Mobile Legends Adventure – Wednesday Guild Boss Guide


Hello, everyone and welcome to my channel so in this video. Let’S talk about wednesday, boss rush and mobile legends adventure, so basically, in today’s boss, you need like three roles: the first one is a tanker. The second one is your powerhouse or your source of damage, and the third one is support role, so yeah, let’s just get into it, so for the first role is your tank and in today’s boss, all you need for a tanker is karina. You have to remember to max out her agility points so, which is why i gave her the Staff of Aurora for 10 points of agility and then the first two equipments doesn’t really matter.

It increases her damage, but the most important thing is the second um. No, i mean the third and the fourth equipment. These two gave like 86 agility in total, so yeah. What this means is that she will keep casting her elusiveness state to negate all basic attacks and tanking all the boss’ attacks until the boss rush time is out. The time is over, so this is what it would look like if you maxed out her agility points and using her as a tank. As you can see, she would only take like the first two or three attacks from the boss and then once she gets her elusiveness state, that’s it she can carry the whole boss into the time limit. It’S endless. Her elusiveness state is so OP that you can almost apply this to other boss raids and maybe even calamity befall event. I’Ve tried this before so yeah. The first hero is karina.

You have to max out her agility, or at least to the point where she can’t be attacked and then the second hero is your damage. Your powerhouse, the main damage source mine, is happen to be kagura. Some other people use like Karrie. If you have Karrie so yeah, as you can see, karina keeps tanking all the damage, while kagura is casting her ult building all the score, all the damage so yeah. Basically, this is the main strategy of how you handle this today’s boss raid and then the third role you’ll need is support role. This could be anyone starting from Angela to boost your damaging hero to buff them or maybe like to debuff the enemy, to reduce their defense or maybe just to cancel out their shield heroes with so much hit counts like Badang or maybe Gusion. So in this example, i used my Angela.

This would angela, with the level 20 yea, the second tier of her soul. Vessel increases Kagura’s damage, so this is my lineup for today’s boss. I deployed Karina as my tanker Kagura as my main damage dealer, and then i have Angela as my support to buff Kagura’s damage, and then I have Gusion as the secondary damage dealer and also as a support since in his ultimate state he could cancel the boss’ Shield and then the last one is Karrie, which is also a secondary damage dealer and support as well in her ultimate state. Her hit count increases as you can see, Karina tanks all the damage, while the others keep attacking building scores.

Oh and you have to remember that, if you use this line up, you have to nerve your other heroes in order for Angela’s passive to work properly, and in this case i have to nerf Gusion. As you can see, i left out one of his equipment so that Angela’s passive could go into Kagura since she’s my main damage dealer so yea, that’s it Karina, keeps tanking all the damage and also you can cast her ult as long as you don’t miss the Timing, because if you lose the timing, you might lose the elusiveness state and that’s crucial now it reaches to a hundred almost a hundred and fifty million damage, so I guess this’ll be like 200 and more maybe more yea, 200 million. If you looks closely the more damage the boss takes the more agility they have, this means they will attack faster and faster, but Karina’s elusiveness is endless right before it ends. She cast it again. How much was it? Let’S see? 290, no, no 296 million, so yeah. I guess that’s, it see ya.

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