Mobile Legends CONTROL, CHARGE, AND REAP! A Comprehensive Guide on The Ashura King, Martis By: Panda_potatoes


Do you have what it takes to wield Ashura’s Teeth?

Greetings! I’m Zweil and I’m currently Senior Rank #2 (former #1 Senior and #74 World Rank Martis) where I’m from, here to present to you my take on a guide to play and (hopefully master) Martis. I love this hero with a burning passion and I hope that passion translates well into this piece.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

——————————————————-WHAT DOES HE OFFER?———————————————————–

Martis is a physical Fighter who excels in the early stages of the game, able to snowball and end the matches as quicky as he can before the enemy even gets the chance to farm and counter him all the while providing decent amounts of crowd control in fights. He doesn’t differ too much from the other offlaners currently in the meta except for the fact that he requires a bit of finesse to play. Generally, you’d want to play him on the EXP Lane as it allows him to do 3 things:

  1. Get his ultimate ASAP.

  2. Roam around and assist in early skirmishes to get a lead.

  3. Guard objectives; helping secure Turtle and/or Lord whenever possible.

You can also put him in the Gold lane, which then allows him to:

  1. Snowball the game via fast items.

  2. Pressure the enemy Gold laner, delaying them from reaching their power spike.

Now the main bulk of one’s strength is what you have in your arsenal. A great arsenal may not always result in a great hero but it does help them succeed in the long run. With that, let us see what the Ashura King has to offer.


Ashura’s Wrath: For each skill you cast, you gain a stack of Ashura’s Wrath. Each stack increases Martis’ attack speed by 30% which can stack up to 4 times. Lasts 4 seconds.


This is somewhat of a lackluster passive. It’s definitely good for pushing towers and getting some hits in while your skills are on cooldown but most of the time, you’d spam skills. Make use of his passive as a tool to help augment your waveclear and DPS.

TIPS: As much as possible, maximize your passive by casting a skill just as soon as the passive runs out. It takes a few practices to get the timing right but it will certainly help you with your clear speed both in lane and in jungle (if you plan to play him as a core. More info on that later on).

================================1ST SKILL (CONTROL!)=================================

Ashura Aura: Martis gathers enemies in a cone-shaped area in front of him, dealing damage and slowing them for 40% which lasts for 1 second.

Base Cooldown: 7 seconds (5 seconds at max level).


This is your main initiation skill. Use this to initiate a teamfight, gathering enemies in the center of your skill for your team to follow up or use it to follow up on your team’s CC. It’s a solid CC skill that leaves something to be desired but otherwise a decent ability overall.

Keep in mind that this skill, as with the rest of his other skills, have a short delay to them. He also moves forward just a tiny bit after casting. The distance he travels in front of him can be a bit tricky since it could lead you to your potential doom so be sure to watch your surroundings.

Maximizing this skill takes practice, you can pull the enemies forward even from the edge of your 1st skill indicator. Another thing to note is the distance he moves after casting; you can familiarize yourself with its distance by casting it while you’re on the edge of a bush. The short distance forward makes him move out from the brush, revealing himself early. It’s short but it makes a lot of difference.

(Personally, the skin that helped me practice this the most was his Zodiac skin Capricorn as his animations are less rugged and easier to see. Use this skin if you have it. Otherwise, proceed as normal).

================================2ND SKILL (CHARGE!)==================================

Mortal Coil: Martis slashes in the direction of your skill indicator three times dealing damage along the way. The first and third slashes knocks back foes for a short duration and the third slash can be redirected with your joystick. (Deals only 75% damage to minions at level one, 100% at max level). During the dash, he gets 60% damage reduction and is immune to CC effects (except Suppression and for some reason, slows [more info on this below]).

Second Cast: Martis dashes forward a short direction, dealing damage and knocking up foes.

Base Cooldown: 8 seconds


This is Martis’ damage source, chase/escape (not really reliable), peeling, tanking, cc and anti cc skill. Now it might seem impressive that this skill has many uses but it’s important to know when to use the dash for which purpose. Generally, you’d want to use this after the enemy has depleted their damage and dash skills. As much as possible, DON’T act like a tank when you’re the sole carry of your team. Save this skill only when you’re 90% sure they can’t fight back or deal that much damage to you. Additionally, DO NOT use the second phase when you don’t need to as:

  1. It allows you to dash again after the duration of the second cast, bringing the cooldown to 2 seconds. Using the second phase immediatly cycles the cooldown back to 8 seconds.

  2. Gives you an opportunity to re-engage or escape clashes that have taken a bad turn. (ie. your core dying and the enemy depleting their skills.

TIPS: You can drag a target back by utilizing the knockback mechanic. Dash forward to your intended target and move the joystick back just before the third slash happends. It’s a technique that can make or break a clash so be careful where you drag them. Used right and you can suspend an enemy in place provided that they’ve used up their blinks/dash/purify.

NOTE: For some reason, he cannot fully immune slows. There are times where the slow would take effect during the dash and would linger after his CC immune state. A similar bug is present with Yi Sun Shin’s skill Traceless, which works similar to Martis’ CC immunity but somehow does not affect Chou’s as he can fully immune any slow effect.

More info on the Slow effect bug here, at around 2:30 (it’s gone unnoticed for a while now, even before this analysis)

==================================ULTIMATE (REAP!)==================================

Decimation: Martis charges towards a chosen target, dealing True damage when the target is below 50% Health. Getting a kill with this skill will give you 100% bonus movement speed (which decays rapidly over 5 seconds) and allows you to recast this skill for 10 seconds. This skill will grant full stacks of passive for each kill. A mark will appear when the target’s HP is below the kill threshold (Bugged and sometimes unreliable [more info on that below]).

Base Cooldown: 36 Seconds (28 Seconds at max level).


This is the skill that will allow you to dominate your foes in the early stages. Paired with the right items, this skill will Decimate your foes, leaving only their lifeless bodies to rot under your blade. This skill is primarily used as a finisher as it gives you that all important 100% bonus movement speed to escape with your life. 888

TIPS: You don’t necessarily have to use this skill as an execute. You can use it if you feel like the target is going to blink away or think that you’ll wait for them to be low enough to bait you. Use it in a 1v1 when your opponent thinks they have the advantage; pop your ult and watch as you suddenly have the HP advantage.

NOTE: The mark that appears just as they reach low health is buggy. It flashes once even if the target isn’t below kill range and disappears. This can cause confusion and could potentially make you waste your ult. Also it still DOESN’T take account shields so it appears even IF the target is covered with a huge shield.

————————————————WHAT SHALL I BUILD ON MARTIS?————————————————-

Builds come and go, there will never be a constant build that will always bring you the same results. However, having a structure in which you can plug in what you need is a must-have when creating your own builds according to the situation and it allows you to easily plan out your items ahead of time. Here is how I structure my build pathing.







You don’t necessarily have to follow this as each of us have different preferences but as an offlaner, this pathing helped me in going against opponents more easily.Below are some builds I have created that fits my playstyle and needs, which hopefully would give you a basis.


r/MobileLegendsGame - CONTROL, CHARGE, AND REAP! A Comprehensive Guide on The Ashura King, Martis

Start off with boots that directly counter your lane oponnent. It is recommended that you finish your boots if you want to have some bulk but you can just buy tier 1 boots and start off your first item immediatly but let’s follow this structure first.

The next item should be a core item, the item that will give you your first early power boost (either to sustain or deal damage). In this build, Bloodlust is the first core item as it gives Martis a decent 70 Physical Attack and 10% Cooldown Reduction. More importantly, this gives him 20% spellvamp to sustain his lane as he does not have a built-in shield nor heal. This can be changed, prioritizing either Hunter’s Strike or Blade of Despair first to give your skills a little more ooph. His sustain is good but remember he has a damage penalty against minions in the early game so Bloodlust isn’t as reliable as it used to be. You can also focus on burst by buying Blade of the Heptaseas instead of Hunter’s Strike.

I strongly recommend going for Hunter’s Strike first as it gives him much needed stats to cover his weaknesses The unique passives give Martis an additional 15 points of Physical penetration (a much welcome stat for the early game) and gives him a movement speed boost whenever he successfully lands 5 attacks. You can forgo Bloodlust and go Despair after Hunter’s Strike for maximum damage output when you’re leading with a 2-3k gold lead.

Here is a summary of what offense items you can build:

  1. Hunter’s Strike- cheap alternative to BoD; gives movement speed (when activated), flat penetration and CDR.

  2. Blade of the Heptaseas- another cheap early game burst item, gives HP, flat penetration and deals additional damage on basic attacks every 5 seconds out of combat. Good against softer opponents and as a go-to burst item.

  3. Blade of Despair- Expensive but powerful; gives the most attack damage out of all the items. Good for snowballs if you can maintain the lead. Synergizes well with Endless Battle, Heptaseas and Bloodlust Axe.

  4. Malefic Roar- Extra percent penetration against armor and turrets. Buy only after building one or two damage items to maximize passive.

  5. Endless Battle- Generous stats, relatively pricey with a passive that you can’t use much on Martis. Good as an additional damage source but NOT as a core item. Use only in dedicated offense builds.

  6. Bloodlust Axe- Good early game sustain item. Not as reliable in the late game as it cannot heal off all the damage they deal. Buy ONLY as needed. Otherwise, buy a different item.

Next would be your defense item OR your second core item. After building one of your core items, assess the current situation: Are the enemies at a disadvantage or are they dominating? If they are behind, immediately go for your next core item. Despair is recommended as it gives Martis sufficient damage in the late game (CAUTION: It does NOT make him a late-game carry, it just gives him enough damage to remain viable). Follow that up with a defense item. Again, assess the enemy’s composition and build accordingly. Replace Brute Force with either Antique Curiass or Athena’s Shield when you want to focus on a target with high damage such as a Brody or a Cecillion.

Lasty, finish it up with a final defense item OR a final damage item. Getting an extra damage item is purely situational as your team (provided that they aren’t dead weights) has enough DPS to cover your downtime. Otherwise, build your final defense item of your choice. This is the slot where you’d usually buy Immortality to give you that final figthing chance but you CAN go without it.


r/MobileLegendsGame - CONTROL, CHARGE, AND REAP! A Comprehensive Guide on The Ashura King, Martis

Pairing this build with the Fighter Emblem’s Talent, Festival of Blood, you can focus on Martis’ tankiness from his 2nd skill and build him as an early game sustain bruiser that can tank decent damage in the late game. A relatively safe build which still follows the build path structure from earlier, start off as you would with boots according to your lane opponent. After boots, your first item choice will be crucial since you won’t have the additional penetration stats from the Assassin Emblem, focusing more on keeping yourself alive to help the team rather than snowballing to win.

First item will usually be Bloodlust as it provides him sustain, racking up his base spellvamp to 28% with Festival of Blood. You can also prioritize Deadly Blade if your enemy laner is reliant on healing (ie. Uranus, Yu Zhong, Esmerelda, etc.) to cripple their abilty to sustain their lane. Try to be smarter with your pre-4 plays as you still can be killed quite easily if you aren’t careful. Try to get as much kills as you can get against your enemy laner to rack up your spellvamp.

Next would be your defensive items. I recommend going with these:

  1. Brute Force- general choice for any game and against DPS opponents.

  2. Antique Curiass- pick against stronger, burst type physical opponents.

  3. Dominance Ice- against fast lane opponents; provides slow for you and your team.

  4. Oracle- against magic opponents, when you’re ahead 2 kills and most especially Baxia.

At this point, your offense will start to dwindle down so maximize your early game by pushing, helping in clashes and peeling for your carry whenever the need arises. After this, you can follow it up with a Blade of Despair or another defense item (Oracle, if you haven’t built it yet. Otherwise, counter items such as dreadnaught armor, etc.) This will both strengthen his attacks and increase his healing.

At this point, your attack prowess will be ovweshadowed by a lot of heroes so do be careful when to engage. The focus of this build is more on chipping off their HP rather than killing them on your own. With this, you can engage more frequently and safely all the while inflicting both damage and crowd control. Just remember to watch your matchups and you’ll do great with Bruiser Martis.


r/MobileLegendsGame - CONTROL, CHARGE, AND REAP! A Comprehensive Guide on The Ashura King, Martis

Ah yes of course. The curse of Solo Queue where everyone autolocks assassins and forces S5 to tank. When it comes to it, Martis can fill up the Roam role and provide ample early game assistance in his own unique way. The bane of any tank build is the Roaming Mask. Keep in mind that your level ups WILL be delayed so this build requires you to equip the Tank emblem, which provides tank stats and a neat damage source via Concussive Blast. Start off by rushing Iron Mask to give you some HP, movement speed rivaling that of boots and a 5% CDR, perfect for an early game roaming role.

There are some confusion as to when to finish your mask and when to focus on defense. The general rule for this is that when your team has a lead, you won’t need that much tank items as they can’t poke you as much as they normally would. This is the time that you can complete your Mask into Courage or Shadow. Otherwise, keep it at Iron Mask and finish 1-2 items.

After finishing Iron Mask and boots of your choice, buy dreadnaught armor as a cheap physical defense item and Molten Soul for additional waveclear and to boost Concussive Blast. Next comes your first complete defense item, which will be the following:

  1. Dominance Ice- Against attack-speed reliant heroes (Wanwan, Claude, etc.), slippery assassin/fighters (ie. Chou, Lance, etc.). Gives your carry a chance to catch up to targets via AOE slow effect. (Do take note that this will change in the upcoming patches so watch what you build).

  2. Antique Cuirass- Builds from Dreadnaught Armor, provides generous HP and weakens the enemy’s phsyical attack, allowing you and your carry to deal more damage in return. Good item overall and fits in all tank builds.

  3. Athena’s Shield- Against strong burst magic damage dealers like Eudora and Aurora. Allows you to soak up more magic damage in conjunction with your 2nd skill’s damage reduction.

  4. Brute Force Breastplate- When your team has the lead and all their damage sources aren’t as much of a threat. Generally good in the early game, providing a nice speed boost in the process.

It’s up to you if you want to finish Cursed Helmet as it provides a lot of HP with very little magic resist. Complete it when you want to augment you Concussive Blast’s damage and its passive. The last item should be Queen’s wings as it gives you an extra 30% damage reduction which will be helpful in the later stages. Other than that, it isn’t as great as it used to be, often being outshined by other defense items. You can get Immortality before Queen’s wings and sell the mask when it reaches 20 mins. You can add Blade of Despair as a final item just in case your team needs someone to finish off kills. The purpose of BoD in this tank build is to power up your ultimate, essentially making you clean up the mess.


r/MobileLegendsGame - CONTROL, CHARGE, AND REAP! A Comprehensive Guide on The Ashura King, Martis

This build is centered around one thing, maximum damage potential. Start of as you would with tier one boots. Focus on getting Blade of the Heptaseas first to augment your early game burst potential. Your main goal at this point is to snowball as much as you can to outlevel your opponents. Follow up Heptaseas with Blade of Despair to further power up Heptaseas’ passive and boost your ultimate. Afterwards, get Endless battle to turn that raw physical damage into a fearsome True Damage modifier, ensuring that your hits will shred the target’s HP. Lastly, build defense items such as Brute Force Breastplate as a general choice, Wings if you need something to clutch, Athena’s for magic damage and Immortality for the revive.

There isn’t much to talk about this build. It’s a straightforward offense build that requires you to be strategic when hunting down targets as you lack sustain. It works similarly to what Chou players usually build so if you’re familiar with Chou, you should be set to use this build. You can also prioritize Blade of Despair first if you manage to get a really early lead.

——————————————————–EMBLEM AND SPELLS?———————————————————–

Your gear isn’t complete when you don’t have the right emblem and spells to use. In the case of Martis, his choice of emblem and spell will be the deciding factor for his success. He relies heavily on proper planning and thus requires you to assess situations more carefully.

His Emblem sets are as follows:


r/MobileLegendsGame - CONTROL, CHARGE, AND REAP! A Comprehensive Guide on The Ashura King, Martis
r/MobileLegendsGame - CONTROL, CHARGE, AND REAP! A Comprehensive Guide on The Ashura King, Martis

The assassin emblem setup is straightforward. Three points in movement speed to help you rotate faster, three points in penetration and the Killing Spree talent. This talent is good for Martis as it synergizes well with his ultimate, gaining an insane amount of movement speed and heals him for 8% of his max HP with every kill.

You can also go with the setup I’m running on him, which allocates two points towards CDR, one in movement speed and the rest in physical penetration. With the two points in CDR, it will give him a base 8% CDR. It might not seema lot but Martis only needs 20% CDR to bring his 2nd skill cooldown (assuming you haven’t casted it’s second phase) to roughly 1.4 seconds. This allows him to almost have it refreshed and saves you gold on a cooldown reduction item. As usual, killing spree for its benefits of speed and heal.


r/MobileLegendsGame - CONTROL, CHARGE, AND REAP! A Comprehensive Guide on The Ashura King, Martis

With the fighter emblem, you’ll drop in offense but increase in defensive capabilites. With every setup, put three points in physical attack, three in health and take the Festival of Blood talent. This gives him the ability to heal a lot in conjunction with Bloodlust Axe. This emblem also gives him extra beef to last longer in lane. A safe but quite weaker option, it’s best to use this when your team needs the extra bulk or lack a tank. Which brings us to…


r/MobileLegendsGame - CONTROL, CHARGE, AND REAP! A Comprehensive Guide on The Ashura King, Martis

Pretty basic overall. Three points in HP and in cooldown reduction to help your teammates plus the Concussive Blast talent to give you power even with a tank build. Make sure to watch when you engage since you still aren’t a real tank. As the roamer, you will have the freedom to rotate and provide a kill threat early on. Think of him as a leff effective, AoE centered Jawhead with an Ultimate meant for an assassin. Don’t go hog wild as you will be lacking in offense as compared to the other setups.

And lastly, the battle spells that can be used are as follows:


r/MobileLegendsGame - CONTROL, CHARGE, AND REAP! A Comprehensive Guide on The Ashura King, Martis

One of the few battlespells that work well early in the game and is a solid choice for offlaners. Use this spell when the enemy lineup is extremely soft and when you want to secure that early game. Choosing this however will mean that you’ll somewhat suffer in the late game since you will rely on your 2nd skill to both deal damage and escape.


r/MobileLegendsGame - CONTROL, CHARGE, AND REAP! A Comprehensive Guide on The Ashura King, Martis

Good ol’ flicker. What much more is there to say except that this is a great battle spell. It’s both an offensive and defensive skill that allows you to do many things. Use this when you want to have a way out of sticky situations. You can also use this with two of your skills.

Pair this up with your first skill to increase it’s reach. All you have to do is cast flicker just before the clamp of Ashura’s Aura closes. You can cast it in any direction you want whether it be forward, sideways, diagonally or backwards. Similarly, you can pair this with your second skill but this requires a bit of practice as you could waste your flicker when using in the wrong frame. You’d want to cast flicker right after the second slash animation and just before the third strike. Try it out a couple of times to get the feel for it.


r/MobileLegendsGame - CONTROL, CHARGE, AND REAP! A Comprehensive Guide on The Ashura King, Martis

Rather niche but effective only on tanky builds. This spell allows you take less damage when Mortal Coil is on cooldown. Use this when your team needs bulk in the sidelanes and if they can handle the rest themselves, preferably in a pre-made team of 5. Careful as this leaves you quite immobile when you’ve spent your second skill up. Proper timing of this skill will leave you more durable than ever.


r/MobileLegendsGame - CONTROL, CHARGE, AND REAP! A Comprehensive Guide on The Ashura King, Martis

Suprisingly effective, as far as offense builds go. Retribution allows you to farm in the jungle with greater ease. Along with your 2nd skill, your camp clearing will be great. When jungling, make sure to always maximize your passive so that you won’t have to waste retribution on some camps. In solo queue, ONLY take retribution when your gold laner has good dps.

As you get more and more familiar with his matchups, you’ll soon learn how to set him up in any situation. Half the battle is won by proper planning while the other half constitutes your technical abilities. Both are necessary to bring you success, especially with heroes like Martis.

———————————————————-WHY PICK MARTIS?————————————————————–

With how his kit is built, he offers quite an array of skills that could help your team succeed. Of course just like most heroes in the current roster of heroes, he is not entirely without flaws. First, we will answer the question: “Why pick Martis in the first place?”.


– Good early game

– Snowball potential

– Crowd Control

– Strong push potential

– Decent defensive capabilities

– High-risk , High reward option

Going more in-depth in the matter, Martis runs like your typical AD Fighter Carry but with a few notable differences. Both Ashura’s Aura and Mortal Coil provide you with ample amounts of crowd control that disrupts a lot of enemy channeling skills such as Pharsa’s Ultimate, Odette’s Ultimate, Khaleed’s 2nd Skill and many more. With his ultimate, he has high burst and shutdown potential in the early game as few can resist a true damage execute perfect for securing a kill against the enemy carry who’s out of position. With enough farm, Martis is able to carry his team up until the later stages of the game. Packing both Crowd Control and good damage, it might make you think “Why isn’t he used much often?”, which brings us to his flaws.


– Weak late game

– Slow skill animations

– Vulnerability without 2nd skill

– Ultimate does poor damage in the late game

– Hard to use when team is behind; not noob-friendly

Martis was released back in May of 2018 and thus his kit feels underpowered for what it could potentially offer. For his time, his kit was overpowered and thus was nerfed hard. Now he suffers from a slow casting speed on his 2nd skill which makes him quite immobile. His first skill is good but is often times lacking since most heroes can just escape his reach after he lands it. His damage output is poor when he struggles in the early game and thus have to spend half of the time farming. He’s niche at best so you need to capitalize on your lead as much as possible.

—————————————————-LANE MATCHUPS, COUNTERS?—————————————————

Now for lane matchups, there are quite a few to talk about since he does well in relation to how well you maneuver around these heroes. Listed below are what Martis can and cannot fight on his own.


  1. IMMOBILE HEROES: With his crowd control and good AoE damage, Martis reigns supreme over poor squishies that have no escape. Along with his ultimate, he ensures that his targets cannot escape from the flurry of attacks he brings. Examples include Hanabi, Layla, Vexana and many more.

  2. HEROES WITH ONE-TIME BURST: Once they commit their combo, they become prime targets for Martis to pick off. Catch them off guard and they’ll meet their end by your blades. Mages such as Aurora are easy pickings when they have nothing to defend themselves with.

  3. SOME MELEE HEROES: Heroes that rely on getting near to deal damage are the best opponents for Martis. Make them use their skills and proceed to dance with Ashura’s Teeth and punish those who would try to interrupt your waveclear. Fighters and Tanks are relatively easy for Martis to deal with provided that they aren’t late game heroes.


  1. CONSISTENT POKE: Distruptive heroes such as Nana and Diggie, to name a few, are the bane of his existence. They chip down his HP from a safe distance which would cause you to commit your skills just to defend yourself.

  2. HEROES WITH HIGHER DPS: Martis may pack a punch on his own but once he uses up everything in his arsenal, his threat level drastically shoots down. Once his passive runs out, his damage output will severly drop which opens up opportunities for marksmen and fast assassins to run over you. Marksmen come to mind with this since some are able to deal damage that overpowers Martis’ ability to sustain himself (if you bought bloodlust).

  3. HEROES WITH SUSTAIN: Shields, lifesteal, spellvamp, you name it. Martis will struggle against heroes that specialize in healing. Be careful when you’re up against the likes of Esmerelda as she can outsustain and outdamage you in the early game.


  1. HEROES WITH BOTH DPS AND BURST: When both types of damage outputs come into play, Martis will struggle all game. Zhask, for example, is a lane opponent you don’t want to match up with as with his ultimate, you’ll take too much damage before you even get remotely close to him.

  2. HEROES WITH INSANE DURABILITY: Uranus comes to mind with this. Martis will only deplete his resources before he can even scratch his targets low enough to burst with ultimate. Make sure to counter build against such matchups to ensure that you can hinder their ability to opress you in lane. Go anti-lifesteal if their regeneration is bothering you, Malefic roar if they have tons of physical defense and Demon Hunter Sword if their HP is too much for you to shred.

  3. HEROES WITH INSANE MOBILY: More often than not, you’ll use all of your skills in an effort to catch these mobile heroes. Unfortunately, matchups like these are disadvantageous to you from the start so it all comes down to better micromanagement. Claude with maximum stacks, Lings who know how to micro againts your skills and a few more severly counters martis’ middling speed and reach.

With these in mind, you should be able to deal with any situation at hand. You can help your team in more ways than one and they too shall help you. To know yourself is winning half the batlle. To know your opponent the other half. Victory goes to the one who knows himself and his oppponent. Failure comes to those who do not know both.

——————————————————–HOW DO I PLAY MARTIS?——————————————————-

Martis is quite versatile as you may have already guessed from the numerous sets he can go with. Knowing when to use what kit is cruicial for success and assuming that you already know the timing, let us head on to his playstyles. Be fearless and strike like lighting: Assassin. Be as unwavering as the mountains and flexible like bamboo: Tank. Be as tough as a shield and tear opponents asunder: Fighter. With all his various sets, all of them share a same pattern of usage


His early game potential is quite high and thus you should play him aggressively in the first 10 mins of the game. For damage and sustain sets, you should focus on getting early assists and leads to get you your first item fast. In lane, wait until your lane opponent has used up their skills before harassing them; do this when you’re holding down your lane. If you plan on rotating, clear the wave as fast as you can to pressure the enemy laner to defend their tower. Once you finish clearing fast, rotate to wherever you are needed. Cut the lane right after that to give you more time to assist your team. Do not cut if you plan on delaying them. When turtle spwns, assist your team in taking it down all the while peeling for your core. With your crowd control, you’re able to stop the enemy’s assault and maybe pick up a kill or two. Afterwards, repeat the process until midgame.

As a tank, assist your jungler with clearing the blue buff then try to go for early ganks. Along with the jungler and midlaner, your zoning potential is high. Use your second skill to save your core from dives and to disengage teamfights. Rotate to lanes that need your help and provide vision on the enemy jungle when possible. Repeat this up until the turtle spawns.


The midgame when Martis will soon lose effectiveness. This phase of the game is played differently according to what set you’ve chosen as this will dictate how he will proceed in the late game. If you get behind in this stage, it would be harder for you to regain your strength later on.

When using a sustain setup, try to play more defensively and react according to how the enemy engages you. You should NOT try to pick off targets that you cannot burst down as he will be vulnerable without team support. Cut lanes when you want to gank and help your core with picking off objectives. Rotate often as to maximize your strength and give you enough gold to survive the late game. If the enemy have early game heroes that maximize only on attack, you can let them waste your skills on you during your 2nd skill phase. Your damage reduction and cc immunity will ensure that you live to fight another day; you can use this to bait enemy skills on you for your damage dealer to pick off.

As a tank, assist and assist as much as you possibly can. Use Courage mask to enhance your team’s movement speed and power or Shadow mask to have that element of suprise. Try not to be at the brunt of everything as you are still a fighter. Don’t overextend and make sure to take account the damage you’re going to take when peeling for your teammates. Keep an eye on your cooldowns as, although they aren’t that long, they still take a while to recharge to be consistently effective. Don’t be too aggressive when you’ve already commited your second skill as you cannot fight back without assistance.

With a burst-oriented setup, your goal is to pick off stragglers as much as possible. In clashes, be sure to always appear behind them to prevent them from escaping. This gives you an advantage since they’ve already used up their skills in the teamfight, all you ahve to do now is to clean up the mess. Keep an eye on your health and back off when you think you won’t survive much longer. On your own, try to maximize bushes and suprise unsuspecting squishies, your combo along with the burst build shown in this guide should help you shred their HP low enough for you to finish with ult. Take objectives when you aren’t needed in a clash, your push potential is high due to your passive. Repeat this until late game arrives.


This is the stage that you must prepare for. Playing as an assassin would mean you’re extremely vulnerable to counterattacks and as a Sustain fighter, you would deal sub-par damage that you would not be able to take out the enemy marksman in one go. You have higher chances of success when you play as a tank but even then you would have no damage whatsoever. It’s important to pick your fights carefully no matter what. There is little difference among the three playstyles at this stage so it’s easier to keep in mind.

For fighter and tank builds, utilize your bulk to peel for your damage dealers as much as you can. You might not deal much damage but you can hold them long enough for your teammates to do so. For an assassin playstyle, wait until your initiators have started. Let them soak up the first wave of damage and enter as soon as they’ve wasted it all. If you manage to ult someone and kill them, immediatly head to the next possible target you can kill to maximize your small window of opportunity. If not, run away and reposition yourself away far enough so that you can re-engage when needed. Do try to chip off the enemy core’s HP as much as you can when you’re about to die. Chances are, you’ll survive for a few more seconds if you get the kill. When handling crowds, try to use the bush so that targeted skills would be harder to cast. Be mindful when you push and prepare for the entire enemy lineup to defend their towers. Use your skills wisely as you would be dead without them.

———————————————————-TEAM COMPATABILITY———————————————————

Lastly, we wil cover his synergies with other heroes. This one will be short and simple to understand as there isn’t much to talk about. With that, let’s move forward!


  • DEDICATED CC TANK TEAMS: Martis excels in following up on crowd control and thus, team compositions with dedicated CC tanks are a godsent . This allows him to worry less about bulk and more on dealing damage while being able to effectively control enemies after they’ve commited their skills on your tank. I recommend this most of the time since this eliminates any problems with initiation and allow you to have a smoother early game.

  • EARLY GAME CENTERED TEAMS: Team comps that rely on heavy offense in the early game allows Martis to be more risky with his plays. Provided that you have good supports and a decent carry, Martis will be able to shine as his early game-centered skills will be put to good use. Don’t be afraid to go all out as your early pressure will be crucial to give your core space to farm.

  • HEROES WITH SLOWS: Martis is alright on his own but paired with supports that bring slows and suddenly you’ll find Martis a lot more threatening. Supports such as Rafaela and Angela are a great pair to Martis as their slows and stun gives him a much needed edge to chase and burst down targets.

  • HIGH DAMAGE HEROES: Martis works well alongside heroes with great damage outputs as they allow him to chip off targets easily. You can use your ult to finish off what the core could not, giving your team an additional zoning potential.

And that is the end of this Guide. I hope you’ll use this guide as a stepping stone for you to master the Ashura King. I do hope the story didn’t bother you in any way but with that I bid you farewell.

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