Mobile Legends Chou Legend Guide



Mobile Legends Chou Legend Guide?by 0kills

So I?m legend rank now, and just thought of sharing tips.

here?s proof for those interested!

1.)?Use purify or flicker.?Both spells allow you to engage reliably. I personally prefer purify since it really makes some matchups very easy (i.e natalya silence = purify kick) though flicker allows you to engage from half a screen away.

2.)?Always dash in front of the enemy?so you can kick him back to your team (or turrets).

3.)?Chou?s passive?adds bonus damage and stun on his next auto. Watch for that shining glow. You can chain stun an enemy with your 1st and 3rd skills, with an empowered auto later.

4.)?Your first skill auto-dashes to the target,?so if you?re running away, make sure to cast the skill in the direction you want to run away from. The mobility from this is pathetic but it lets you reset 2nd skill, which is very important.

5.)?Know when chou is immune to damage.?Chou is completely immune to everything during his 2nd skill?s dash, and the second part of his ultimate. The former allows you to do camps and later solo turtle/lord reliably.

6.)?Chou?s knockup works on monsters.?If you make note of your dashes and space your first skills so you get the most dashes as possible, you take very little damage from monsters.

7.)?Chou is weak versus purify.?It stops you from applying the second part of your ultimate.

8.)?Items vary.?You can go damage, tanky or a little bit of both. Mobility allows you to head to other lanes faster (for ganks), damage allows you to clear camps faster. Cooldown reduction is also great because it means you can dash more.

9.)?Chou?s 1st skill goes on cooldown the moment you first cast it.?The best way to gank someone in lane is to prepare the first two casts of your first skill in bush (space them out as far as possible if you like), then dash > first skill end (knockup enemy) > dash forward > auto attack (this will stun) then kick the enemy to your team.

10.)?I recommend getting used to manual targeting.?It?s a pain to start with and can get really annoying in a hectic fight, but being able to specify which target you kick back to your team ( or away from them) is very important. In some very heated moments, I?ve been able to stun an enemy marksman, then kick a tank away (minotars or tigreals) for some clutch plays.

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