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Mobile Legends Eudora Guide?by SacreBleuMonBaguette

This will be my first complete walkthrough covering. I will be covering everything from an analyzed look into her spells and spell rotation to my choice in build and why. Then finishing with what I do from early->mid->late game.

Why choose Eudora? Personally with my build and how I play her I have yet to see burst quite like her. You?ll be prioritizing magic damage reduction(THIS STAT IS VASTLY UNDERRATED) AP and max cooddown reduction. Her cd?s are extremely short especially late game and most people underestimate your damage. I?m currently at an 85% win rate with over 200 ranked games at epic V level across two accounts.

Spells. (Passive) Superconductor: Any spell you use against a target puts a ticker on a target for 3s. Any OTHER spell used after that gains an additional effect and resets the 3s timer.

(First spell) Forked lightning: This is your bread and butter. It?s your simple cone burst spell with pretty decent range and a very short CD. If passive is active, any opponent with passive loses 25 magic resist.

(Second spell) Electric Arrow: Another simple cc in the form of a stun. It lasts for .75s and when used in conjunction with passive, it lasts for another .75 seconds.

(Ultimate) Thunderstruck: This is your big burst. Its a point-and-click AoE nuke that does 50% more damage to the main target. Does an additional 15% dmg to anyone effected by your passive.

Spell rotation. So for the sake of clarity ill be referring to the spells as 1 2 and 3 to your spells respectively. You max 1 first while always getting your ultimate when available. As for the rotation on mobs like blue buff or lord its 2-1-3-1-2-1. For fights against humans its mostly situational but keep in mind that your q and ulti should nearly always be on CD. I rather start with a 2 and then go for the 1 for that extra 15% damage. The extra time on stun is very rarely better than the additional dmg from either 1 or 3.

Items. 1st item: Enchanted Talisman. 20% mana back on kills and assist plus solid health/mana/mana regen.

2nd item: Flame of Fury. Movement speed. Magic reduction and a burn equal to 6% the difference between your health and the targets health.

3rd item: Arcane boots. Since you?ll be getting max cdr in this build its recommended for more of that sweet sweet magic reduction.

4th item: Fleeting time. Max?s out your cdr as well as giving you a passive that removes cooldown on all spells on kills and assists.

5th item: Guardian Relic. It increases max AP by 25% as well as the second spell to hit your target gains an additional 15% damage. In late game be sure to switch out your rotation from 2-1-3-1 to 2-3-1-1 for that added effect.

Last item: Astral ward. Its up to you to choose your last one wether it may be immortality for that rez or blood wings for the health but I personally love that magic reduction.

This is my build because it takes advantage of the prices of items and effects (magic reduction!!!)to rapidly build your burst up early that most people can?t handle.

How to play. So you start off going to blue getting it and then killing lizard and off to lane. Note. It can be advantageous to rush to lane and kill the first wave and THEN go to blue buff->lizard->back to lane so that the enemy losses 1 wave and you do blue buff at level 2 instead of 1 but only if your lane opponents do their jungle aswell!

So during early laning phase youll apways be wanting to use your 1 spell on CD to try and cackle them down all the while trying to get last hits. Just apply as much pressure as you can with auto attacks and 1 while keeping your 2 incase you get jumped. Exceptions to this rule is if using 2 can net you a kill or 2. Your big 1 shot burst can only come once you have your 3rd or 4th item so you need to farm farm farm. If you have blue buff then when the buff ends is when next blue buff is back up so you really need to keep it up on you at all times. It makes a huge difference.

I?ll be bundling up mid and late game since games generally dont last as long as traditional MOBA?s.

Just keep pushing and farming. If your alone blow your ulti on minions aswell. Itll be up soon. Try to be a neusance as much as possible and in team fights stay behind your tanks and pick off whoever attacks you.

If you have any other questions or comments let me know!

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