Mobile Legends Comprehensive Guide to Mastery By: GamunistManifesto


You’ve heard of her. The hardest hero in the game. The only hero to have a maxed out difficulty bar. She can be anywhere at any given time, and there’s nothing you can do to stop her (or is there 🤔). Honestly, have you even played Mobile Legends if you haven’t been destroyed by a Fanny before (or had a really bad one on your team)?

But exaggeration aside, Fanny is one of the most fun and exciting heroes to use, granted you know what you’re doing. Which is why I’m here, to teach you everything you need to know about this awesome hero.


The first thing, of course, is to know what Fanny’s skills and passive are, and how they work.

Fanny’s passive, quoted directly from the game, “According to her flying speed, Fanny’s damage while flying is increased by 15% to 30% and leaves a Prey Mark on the target (Stack up to 2 times). For Each stack of Prey Mark the target has, Fanny regens 10 energy when she deals damage to it. (Energy regen effect decays if she deals damage to multiple enemy heroes in a short time.)”

TLDR Fanny does more damage when flying with cables, hitting enemies while flying increases the damage on them and you regen energy from hitting them.

Her first skill is her main damage skill. At level 1 it deals 280 physical damage (+90% of your total physical attack) to enemies. The base damage increases by 40 every time you level this skill up (up to 480 base damage at skill level 6).

Fanny’s skill 2, the most notable of them, throws out a cable that draws her to the first obstacle that it touches. (The obstacles in question are walls and turrets). Each subsequent use of the skill within 2 seconds decreases its energy cost by 1 and changes her flying direction. On top of that, if her energy is sufficient and she hits an enemy (minion, hero, jungle monster), it will trigger her s1.

Lastly Fanny’s skill 3 allows her to jump above an enemy and do damage (500 damage + 240% physical attack) to one enemy. Each stack of prey mark that enemy has increases the damage by 20%. The base damage of this skill increases by 180 points every level up.

Now that we have that covered, we need to understand one of the most important things about Fanny, which is her energy. Fanny has 100 energy points, which her skills consume. She regenerates 3 energy points per second. And of course, in order to balance out her damage and utility, Fanny’s skills consume a pretty high amount of energy. So you have to watch your energy bar, make sure you’re keeping it above 1/4 of the maximum energy. Also, because of her high energy consumption, she needs the blue buff, which reduces her energy costs by 25% and her skill cooldowns by 10%.


Tap and drag the skill 2 icon and aim the line that appears at any wall or turret you want to cable to. You can release another cable immediately after, if you’re fast enough. Fast hands are not necessarily required to play Fanny, but I do recommend getting your finger reflexes to be quick and having fast hands, it will help a lot when you become proficient with her.

The physics of her cables are simple. 1 cable will pull you in a straight line, 2 cables will swing you in between the 2 cables you cast. With all cables that are more than 2 in a row, the last 2 cables will determine where you land. 3 cable allows you to start from a certain angle that you can’t directly do a 2 cable with, and then you can 2 cable after you’ve gotten pulled a bit. 4 cables+ are just variations of the basic cables.


Fanny is a jungler, so she will equip the spell called retribution. Level up your first skill first, then buy the jungle item. Go and take the blue buff, it will get you to level 2, where you can get your second skill (the cables). Fanny is unique in that she’s one of the few heroes who can start getting kills at level 2. Take advantage of your early game. Go invade the enemy jungle if you’re confident, or gank a lane. If not, just keep clearing jungle.

Also, ALWAYS SAVE YOUR RETRIBUTION FOR THE BUFF! This is very important because without it, Fanny will be borderline useless, and chances are that the enemy team will try to invade your buff to make sure you don’t get an early game.

In the early game Fanny’s energy consumption is quite high, so don’t do more than 2 cables at a time if it’s not absolutely necessary. Try and force fights with the enemy jungler, and even laners early game, because 9/10 times you will beat them if you know what you’re doing.

Focus on killing squishy heroes, such as marksmen, or mages. Deny them gold by killing them and your team will have an easier time dealing with them because they won’t get items for damage spikes.

You may watch a lot of “Global” Fanny players, and you might be wowed at their incredible skill with cables and “freestyling”. Repeat after me: No freestyling in ranked matches.
Not only are freestyles a waste of your energy, but you will also miss kill opportunities that can set your team ahead.

I recommend doing lots of custom practice, to acclimate yourself to Fanny’s cable mechanics. Train your reflexes by trying to release multiple cables as quick as you can, and take the time to memorize the wall positions on the map so you aren’t missing cables and wasting energy.


Yes, now it’s time for the most important part. I recommend this build for beginners:

Beast Killer
Tough Boots/Warrior Boots
Bloodlust Axe
Blade of The Heptaseas
Brute Force Breastplate
Immortality/Queen’s Wings/Athena’s Shield/Antique Cuirass

For those a bit more proficient with her:

Raptor Machete
Tough Boots/Warrior Boots
Bloodlust Axe
Brute Force Breastplate
Blade of Despair
Immortality/Queen’s Wings/Athena’s Shield/Antique Cuirass/Malefic Roar

Now that you have read this guide, go forth into classic, and kick ass with your new favorite hero 😀

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