Waddup, humans? Kurumi here! And welcome to the Mobile Legends Boot Camp! In this video, we are going to talk about the tank-fighter hero, Barats. Barats has a good set of durability, area-of-effect, and crowd-control skills. Our Dino Rider, Barats, is a tank-fighter hero. I consider Barats as an extremely durable hero since he gains additional defense with his passive skill. Not only that, his ultimate skill can devour the target and spit him out like an unwanted piece of cake. Now, let me share some tips and tricks on how to use Barats based on my experience. We will also teach you some combos and techniques on the latter part of this boot camp.

But before that, let me explain his skills one by one for further understanding. Barats’s passive, Big Guy, lets Detona grow bigger and bigger physically. Before we proceed, let me introduce you to Detona, the Dinosaur. Each time Barats and Detona deal damage to a target with his skills, Detona gains 1 stack of Big Guy for a short period. The stacks is capped at 25. For each stack of Big Guy, Detona gains increased body size, a certain amount of Physical and Magic Defense, and Resilience. Resilience reduces the amount of time you are crowd-controlled.

When Big Buy stacks reaches 16, Detona will trample the target with his basic attack, dealing additional Physical Damage to enemies within a round area and reduce their movement speed as well. Barats’s first skill, So-Called Teamwork, lets Detona spits contaminated oil in the fan-shaped area in front. Enemies hit will receive Physical Damage and will have their movement speed reduced. Then Barats drops a firecracker onto the contaminated area. Enemies within the area will receive another Physical Damage. The area-of-effect of this skill increases depending the amount of stacks of Big Guy you have. Barats’s second skill, Missile Expert, lets Barats push enemies towards him. Barats launches two missiles to the designated area. Upon landing, a blast of flame spouts out from the rear of the missile. This deals Physical Damage to the enemies in a straight line and pushing them toward Barats for a short distance.

Barats’s ultimate skill, Detona’s Welcome, lets Detona devour a target for a certain period. Detona locks onto an enemy hero and if that target doesn’t leave Detona’s hunting range within the next few moments, Detona will devour the target and suppressing the same target for a short while. During the devouring, Barats is immune to crowd-control effects and is unable to move. Although, he can turn his body towards a direction. Then after the duration, Detona spits the target devoured and will deal Physical Damage. If the target hits a wall or enemy heroes because of the spitting, the target and the enemies it hit will receive Physical Damage and will be stunned for a short while. When Big Guy stacks reaches certain amount, the damage of this skill is increased. By learning this skill, Detona gains stacks of Big Guy immediately after each respawn depending on this skill’s level. There are so many items that you can buy for Barats. You can focus on items that grants Physical and Magic Defense, Cool Down Reduction, Health Points, and items that grants additional damage.

You can consider the “Baratank” build if you prefer to be more of a durable hero. You can also consider the “Tongue Action” build if you prefer to be an offensive fighter. But let’s talk about the Kurumi Way further. As for starting item, you can consider buying Roaming items if you prefer to be a roaming-support hero. This will let you not gain experience and gold from minions and monsters when a teammate is nearby. With this, you can let the teammates nearby you gain all the gold and experience for theirselves. For your kicks, you can consider Tough Boots. This item grants you additional Magic Defense and movement speed. Its unique passive reduces the time your hero gets crowd-controlled by a certain percentage. Buying defense items such as Thunder Belt, grants health points, mana regen, cooldown reduction, and Physical Defense.

Its unique passive buffs the next basic attack after using a skill. The next basic attack will deal bonus attack damage, equivalent to a percentage of the your hero’s max health. The enemy target and surrounding units are slowed for a short period. Buying attack items such as Bloodlust Axe, will let you sustain your health in team fights. This item grants Physical Attack and Cool Down reduction. Its unique passive grants spell vamp. Spell vamp regenerates health points from damage dealt by skills. You also might wanna consider Immortality. This grants you Physical Defense and Health Points. Its unique passive lets you resurrect after a few seconds upon death. This resurrects you and give you a percentage of health points and a shield that lasts for a few seconds. This item has a really long cool down. You might want to consider Queen’s Wings. This item grants Physical Damage, Health points, and cool down reduction. Its unique passive reduces damage by a certain percentage when your health is less than a certain percentage. It also increases your Physical Lifesteal by a certain percentage.

This lasts for a few seconds. Lastly, you might want to consider Antique Cuirass. This grants you health points, physical defense, and health points regeneration. Its unique passive reduces the Physical Attack of the enemies attacking you by a percentage. The effect lasts for a few seconds and the effect stacks up to 3 times. The item build for Barats really depends on the enemy’s line up. So make sure to read each item’s description so you can adapt in-game.

One of the best spells to be used on Barats is Flicker. You can use it to escape danger, even death. You can also use this skill while you are casting your ultimate skill to chase after the target trying to escape. You can also consider Petrify. You can use petrify to deal magic damage to enemies around you and petrifies them for a few moments. This can really help you attack enemies peacefully while they are petrified, and let them to be be devoured by your ultimate skill without them further struggling. In my opinion, the best emblem set to be used is the Custom Tank Emblem set. Custom Tank Emblem could provide extra stats according to your needs as a Tank. Set Firmness to its Max level because it can give you additional Physical Defense.

Higher Physical Defense means higher durability for you as a tank. Setting Fortress to max level will provide additional Physical Defense percentage. Higher Physical Defense means more bonus Physical Defense you. Get Tenacity to gain additional Physical and Magic Defense. This is triggered when your health drops below 40%. For me, it’s the best thing to get since you are a tank hero. Being a tank means you need to absorb damage for your team mates inside team fights. So, you need more defense to be able to stand your ground. But in case you focus on a full-tank item build set, we suggest you to get the Custom Fighter Emblem set. This will grant you Physical Attack, Physical Penetration, and Spell Vamp which can regenerate your health everytime you deal skill damage to enemies.

Set first skill to max level first. Prioritizing this makes the base damage of this skill higher and the cooldown lower. That means, you can deal more explosive and slow the enemies more. Prioritize Second skill less since your First skill is what you need to deal more damage to enemies. Always upgrade ultimate skill when available for upgrading. Barats’s passive skill is what you need to be more durable and offensive at the same time.

Every time your skills deal damage to enemies, you gain stacks for your Passive skill. Each stack grants you additional defense and makes you bigger. Not only that, your basic attack will deal more damage, and will Trample all nearby targets which will also slow them down. The stacks of your passive lasts long enough for you to cast it on another target. Here, after gaining stacks from minions, I am able to continue gaining from the jungle monster with our 1st skill. Gaining enough stacks will make your basic attacks trample targets nearby your initial target. The Trampling can also help you clear out lane easily. The slowing effects from the Trample will also help you and your teammates chase the target further.

Having lots of stacks will also make you durable and bigger because of the added defense stats. So this will make you survive team fights further. Well, almost. So if you are against Barats, always remember that he is the more durable when he is bigger. Lastly, a part of the additional damage of the Trample is also applied to turrets. Barats’s first skill is what you need to slow down enemies. Casting this skill will have Detona spill contaminated oil in the target area which slows down enemies hit. After a few while of spitting oil to the ground, Barats will drop a firecracker to the ground to deal another damage. This is a good followup since with the slowing effect of the oil, there is a higher chance of letting the firecracker hit to deal massive damage. Enemies hit by the oil will have their movement speed reduced which could help you chase enemies or escape death.

The slowing effect can also help your allies run from death while Detona go licking the enemy to death. Lastly, the area-of-effect of this skill is bigger when you have certain high number of stacks of your passive skill. Barats’s second skill is what you need to push the enemies towards you to give them a big hug. You can use this skill to push enemies towards you so you can offer them to your team for feast. Take note that the pushing will stun the enemies hit as well as deal Physical Damage to them. Take note that the range of the push is up to the end of this skill’s area-of-effect. So if the enemy was pushed from the very end of this skill’s area-of-effect, the target will be pushed to the other end of the area-of-effect. Here, we have the cutie Layla rats having social distancing. When we pushed them, they all ended up on the same spot which is the other end of the area-of-effect. So if they are already at the end of the area-of-effect, they won’t be pushed further, and they will just be stunned and be receiving damage.

The range of this skill is also far which you can use to push running enemies back to where they really belong, in your loving arms. Barats’s ultimate skill is what you need to devour a target. Using this skill will make Barats lock to a target. After a few while, Detona will hold the target with his tongue then devour him if he is still in the area-of-effect. Then, during the small timeframe of the devouring, you can make Detona face a certain direction to spit the enemy out. Spitting the target to his teammates, an obstacle, or turrets will stun him and the enemies hit which makes him an easier food to eat.

If the enemy gets out of the range before Detona hold the target with his tongue, the target won’t be devoured by Detona. But fret not, his tongue is longer than you imagine. So you can still suppress the escaping target as long as they don’t have blink skills or purifying skills. Take note that during the time frame Detona holds the target with his tongue, the enemy is stunned, but he can still use spells like Purify, or any purifying skills out there to get out of it.

So before or within this time frame, if you want to escape Detona, make sure you purify yourself out. Here we are again with our experiments. We have our cutie Lab Rats, Rackatan and Valerie, to demonstrate with us some heroes that can greatly counter or dominate Barats in-game. Before we head over to hero experiments, let’s try if enemies devoured will still receive damage while inside Detona. Let’s try if Hayabusa’s ultimate skill will still continue when we devour the target. As you can see, Hayabusa doesn’t want to go with the target inside Detona’s mouth.

So his ultimate skill stopped during the devouring because the enemy target is untargettable. Probably it must be smelling so stinky. So if ever the enemy is going to receive damage from skills such as Harley’s ultimate or Hayabusa’s ultimate, Barats’ ultimate skill might save the enemy instead. Also, we tested if Barats can use spells in the middle of the process of his ultimate skill. We tried flicker during the few seconds waiting time before the tongue action.

Also, tongue-flicker also works to pull the enemy from a far distance. Okay, let’s now head over to our hero experiments. On the following scenarios, we tested different crowd-control effects if it can get pass through during his devouring. First, let’s try the silence from Helcurt. As you can see, we weren’t silenced probably because we are also crowd-control immune during this time. Now let’s have Atlas’ ultimate skill. As you can see, Atlas just did a wrestling move on a ghost because of Detona’s crowd-control immunity. How about Khufra’s knock-up effect from his first skill? As you can see, Khufra just did a high-five with the ground like nothing happened. How about Ka-jah’s suppression from his ultimate skill? As you witnessed, we were able to pull Barats, but he was still able to devour and spit out our team mate.

Looks like no one can stop Detona from eating lots. How about Franco’s ultimate skill? As you can see, Barats is suppressed, but the same happened. Detona still devoured the target and was able to spit the target out. How about Valir’s knock-back? As you can see, Barats and Detona didn’t even flinch. Lastly, let’s try Yu Zhong’s pushing from his ultimate skill. As you can see, Barats is really persistent to finish eating first before getting away from the dining table. Barats and Detona really respects their food by finishing it first. Now, let’s head over to scenarios that can or cannot counter Barat’s ultimate skill just before they get devoured. First, let’s test if Diggie’s ultimate skill can save his teammate from getting devoured.

As you can see, Barats’ ultimate skill was ignored by the target like nothing happened. So on this one, let’s test if we can purify when Detona’s tongue just touched us. As you can see, we were able to get out of his ultimate skill. But if we get devoured inside Detona, Purify won’t work and we will still be devoured. Now, let’s try if we can activate Winter Truncheon before we get devoured. As you can see, it’s not possible to use the Winter Truncheon all throughout the process of his ultimate skill.

Even being inside Detona won’t make us use Winter Truncheon. This is probably because Detona’s tongue is really hot which stops us from being frozen. How about let’s try if Yu Zhong can be devoured during his Dragon Form. As you can see, Yu Zhong just ignored Barats and Detona. This is probably because Yu Zhong in Dragon form is too big to put inside Detona’s mouth. How about let’s see if Valir can get out using his ultimate skill while being devoured? As you can see, we were able to use our ultimate skill inside Detona, but we weren’t able to get out of his mouth. But when we used our ultimate skill during his tongue action, we were able to get out like nothing happened. Now let’s test if Detona’s tongue can pass through Lolita’s shield.

As you can see, the shield blocked Detona’s tongue. Probably Lolita finds Detona’s hot tongue really gross. Now let’s try Wan Wan’s 2nd skill if she can get out of our devouring. As you can see, Detona is really focused while eating. That’s why no one can escape away from it. But if we use Wan Wan’s 2nd skill just before the devouring, we are able to get out the crime scene like nothing happened. Now, let’s try if Detona’s tongue can stop Gord from puking rainbows. As you can see, Detona isn’t really a picky eater and devoured Gord. But Gord kept on puking rainbows even before we devoured him. But when he got out, his rainbow wasn’t able to shine anymore probably because on what he saw inside Detona’s body.

Last but not the least, we have Johnson. Let’s see if we can ride Johnson while devouring an enemy. As you can see, we were able to ride inside, but the car just crashed instantly. This is because we still spit the enemy out which made Johnson hit the enemy that we spit out. In terms of his combo, we follow a very simple combo for Barats. First, it’s best if you have lots of stacks of your passive skill. This is to make sure that your basic attacks can trample the enemy to further slow them down during the combo.

Next, we either use our 1st or 2nd skill depending on the situation. On this one, we used first skill first to slow down the target. Then, we used 2nd skill ahead of the enemy so they will be pushed towards us if they attempt to escape. While waiting for the 2nd skill’s pushing, we used our ultimate skill to lock our focus on the enemy target. You can use either Petrify or Flicker just in case the enemy will try to escape. Then, they will now be pushed and stunned as well by the 2nd skill’s pushing.

Then, since the enemy is still within the area-of-effect, Detona will now grab the target with his hot tongue and devour it like a candy. Then during the devouring, make Detona face towards behind you or towards an obstacle or enemy heroes. When the target hits an obstacle or enemy heroes, they will be stunned and will receive additional damage. Then, deal basic attacks that will trample the target and slow them down. Then, just use any skill available. Additional Tip: If you’ll try to do that flicker-tongue action combo, it’s best to wait for your tongue to touch the target first. Then just use Flicker towards your teammates or turrets. Then, just shoot him like a cannon even further from the target’s escape route. The tips I mentioned are just some of the ways you can use Barats. This video just guides you on how to use Barats, the Kurumi way. We would like to thank our cutie Lab Rats, Rackatan and Valerie, for being our lab rats for this boot camp.

You can search for them in-game and tell them how much you appreciate them willing to sacrifice their pride and honor for our sake. Watch their in-game streams and send some flowers and hearts. So, once again. This is Kurumi and that’s how you use Barats. Thanks for watching! Do not forget to like and share this video. Also subscribe to our channel for more contents by clicking on the subscribe button below. For our skin giveaway events, check out the Community Tab for the giveaway post. We have our Ko-fi account just in case you want to donate us some coffee funds. Check our Ko-fi link on the description of this video. Please, only trust Boot Camp videos from our official accounts. See you on the next Mobile Legends Boot Camp! Cheers!.

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