Mobile Legends Chou Legend In-depth Guide


Mobile Legends Chou Legend In-depth Guide?by Laeinhart

IGN: JamieKoh ID: 35564219 (5204) Rank: Legend

Hi guys, this season i played Chou and reached legend with a 78.6% winrate in 126 matches. I want to write this guide to give players who are interested in learning this very strong hero! I will use 1,2,3 for his 3 respective skills. For his 1 skill i will use 1-1-1 etc.


  • One of the strongest fighters in the meta currently.
  • Very flexible role-filler. Can be played full tank with good durability and decent dps.
  • Insane CC.
  • Huge mobility and outplay potential with 1 and 2.
  • Perform miracle saves/wins by using 3 correctly.
  • No mana thus you can outsustain your lane opponents.


  • CC destroys him. When CCed and kited by heroes you can?t do your role of using 3 for priority targets into your team. 2 doesn?t matter if they spam CC in your face and run.
  • Requires some team coordination.
  • Difficult to learn since he has various combos. His skills can be used in many different orders according to the situation. Learning it comes from experience.


  • Flicker is the most practical and useful spell for him. Although he already has a mini flicker in his 2, its simply not enough in most cases at higher rankings where people position themselves smarter.


  • Standard: Rapid boots -> Blade armour -> Cursed helmet -> Immortality -> Demon?s advent -> 1 more tank item depending on the enemy.

For Chou his item build is very flexible. Boots as a first item is a must for the mobility. Its okay to rush a damage item like Bloodlust axe/Deadly blade etc if you really want. If your team is lacking damage, get at most two damage items. If your team is very squishy, go full tank.

You can get Rapid boots -> Deadly blade -> full tank if nobody builds deadly blade to counter heavy healing team comp.

You can mix up the order of the items. In lower ranks I wouldn?t get immortality so quickly since its hard to die if you play right. Your 2 and 3 give you mobility, immunity to damage and CC. Thus Cursed Helmet gives me more resistances, wave clearing and dps if i fight.


Skill 1:

  • Use your three charges of skill 1 to help in last hitting and wave clearing.
  • Get a feel of the range of your knockup in the third charge of 1.
  • Interrupts channeled skills like Akai?s ult.
  • Using all charges of skill 1 resets your skill 2.

Skill 2:

  • Mini flicker. Use it to get into position to use skill 3.
  • Provides CC and damage immunity. Practice to get used to dodging them.

Skill 3:

  • Use hero lock to kick the correct target when he is surrounded by his teammates.
  • What determines a normal Chou from a god Chou. Your first use kicks the target away, your second use teleports you to the target and stuns them. With this you can determine where and how far you want to send them flying. Practice in custom games to get a feel of where to stand to kick them where you want and how far can they travel. You don?t want to double tap immediately such that the target did not fly back far enough, neither do you want to wait too long such that you miss the window for the second activation, causing you to be surrounded by the entire team. Neither do you want to accidentally kick a target furthur into his team/way behind your team such that they have to backtrack, screwing up the fight for your team. This can make or break a fight.
  • In laning, especially in lower ranks you punish people that are out of position by kicking them into your tower. This generally nets you/your parter a kill provided the enemy isn?t too tanky.
  • In teamfights you either skill 3 the most fed/key target (mm/mage/assassin etc) into your team thus killing them instantly making it a 4v5 for them, or you kick them out through terrain, temporarily making it a 4v5 provided your team can wipe the enemy fast enough.
  • To escape or save a teammate you kick whoever is chasing them away.


  • Basic: 1-1-1-2-3-3 to kick people who are in your face back, either to tower or into your team.
  • Gap closer: 1-1-2-1-2-3-3. When ganking mm with escapes such as moskov, use 1-1 in bush. Then use skill 2 with a flicker if needed to get near him, knock him up with the final charge of skill 1. Dash behind him and skill 3 him.
  • Lockdown: 3-3-1-1-1. If for some reason you are behind the target, jut kick him immediately followed by your knockup. Likewise 1-1-3-3-1 or 1-1-2-3-3-1 can be used for immediate knockup after the stun ends.

Obviously there are many more combinations which can be used. Like i said it comes with practice and experience. Most importantly is practicing how to kick.


Warrior-GM: People don?t even position properly, giving you free haass to chunk them down and kick them, killing them and snowballing your lane. At lv4 when you get your ult, roam and snowball mid too. Same goes with teamfights. 5 man knockups followed by a kick are easy to do. Teams are uncoordinated. You can go unpunished even if you kick the wrong guy into your team.

Epic onwards: People are better at positioning. Dont be too greedy. Using the 1-1-2-1-2-3-3 is more reliable since they stay the heck away from you once they see you. From this point on, kicking the wrong guy/kicking wrongly may lose you the game.

In low ranks you can just about gank whoever you want. Many people at that rank barely even know your kit and will hold on to their escapes till its too late.

In high ranks, I absolutely hate ganking Brunos, moskovs, Kaguras etc. They are simply too slippery for me to catch provided they play well; I wouldn?t even bother going for them. People with 0 escapes such as Layla, Eudora will definitely die/burn flicker at least if you gank properly.

This just about concludes my Chou guide. I?m nowhere near the best Chou and I?m still learning how to better play him. I hope you enjoyed reading it and found it informative; feel free to ask me any questions. I will gladly answer them!

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