Mobile Legends An Average Luo Yi Guide By: dombeeeee


Hi there! I’m an average solo queue player who mains Luo Yi with a ~55% WR. I do not claim to be the definitive guide to playing her. This is just solely based on my experience as a soloq mage/support player, who uses her quite a bit.

I first fell in love using this hero when I encountered a godly Luo Yi player who carried the enemy team we were up against. Upon researching about her, I was drawn to her interesting skill mechanics. To first-timers, she is definitely not as hard as Fanny, Kagura, and Gusion to learn, but as with anything new, it would take some time before you get used to her skills and gameplay.

Anyway, feel free to comment and build upon this guide! Perhaps there are other Luo Yi mains out there who have more experience and tips. After all, this subreddit is meant to build community.

Brief Information

Main Role: Mage/Support (midlaner)

Choose Luo Yi as your midlaner if your team…

  • Lacks CC skills for team fights (more on that later)

  • Has a good setter/tank to initiate team fights

  • Already has other heroes with decent wave clear

  • Needs some early-mid game damage to disrupt enemy farm

  • Is going up a melee-dominated enemy team

Pros and Cons


  • Early game power spike (Level 2), and is a reliable source of damage and CC all game

  • Shines in team fights

  • Disrupts enemy combos and movements (when passive is triggered)

  • Can easily move across the map (upon unlocking at least tier 2 of Ultimate)

  • Also fun to use in Brawl (xD)


  • Generally squishy

  • Needs to proc passive in order to deal significant damage and disruption

  • Subpar wave clear abilities, and low mobility


Luo Yi is easily countered by very mobile heroes (ex: Lancelot, Haya, Gusion, Wanwan), and those who have high burst and CC skills (ex: Eudora, Kadita). Having an enemy Natalia (and even Helcurt, especially for beginners) can be problematic. Hence, it would be best to rotate/gank with your tank, and to stay close to the turrets esp when you can’t see your enemies on the map.

Skill Analysis (Credits to for the skill descriptions)

Passive: Duality

Luo Yi’s skills will generate opposite marks of Yin and Yang, each lasting up to 6 seconds.

Yin-Yang Reaction: Whenever two mark bearers of Yin and Yang come close to each other, they are pulled towards each other, stunned for 1 second and dealt with 450 (+15 per level) (+180% Magic Power) Magic Damage. Additionally, Luo Yi gains 300 (+10 per level) (+150% Magic Power) Shield, stacking up to 3 times and 30% of movement speed decaying rapidly within 2 seconds whenever she changes the marks of enemy heroes.

Tip: This is Luo Yi’s main source of damage and CC, and is one of the reasons which makes her fun to play. It is crucial that you are able to proc this as often as possible.

S1: Dispersion

Luo Yi casts the energy of Yin in a designated direction, dispersing upon the first hit, dealing 230 / 270 / 310 / 350 / 390 / 430 (+100% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to the target and enemies behind in a fan-shaped area, and applying Yin to enemy heroes. Luo Yi gains a stack of Dispersion every 8 / 7.7 / 7.4 / 7.1 / 6.8 / 6.5 seconds, up to 4 stacks. Luo Yi gains 1 Dispersion Stack each time Yin-Yang Reaction happens. Upon usage the skill’s mark will shift to Yang. (and vice versa)

Tip: Practice aiming your S1 manually. You can also take advantage of enemy minions so that you can easily leave a mark on the enemy heroes.

Also, when being harassed by several enemies at level 1, you can counter-harass by putting different-colored marks into different heroes, which can proc the passive when they go near each other. Do this only to poke, but not to fully engage.

S2: Rotation

Luo Yi summons the Aqua of Yin in a designated area, dealing 200 / 216 / 232 / 248 / 264 / 280 (+40% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage on targets hit and slowing them by 60% for 0.5 seconds. The Aqua of Yin lasts for 6 seconds, dealing 50 / 54 / 58 / 62 / 66 / 70 (+10% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage in 7 ticks every 0.7 seconds for a total damage over time of 350 / 378 / 406 / 434 / 462 / 490 (+70% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and a total maximum damage of 600 / 648 / 696 / 744 / 792 / 840 (+120% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage. Upon usage the skill’s mark will shift to the Fire of Yang. (and vice versa)

Don’t waste this to clear minion waves, unless you’re absolutely sure that a team fight will not happen soon (given its longer CD). Practice aiming this skill manually also, knowing that when passive is triggered by S1 and S2, the enemy will be drawn to the center of S2’s circle.

S3: Diversion

Passive: Grants Luo Yi 6% / 8% / 10% cooldown reduction (additive, counts toward max cooldown) on all her skills.

Active: Luo Yi creates a teleporting circle around herself. After 3 seconds, all allied heroes within the circle are teleported to a designated location within 18 / 23 / 28 Range.

Tip: While the active part of the skill becomes more useful once you reach level 8 (because of the wider range), make sure to level this up as early as level 4 to get the additional cooldown reduction (helps to get S1 faster to max stacks). This skill can be used to move around the map more quickly, to set up surprise attacks/ganks, and to escape unfavorable situations. Use your ult in a bush and target it also in another bush for that perfect ambush! (lol) Of course, you can still be heard.

Note: In upgrading your skills, prioritize maxing S1 first, then S2, then S3 whenever possible. Before engaging, make sure S1 and S2 are of different colors!


1st item: CD Boots (helps in ensuring you have enough stacks for S1, and lowers CD on S2); alternatively, you can also go for Pen Boots for additional damage.

2nd item: Enchanted Talisman. A core item for Luo Yi as it provides Mana and CD Reduction.

3rd -5th items (order of buying explained below):

  • Holy Crystal for burst damage (highly recommended)

  • Glowing Wand for better wave clear and additional damage in teamfights; syncs well with Luo Yi’s passive (highly recommended)

  • Necklace of Durance for anti-heal and regen, sustain (with lifesteal) and provides additional CD reduction (situational, but given the current sustain and support meta I strongly suggest making this part of your core items)

6th item (playstyle and enemy team-dependent):

  • Winter Truncheon (to escape tricky situations, can be used in conjunction with Ult to escape)

  • Divine Glaive (build late game, when you have enemies who already have magic def items like Athena’s Shield)

  • Genius Wand (useful to build if you have several magic damage dealers, or if your core/jungler is a magic damage dealer. Examples would be Harley and Gusion for core, and Guin and Silv for offlane)

  • Immortality (for late game survivability)

  • Ice Queen Wand (slow may work in certain situations, and the additional lifesteal is also good; but irl I rarely see this being used as more opt for a full burst build)

My typical build is CD Boots – Enchanted Talisman – Holy Crystal – Necklace of Durance – Glowing Wand – WT/Immortality.

Build sequence: Begin by buying a mana necklace, then basic boots, then build Enchanted Talisman. Afterwards, build your boots. The next item depends on your enemy composition:

  • A lot of regen/heal heroes? Prioritize Necklace of Durance.

  • Need additional burst damage? Prioritize Holy Crystal.

  • Need to clear waves faster? Prioritize Glowing Wand.

Emblem and Battle spell

For Emblem, it is recommended to use the Mage Emblem with points in Movement Speed and Magic Penetration. For talent, any of the 3 can be used, depending on your playstyle:

  • Mystery Shop: if you want to farm items faster; ideal for beginners and those with low level Mage emblem

  • Magic Worship: works well whenever Luo Yi’s passive is triggered, and can be used in tandem with Glowing Wand (I use this most of the time)

  • Impure Rage: for better mana management and additional magic damage from skills (pros would recommend this)

For Battle Spell, you have 3 choices:

  • Flicker: Useful for going in/out of teamfights, or when chasing/being chased. Since Luo Yi has low mobility, this is a great spell to work with.

  • Purify: Useful against CC heavy enemy team compositions.

  • Flameshot: Can be used offensively (finish off enemies/push them towards your turret, teammates, or back inside your S2 Circle) or defensively (pushing away enemies chasing you)


Luo Yi usually takes the mid lane because it gives her better options in terms of where to rotate (given that she is usually played as a Mage/Support).

  1. Again, before coming to any team fight, make sure your S1 and S2 are of different colors! It is also helpful if you have full stacks of S1.

  2. If your core does not need the Lithowanderer, try to take it whenever you can. It helps you rotate faster to other lanes (due to movement speed along the river), and grants the mana regen which is crucial for early game.

  3. Make sure you reach Level 2 first before you begin to harass enemies (and make sure you have backup with you, or have a way to escape!). Also, since she can be prone to ganks, make sure to check map constantly should you wish to contest buffs, or engage in a 1v1.

  4. Position yourself always behind the tank/with your other teammates (just like any good mage player lol)

  5. In 1v1 situations, keep within the circle of your Skill 2, so that you can proc her passive while engaging the enemy (easier to do for melee than ranged heroes)

  6. Spamming S1 while escaping can help because of the shield and the additional movement speed.

  7. Wave clear is not your strength, so unless you are farming, spend more time to gank/rotate with the tank.

Team Compatibility

Luo Yi, as mentioned earlier, shines in team fights, and so she works best in a teamfight-oriented composition. Having a good tank setter that can ensure all your enemies can be zoned/confined in one small area would be great (Tigreal, Atlas, and even Ruby immediately come to mind).

Also, if your enemy team composition would need to cluster together (ex: Estes support with core), Luo Yi would be a good counter.

So that’s all I have for you! Hope this helps. For those who have made it this far, thank you! Really appreciate you spending some time to read the guide. Take care, and stay safe!

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