Mobile Legends Bane-Faramis-Selena Strategy Guide By: allives1028


Bane’s damage to turrets is huge as in very significant and is a big difference compared to the other heroes. He can destroy even the enemy’s base very quick. That is why this strategy was formed.

To summarize, Bane will destroy turrets, Faramis’ ultimate skill will be there to revive him as many times as possible, Selena’s Abyssal Trap will help Bane and Faramis to teleport to the trap’s location by using the Arrival Spell.

Who to team up with the Bane-Faramis-Selena?

The first one is jungler and the other is a sidelaner. Bane will handle the other sidelane along with Faramis as Roamer. Selena will be the midlaner.



Take Jungle Emblem Mage Killer Talent to increase turret damage. Put 3 points in Attack Speed too.

Spell will be Arrival. Items will include Swift Boots for attack speed, Malefic Roar of course for more turret damage, Blade of Despair for maximum physical attack stat boost, then the remaining slot can be other items useful like if you want to build Winter Truncheon too then do it!


Use Support Emblem Pull Yourself Together Talent. Spell will also be Arrival. Items is just a normal build but make sure to rush max CDR already. 10% from emblem and 30% from Enchanted Talisman and Magic Shoes.


Selena also needs to use Support Emblem Pull Yourself Together Talent with Arrival Spell. She is also needed to be revived quicker and can help in turret push too.

The other two can just prepare normally.


Bane and Faramis should be in the same lane. Clear minions and push turrets. Don’t be afraid to die because taking the gold from the turret’s shield is worth it. They will also get lesser gold and exp from killing you in the long term. Selena and the rest will play normally.

Once reaching level 4, Faramis can use ult to revive himself and his allies especially Bane to push turrets fast. Bane can also use ultimate skill to deal damage to turrets.

Faramis can help by using skill 1 and skill 2 to zone enemies away so that Bane can push turrets without much interruption.

Selena’s Abyssal Trap near the enemy base is also needed to try to sneak in and push the base immediately if the enemies are unaware.