Mobile Legends Fanny Hybrid Guide


Mobile Legends Fanny Hybrid Guide?by FannyML

Hello Everyone! Fanny has recently returned to Mobile Legends, along with a few more items, and during this update, among the top players, Fanny is often played as a Hybrid Durable Assassin. Pure AD Fanny is Plain risky. Building fanny as a Pure AD + Immortality is extremely weak to CC, extremely fragile, but deals a lot of damage. However, damage cannot be dealt if you are dead or disabled (one eudora stun, or a Nana transformation with backup and you?re dead), so here comes Hybrid fanny, currently the most viable way to play fanny.


  • More teamfight oriented than AD Fanny.
  • Less risky than AD fanny
  • Without lifesteal, most heroes will play riskily when being harrased, staying on low HP for precious farm and experience, or go back to base and heal, then lose EXP and Gold. Not Fanny. Even without a reliable source of regen, she can just recall to base and go back to lane in less time than all other heroes, thus, she has very little downtime.
  • When building Bloodthirsty axe, Hybrid Fanny Thrives in the middle of Clashes, after most CC and Initiation Skills are expended.

Advantages of Hybrid Fanny:

  • Extremely hard to kill. Combining her Mobility, with a few durability items, and you?ll get a hero that?s very hard to kill.
  • Can play more aggresively than regular fanny. Unlike AD Fanny, or AD + immortality Fanny, you?ll not die as quickly when playing Hybrid Fanny. Except for a chain disable, you?ll likely live through a clash, dashing through and through.
  • More useful during teamfights. Hybrid fanny can soak up a few skills and damage, and could cause more chaos in teamfights than AD fanny, since AD fanny requires you to use your skills conservatively.
  • Can kill tanks better than AD fanny due to the abundance of Armor Reduction.


  • Lack of damage. An obvious downside, you?ll often not have enough power to instantly delete marksmen late game, but overall, this build can deal with marksmen better than AD fanny.
  • Slower Farming. A side effect of the lack of damage, Hybrid fanny farms more slowly than AD fanny.
  • Cannot Split as effectively. Another side effect of the lack of damage, Hybrid fanny can still destroy towers quickly, but significantly slower than AD fanny.
  • Cannot take down Lord Solo. Turtle is no problem, but due to the lack of tooth of greed on most Hybrid Fanny builds, and in addition to the lack of damage, Lord cannot be taken down solo.

Viable items and Analysis:

  • Tier 2 Jungle item. Tier 2 jungle items provide insane value. You could go either Pillager?s axe, or Nimble Blade. Pillager?s axe provide 20 armor and magic resist + passives, which is very good value for 720 gold. Nimble blade is also very viable as you get 40 damage for 750 gold, in addition to the passives. You could also go just hunter?s knife and be done with it. You?re gonna sell this item late game. Don?t build Beast Killer (tier 3 defense jungle item), but a Raptor?s Machete is viable (tier 3 attack item), though it works better on other fanny builds.
  • Deadly blade ? Without much AD, I think this item provides the highest early game damage boost for less than 2k gold. Early game, this improves damage by a lot, especially if enemy marksmen does not build any armor (seeing as moskov has 16 base armor, they won?t have much armor when the 15 armor penetration takes effect). That is in addition to reducing their lifesteal by 50%, which is where most marksmen rely on for their survivability. This item also counters alice and alucard a lot. On .78 update, Deadly blade is even better for hybrid fanny as it adds 300 HP to a roster for a meager increase in price of 300 gold.
  • Windchaser ? Since fanny does a lot of base damage with her skills, windchaser and deadly blade combination becomes the best 2 item damage boost. This one is self-explanatory, as Windchaser is often a core item on ANY fanny item builds.
  • Demon?s advent ? When enemy is AD heavy, build this one. reduces damage from marksmen by a lot. Out of all defensive items, this item arguably gives the most survivability against ADs, and provides a huge boost to mages too due to 920 HP.
  • Blade Armor ? Provides the most armor per gold, and is a great defensive item against ADCs. Sometimes you?ll have a matchup without a mage. Build this and Demon?s advent, and you?d be really hard to kill. Not recommended when playing against good mages, as there are better defensive items to get.
  • Magic Sword ? When against heave AP enemies, magic sword is one of the obvious choices for a defensive item. Unlike AD heroes, AP heroes often just requires you to survive the initial burst, so in theory, and in actuality, Magic sword is often enough for the AP defensive items.
  • Immortality ? A great item for durable fanny, as with the shield on, she could just chain away after she dies, allowing her to fight again. Building this for an AD fanny is very important, but for a durability fanny, this is more optional. build this if you die a lot.
  • Cursed Helmet ? if you are still being bursted down by mages, build either this one or immortality. Cursed helment provides extremely high resistance to AP damage, and has a bonus of being cheap, and dealing bonus %HP damage. With this and Magic Sword, Saint?s refuge is often unnecessary.
  • Heart of Steel ? on super late game, marksman crits will still deal a lot of damage to you. Heart of steel is the most viable counter. Reduces their crit rate by 20%, and provides good HP and Armor.
  • Bloodthirsty King ? provides 1550 HP, which is a lot, but no boost to defense and magic resist makes this item a somewhat late game choice. Healing a lot of HP on clashes once an enemy is killed is very, very useful and important, probably more so than any other item. Considering as you?ll be killing marksmen and mages a lot, you?ll have HP to return to the fight after killing someone immediately.

New items:

  • Bloodthirsty Axe ? AKA the axe that will soon get the nerf hammer. This just provides insane value to Hybrid fanny. 70 damage is very good for an item this cheap, 20% cooldown reduction for ulit is very good (You?ll probably have time using it a second time in a clash, while chasing), and 15% skill lifesteal is a Godsend, considering you?ll often be hitting multiple targets with it during a clash. Overall, I often build this after having built Deadly Blade and Windchaser, and 2 defensive items, but you could judge the situation and build it later. Some people still build tooth of greed on Hybrid fanny. This item just completely replaces it. Tooth of greed, however, is still really viable for an AD fanny.
  • Thunder belt ? this might turn off many people, as you will not be using MP and Ap, but this item could provide a very viable substitute for cursed helmet or magic blade when playing against magic heavy teams. While Fanny has very good chase abilities, she requires a lot of space and distance, and enemy could very possibly be at the protection of tower during chase. Thunder belt prevents that by being a very good slowing item while providing bonus damage.

How to play:

  • Early game ? Play conservatively, and take jungles to gain a level advantage. If possible, steal enemy jungles. You?ll not be building defensive items for a while, so be mobile, initiate ganks, and harass and kill soloing marksmen. Feel free to recall to base when you are at a quarter HP, even with regen still up, when creeps are killed, since you can go back to the lane in no time.
  • Mid game ? You?ll likely have one or two defensive items by now, so you?d be very hard to kill. You?ll probably want to coordinate fights with your teammates. You?d also do very well in 5v5 matchups, but as a fanny, remember that killing marksmen is still on top of your priority.
  • Late Game ? This is where most teamfights happen. Hybrid Fanny is very good on high ground defense, however, is not as good when pushing. With the bloodlust axe, and bloodthirsty king, in addition to your other defensive items, you have very good survivability during teamfights. Also, if 3 enemies are pushing and they have no reliable chain disables, you can initiate a fight with them, then leave safely, just dealing damage for a teammate. Just remember that Hybrid fanny is still an Assassin, and not a tank. Take great care in initiating against 5 man teamfights as they could still kill you easily.

Sample Final Item build:

  • Deadly Blade
  • Windchaser
  • Demon?s Advent
  • Immortality
  • Bloodlust Axe
  • Bloodthirsty King

Overall, just mix and match items you deem necessary to counter enemies.

Overall, I really feel that during this Meta, Hybrid fanny is the best way to play fanny. With moskov a good counter to AD fanny, and more often than not, teams having multiple ways to deal with a fanny, Hybrid fanny provides a less risky, and a more fun way to play fanny. Hope this helps!

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