If you’re playing in the bottom lane “if possible” use the left grass to be invisible again instead of the right one. This may provide you a few crucial extra seconds when you’re gonna gang left side of the map.

– I wanna make a video tutorial too, your comments and tips are gonna be well appreciated.

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