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Mobile Legends Estes Guide?by jigzopuzzle

I?ve solo queued Estes to Epic rank and I must say, he is still quite OP despite the many counters available now. Here are some tips to play Estes (my way)

Get these 3 items as fast as possible

a. Enchanted Talisman

Before it was nerfed, this item alone is enough to sustain Estes?s mana pool. Still, despite the nerf, it is still a good item for estes, mana regen + huge CDr. This will be my first item

b. Magic Boot

Obviously for its CDr. Get the shoe first, and then Enchanted Talisman and then finish your boots.

c. Dominance Ice

Armor for sustainability , Slow effect (work in harmony with your 2nd skill)+ huge CDr.

All these 3 items should result in 40% CDr stacks.

You can go for Enchanted Talisman > Magic Shoes > Dominance Ice.. If the enemy team is owning, try to partially complete each of them i.e Shoe > Tome of Evil > Black Ice Shield. After that, its all up to you. For me, I will usually go for Ice Wind Wand (slow effect) and Immortality (sustainability) next. But really, it is all up to you from this point.

Pair with fighter/charger.

?Estes with me. I cyclops, pro mage?? No, help the melee high hp initiator. They need you more than the others. Estes shines like the sun when he is paired with a good initiator (i.e freya/alucard/hilda?basically anyone who can leap and give bursts damage). Keep healing them during laning phase. It is okay for estes to have low hp (just use the default regen skill), but always heal your teammate with your skill. Keep on pressuring the enemy, this will not only force them to use their regen, at best it will also force them to return to their base.

Set the ?Ult is available? & ?Skills in cooldown? as your default chat

always remind your teammate when your Ult is available. I?ve done this a lot of time, and most of the time, teammate will immediately do tower dive / start a gank once notified. They?ll know that you have their back.

Keep spamming 1st skill

Even after using your 3rd skill, you can still chain it with another 1st skill? stack both of them to your main damage dealer. Also, once you have built Enchanted Talisman, your mana regen should be acceptable by now. Hence, be generous with your 1st skill. Teammate at 85% health, doesn?t matter. HEAL THEM.

Move around during team fight.

After exhausting all your skills, (1st,2nd and 3rd).. keep moving around the battle field, be careful not to be too far or else it will break the tether linked to your team mate. Move around so that enemy that are currently locked at you will be forced to move around to chase you, this will give enough time for others to finish them off.

Max 2nd skill first.

In early stage of the game, 1 rank in your first skill should have been enough to sustain your teammate HP pool. This allows you to max your 2nd skill earlier, which give more damage and thus help you do clearing/harass much more effectively.

What to do when enemy team is owning?

When this happen, look at the scoreboard and find out which among your team has the most kill + most gold at the moment. That is the easiest way to determine which among your team who are currently the ?fattest?, go and support him, be with his/her side. He go turtle, you go turtle, He go jungle, you go jungle, he returns to base because his HP is low?.?you return base?No, this will not happen, you are with him all the time healing him to max hp. Help him carry the game. Trust me 70% of the times, it is a game changer.

What to do when enemy chasing you

Get flicker and use it to teleport between wall. Trust me it will save your?ass?most of the time. Else, if your 2nd skill is ready, CAST IT ON YOU. Auto Casting will usually miss, but if you cast on your self, enemy has to go around it to avoid being slowed.

This is my tips and tricks. Feel free to ask me anything.

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