Mobile Legends Alice Guide By: AzrenLee


Alice is… quite a different hero. Her role is mage/tank, though she is not really good in the mid lane as with other mages, and does not fit well as a tank (roamer) either. I said she is quite different because she excels in extended teamfights, but kind of doesn’t excel in it. Confusing, right? I’m gonna talk about that later.


  • Can carry the team

  • Extremely tanky late game

  • Has sustain

  • Can dive into the backlines (where the threat/s usually is/are)

  • Can kite melee heroes

  • Can set up for “fake flowing blood”, just like Luo Yi’s “fake diversion”

  • Has a blink skill, which can come in handy for initiating/escaping

  • One of the best heroes to do “winter truncheon plays”


  • Needs a lot of time to farm (gold and blood orbs)

  • Can be baited easily, because she needs to go near enemies in a fight

  • Extremely high mana usage

  • Can be slightly countered with anti-regen such as sea halberd, necklace of durance and Baxia

  • Weak against most matchups in the laning phase

Recommended spells:

  1. Flicker – The go-to spell for Alice. Flicker is extremely handy for both escaping and chasing.

  2. Aegis – Great for low-level accounts. Aegis is good because her passive once at 25 stacks increases shield/regen effects by 15%, half of the item Oracle.

  3. Purify – Extremely situational. I do not recommend it if the CC is from Selena/Chou, as long as you can manage to activate her ultimate before the CC comes, which usually outdamages the two. You can use purify if the enemy has heroes like Vale, but then again there’s Athena’s Shield/Oracle/Winter Truncheon for them, right?

  4. Sprint – Alice should always close the gaps in fights, and sprint can help with that. But still, flicker is better (at least for me).

  5. Vengeance – This spell is really tricky, but can be used especially in situations like 1v5 wherein the enemies burst you down.

(Yeah that’s a ranking)


I do not want to be specific with the build, I’ll just give two build paths with core items, and “filler” items. I’d also briefly show the pros and cons of each path

Path 1:

Core items: Clock of DestinyDemon ShoesEnchanted TalismanWinter Truncheon

As you can see, there are two more slots for items. Here’s a list to choose from:

  • Holy Crystal + Blood Wings – My go-to items. These two provide extreme magic power and additional HP. Not recommended if enemies line-up have Karrie**/**Lunox.

  • Holy Crystal + Ice Queen Wand – These items are great because it provides high magic power and Ice Queen Wand is effective so that you can continuously deal damage without the enemies running away from the range of your ultimate.

  • Lightning Truncheon + Defensive item – This build is situational. If the enemies’ line-up has squishy heroes that deal huge amounts of DPS (like Layla), this is the build for you. Lightning truncheon provides huge burst damage on a short fight, and also gives poke which usually forces squishy heroes to retreat. You need a defensive item because in the late game, these squishy heroes can usually outdamage you.

  • Glowing Wand + Cursed Helmet – This is also situational. You should only build this if the enemies’ line-up are trying to use sustain/tanky heroes like Uranus, Ruby, Esmeralda, etc. You can also use Necklace of Durance instead, though I usually leave that to the mid laner. You are also free to use any defensive item other than the Cursed Helmet depending on the situation.

  • Double Defensive Item – Situational.

  • Defensive items Include:

  1. Immortality – A great item for Alice because she can heal herself after resurrecting. It also restores her to full mana which can be a key for clutch plays.

  2. Cursed Helmet – My personal favorite defensive item. When the enemy has only one magic damage dealer, I’d go for this instead of Oracle/Athena’s Shield. Cursed Helmet is good for Alice because it’s in the nature of the gameplay of Alice to close gaps, which allows her to deal the extra damage from Cursed Helmet. Also, Alice is tanky with her kit, usually allowing 100-200 extra DPS with this item.

  3. Athena’s Shield – Extremely situational. That’s all.

  4. Oracle – It’s kind of bottom in the list, which is kind of controversial, so let me explain. Using path 1, you get +20% CDR from Enchanted Talisman, +10% CDR from her passive and some more depending on the emblem. Oracle provides +10% CDR, which would be wasted especially if you use it with Lightning Truncheon/if you take the purple buff. Also, unless the enemy has Baxia, I don’t think you should go for Oracle and rather go for burst instead and kill the hero/es with Durance/Halberd.

  5. Dominance Ice – I really love this item because before I opt for this instead of Ice Queen Wand. I use this with Lightning Truncheon because it provides mana which increases Lightning Truncheon’s unique passive. However, once I learned that this provides +10% CDR, I felt like there are too many stats wasted, as this item does not even provide extra HP. Still great for its unique passive though.

  6. Brute Force Breastplate – Not really a fan of this item because her skills are not totally spammable and she has slow attack speed. I see pro players use this though so…

  7. Twilight Armor – Best paired with Lightning Truncheon, though this item is extremely situational.

(You can definitely mix-match these items, as long as the core items aren’t affected)

Path 1 is the go-to build path for solo players (like me) or if your jungler is purple-buff dependent (Like Ling, Fanny, Harith, etc). You would have enough mana most of the time because of enchanted talisman. If you got the chance to take the purple buff (by invading or if your jungler wanted you to take the buff), you would not run out of mana on the duration of the purple buff, even if you keep the ultimate on. The cons of this build path is that with the wrong items, you would be wasting too many CDR stats, and also the enchanted talisman provides very little in terms of damage.

Path 2:

Core items: Clock of DestinyDemon ShoesCalamity ReaperWinter Truncheon

Even though the change is only the enchanted talisman being replaced by the calamity reaper, it still has very different gameplay. The items I recommend for the remaining slots are:

  • Holy Crystal + Blood Wings – This item combo suits path 2 more because these two can dramatically increase the true damage from calamity reaper. I don’t use this often, but I’d say this is the general build.

  • Lightning Truncheon + Ice Queen Wand – Now that there are no more “CDR wasted” issues, Lightning truncheon comes to the top of the list. The Clock of Destiny, Calamity Reaper and Ice Queen Wand all provide extra mana for Lightning Truncheon burst. You can also replace Ice Queen Wand with Dominance Ice/Twilight Armor

  • Glowing Wand + Genius Wand – Situational. Great if the enemies have tanky heroes.

  • Dominance Ice + Ice Queen Wand – Kind of experimental. Extreme slow but sort of low on damage.

You can still use the defensive items provided on the previous list, but with the addition of Thunder Belt. It’s kind of great as it procs along with calamity reaper, and it can slow enemies.

The pros of this path build is that it provides extreme burst. However, you need to always have the purple buff mid to late game. And this is what I said from the start, wherein she benefits from extended fights because of her sustain but if the purple buff runs out, you would catch yourself running out of mana and be forced to recall. Path 2 is only recommended for 5-man teams.

Recommended Emblems:

  1. Mage Emblem: Mystery Shop – Go-to emblem. Can help you reach your power spike faster.

  2. Mage Emblem: Impure Rage – Great especially if you are using the build path 2.

  3. Support Emblem: Pull Yourself Together – Good emblem as it allows you to use flicker/sprint more often, and also shortens your resurrection time so you’ll have more time to farm her stacks on passive.

  4. Tank Emblem: Concussive Blast – Great emblem for providing extra damage, though Alice doesn’t usually need it.

  5. Tank Emblem: Tenacity – Increases survivability. That’s it.

  6. Magical Emblem: Energy Absorption – Kind of okay if you are using path 2 but still, the stats provided by the magical emblem is inferior to the mage emblem.

You can spend the points anywhere, but try to avoid putting it in CDR. Also, if possible, prioritize Movement speed in the emblem/s.


(This is for Gold lane Alice, the most common archetype)

Early Game:

  • Play passive. Alice is weak against most matchups so avoid trades especially if you don’t have your ultimate yet.

  • If the enemy is trying to delay you by not killing the minions, use your first skill to last hit the minions. You will gain full exp and gold if you succeed, don’t be too greedy to try to pick up the blood orbs yet.

  • Always use your first skill to scout the bush. Alice in the early game is susceptible to ganks.

  • If the enemy is trying to take the gold crab, do NOT contest it. You can try to steal it with your first skill though.

  • Depending on the matchup, you can try to solo kill/outplay your rival in the lane once you get your ultimate. Take advantage of the extra heal provided by the minions and the extra mana provided by blood orbs when doing so.

Mid Game:

  • Always rotate and reach 50 stacks on your passive ASAP.

  • Do not initiate battles yet. Alice in the mid game can still be bursted easily.

  • Try to use your first skill or your allies to scout the enemy’s purple buff. Try to steal it if possible.

  • Cut lanes before joining teamfights. Pressuring lanes can lead to a 5v4 teamfight in your advantage. Also useful for extra stacks on your passive.

Late game:

Tips and tricks:

  • When escaping, use your first skill in the opposite direction. If the enemy chases you, teleport to the flowing blood, and if the enemy chases the flowing blood, keep running. You can use her second skill in case the enemy gets too near.

  • Winter truncheon plays. Alice keeps using her ultimate even in the “suppressed” state and can turn the tide of battle. Also allows you to towerdive an enemy.

  • Fake flowing blood. You can use this as a “counter bait” because in case they were trying to bait you, they would probably preemptively cast their skills on the flowing blood, wasting resources.

  • A very dangerous trick to play but still gonna share it. When minions are about to spawn, enter the enemy base with flowing blood then kill minions which allows you to gain up to 6 blood orbs. Make sure there are no enemies who just recalled/respawned.

  • Always cast her ultimate first before teleporting with her first skill.

Best Teammates:

  1. Ling – Ling with Alice can easily destroy the enemy formation/kill the backlines. Any other assassins can pair well with Alice as well

  2. Tigreal – Chain CC’s just gives Alice more time to deal damage. Alice can also follow up with her immobilize after Tigreal’s chain CC. Any other “setter tanks” will do, such as Atlas.

Countering Alice:

Alice is a very annoying hero especially if you are playing a hero without mobility. Here is a list of heroes/item combinations to counter her:

  1. Karrie – As an Alice user, I really hate it whenever the opposition picks this hero. Karrie can easily drain Alice’s HP with her passive, and Karrie can avoid Alice’s burstdown with her mobility and defensive items, which most Karrie users do.

  2. Lunox – Chaos assault chaos assault chaos assault chaos assault chaos assault chaos assault chaos assault chaos assault chaos assault chaos assault.

  3. Wanwan – High mobility, range and DHS ughhhh. Luckily I have winter truncheon for her ult 🙂

  4. Claude – Same as Wanwan

  5. Valir – if his passive burn + glowing wand isn’t enough, just remember that Valir can knockback Alice so that she can’t reach targets with her ult. Almost forgot to mention his fireball slow + Ice Queen Wand just is near to a stun geez. In highrank, of course Valir users build necklace of durance against Alice, make me hate ’em more 🙂

  6. Anyone with dhs + sea halberd.

  7. Chang’e – Not really a hard counter to Alice but her ultra slow plus ult burst down is usually enough to shut down Alice.

The not so important information section:

  1. Mid Lane Alice:

  • Not really recommended but in case your team does not adjust (especially in solo rank), you can pull this off.

  • A Mid Lane Alice is still a carry Alice. Clear the minion wave as fast as possible, then rotate to other lanes to also gain some blood orbs there.

  • Avoid teamfights. Alice is extremely weak early game.

  • Always remember that Alice is terrible at taking objectives like the turtle. What you can do to help is to pressure lanes.

  • Just farm and defend the turrets until you have enough items.

  1. Trivia:

  • Alice can have up to 200 stacks on her passive, which grants a total of +2000 HP.

  • Alice can’t turn off/turn on her ult during suppression, so be sure to activate it before using winter truncheon/before being suppressed.

I hope I forgot nothing. You can ask me in the comments though.